In the Cut (2003) Poster


Meg Ryan: Frannie Avery



  • Frannie : The still waters of the water under a frond of stars. The still waters of your mouth under a thicket of kisses.

  • [first lines] 

    Pauline : What does "broccoli" mean"?

    Frannie : Depends on the context. Pubic hair or marijuana. It's a noun.

    Pauline : And "Virginia"?

    Frannie : Vagina. As in, "He penetrated her Virginia with a hammer".

  • Frannie : I was at the Red Turtle with one of my students.

    Detective Ritchie Rodriguez : One of your students?

    Frannie : Cornelius Webb, but it was early, three-thirty. I was there for a short time, then I went home.

    Detective Malloy : Cornelius Webb. Is that with two B's or not two B's?

  • Cornelius Webb : [after class]  I've been thinking on Gacy, you know? Pogo the Clown? I've been thinking that it wasn't his fault, you know? Like he were the victim.

    Frannie : Of what?

    Cornelius Webb : Desire.

  • Pauline : You live out of your unconscious.

    Frannie : You're a poet of love. The lovelorn man who Sick in soul and of this Busy human heart aweary Worships the spirit Of unconscious life In tree or wildflower Gentle lunatic

  • Frannie : It's off in the distance It came into the room It's here in the circle

  • Detective Malloy : He came from behind you?

    Frannie : I don't know.

    Detective Malloy : Did you turn?

    Frannie : He just - he grabbed my head and his arm, he - he had his arm around my neck.

    Detective Malloy : So he must've come up from behind you then. Was it his right arm?

    [places right arm on Frannie] 

    Detective Malloy : Or his left?

    [places left arm] 

    Frannie : It was his right.

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