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24 Sep. 2001
Irreparable Harm
Lynn fights for a 9 year old girl to receive experimental medication to stop her cancer from spreading, the firm forces Joe to drop a pro bono case for a paying client.
1 Oct. 2001
Moving On
Randi is helping a woman who's a former drug addict who gave up her child while she was incarcerated get her child back. But the state maintains she relinquished her rights. But she claims she doesn't remember doing that. Apparently she was still under the effects of the drugs. And Danni is close to getting custody of Raphael.
8 Oct. 2001
A Teenager is arrested for vandalizing property, but Viveca discover the girl has been repeatedly molested by the mother's boyfriend.
15 Oct. 2001
My Brother's Keeper
Joe tries to help four siblings whose mother just died from being separated because they don't have a guardian. He tries to get the eldest emancipated so he can be the guardian but it's difficult without a parent. That's when he reveals that their father is alive and is a bum. So they go see him and try to get him to help them but he's not exactly of sound mind. Naoise represents a boy who used his slingshot on a drug dealer.. Randi asks Lynn a favor.
22 Oct. 2001
Against All Odds
Joe is injured when a client's son makes crystal methamphetamine using the faulty formula he got from a book on the subject, and Rex decides to sue the publisher of the book.
29 Oct. 2001
A couple fights to keep custody of their 14 children, a man wants to continue receiving child support from his ex wife even though she plans to quit her job after her new baby is born.
5 Nov. 2001
All in the Family
Lynn agrees to help her neighbor when his mistress seeks child support, Joe and Viveca try and help a mother regain custody of her child.
12 Nov. 2001
The entire firm is placed on the case of a U.S. citizen who is arrested and charged with espionage after a neighbor reports him as a suspicious looking Arab.
19 Nov. 2001
No Options
Randi helps a depressed woman charged with murder after leaving her children in a locked, sweltering car.
10 Dec. 2001
Sex, Lies, and Internet
Emily helps a woman whose husband violated their prenuptial agreement by having an affair with a woman online; Randi helps a judge who was suspended for lying on his resume.
17 Dec. 2001
Angel's Flight
A man upon learning that the two children he had been raising are not his, decides to get back at his wife and he's advised to sue her. A divorced couple who are bickering over who gets to spend Christmas with their son brings in a mediator. And a guy who wants to be a department store elf is rejected because of his height.
7 Jan. 2002
Blood and Water
Rex breaks his own rule about representing children when a youth fights the dissolution of his adoption.
14 Jan. 2002
To Protect and Serve
After an associate is caught in gangster gunfire while driving a client, the firm sues the local police department.
4 Feb. 2002
Arlene's Choice
A pregnant woman wants to induce her labor early to use the baby's stem cells to save her sick 8 year old son.
25 Feb. 2002
Children of a Lesser Dad
Lynn fights for a parolee's right to father a child even though it violates his probation, Joe defends a Vietnam veteran charged with driving a motorized wheelchair while intoxicated.
4 Mar. 2002
Celano v. Foster
Joe sues the state's Board of Education when a black teacher is fired for failing a standardized test.
18 Mar. 2002
Big Brother
When the father of a boy whom Joe has been a Big brother to, returns and feels that he can't have a relationship with son while Joe is in the picture asks the court to keep Joe away from his son. And a couple who upon learning that their young daughter is about to get married to someone she doesn't know and it was arranged by some religious leader. When they're unable to change her mind Rex makes an unusual proposal to Lynn to help the girl.
25 Mar. 2002
Once Removed
A man's ex-wife wants to see their child, but he refuses to let her because she had a substance abuse problem. However he thinks he may have no grounds for refusal as he lives with several other women whom he has children with. A couple, whose child is sick and they can't afford the medical bills, asks Ronnie to help them find a way.
8 Apr. 2002
Randi believes discrimination was involved in the case of a bright student who was denied admission to a university.
15 Apr. 2002
Ties That Bind
Randi represents her cousin who is accused of abusing her mother who has Alzheimer's. And she learns that she might not be as innocent as she claims. Joe tries to help a teen age boy who has a baby from having to give his baby up, because he is having problems. They decide to ask the baby's mother to help but her parents don't want to. So they come up with a plan to get them to. And Lynn's daughter is suspended for speaking out against school providing day care for students with children. And Lynn doesn't agree with her daughter.
27 May 2002
Alienation of Affection
Joe and Emily help a bride to be who refuses to sign a prenuptial agreement, accusing her fiance of infidelity.

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