Coyote Ugly (2000) Poster


Adam Garcia: Kevin O'Donnell



  • Violet : What do you want?

    Kevin : Well, it's, uh, 3 in the morning, I want what every man wants.


    Kevin : Breakfast!

  • [Kevin kisses Violet then starts to walk away] 

    Kevin : Have a nice day!

    Violet : "Have a nice day"?

    Kevin : Yeah, I panicked, I didn't know what else to say!

  • Kevin : Just for the record, I was only staring at your ass for the first 15 minutes!

  • Violet : I want my tape.

    Kevin : Had a feeling you'd be back to see me.

    Manager : No dates in the kitchen, O'Donnell.

    Violet : I'm not staying. I-I just want my tape. Please.

    [he hands her the tape] 

    Violet : Thanks. Bye.

    Kevin : Did you really write all those songs?

    Violet : You listened to my tape?

    Kevin : No, of course not, I mean, that would be invasion of privacy.


    Kevin : Baby you're the right kind of wrong.

    Violet : Go ahead. Laugh it up. 'Cause there's nothing you can say that's gonna bother me.

    Kevin : I'm just trying to tell you I like your music. I mean, do you always take compliments so well?

  • Violet : You collect comic books? That's so cute.

    Kevin : It's not cute... it's very rugged and manly.

  • Violet : This is my job!

    Kevin : It's a goddamn sandbox for you to stick your head in!

    Violet : What is that supposed to mean?

    Kevin : The place is a joke, alright? They don't come to watch you sing, they come to watch girls shaking it on a bar!

  • Kevin : What do you do when you realize all your dreams have come true?

    Violet : Pay off old debts.

  • Violet : Oh, right, we don't talk about you, right? It's a big secret. Come on, Kevin, let's play a game. I'm gonna guess why you left Australia.

    Kevin : Doesn't matter.

    Violet : You were in jail? No that's not it. You have a wife and four kids in Sydney? Come on, am I getting warm? Come on, Kevin, I don't have alot of time. Why'd you run away from home?

    Kevin : I didn't have a home! Is that what you wanted to hear? I don't have a family. I mean that's the big secret! Are you happy? Huh? Are you gonna feel sorry for me now? Are you gonna hold me close while I tell you I had to change homes every 2 years? I had a bad childhood, big deal. I don't need your sympathy! 'Cause I'm here and I'm livin' on my two feet like I wanted to. That was my dream. At least I did it with a little bit of dignity.

    Violet : And I didn't, that's it?

    Kevin : Well just unbutton the blouse a little and unzip the pants a little, show a little bit of flesh. I think you can figure it out.

  • Kevin : [following Violet]  Wanna play a game?

  • Violet : Why won't you give up on this?

    Kevin : Because I've been giving up on people my entire life and it's a nasty little habit, so you're going to sing at the club or...

    Violet : Or you'll what?

    Kevin : I'll never kiss you again.

    Violet : That sounds like a threat, Mr. O'Donnell.

    Kevin : Well, let's just say it's going to be quite a long, cold winter.

    Violet : That's supposed to convince me?

    Kevin : It's working, isn't it? Your knees are getting weak.

  • Violet : Alright, you win. I'll do it.

    Kevin : I love winning.

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