Play It to the Bone (1999) Poster

Lolita Davidovich: Grace Pasic



  • Grace Pasic : I love church music...

    Vince Boudreau : Church music? It's too good for the church. JESUS was too good for the church, ya' ask me. You know, he shook things up. He was, uh, he was an ANARCHIST, ya' know? He, uh, he threw the money lenders outta' the temple. First thing he's gonna' do when he comes back is torch the Vatican!

    Grace Pasic : Vince, come on!

  • Grace Pasic : [Working on the engine of her Oldsmobile Cutlass]  Who would have thought that the Oldsmobile would come up with a muscle car?

    Grace Pasic : [revs the engine]  Listen to this.

    Cesar Dominguez : That's beautiful!

    Grace Pasic : I don't trust a quiet car.

  • Grace Pasic : Cesar, it was a nice three months together.

    Cesar Dominguez : Six. It was six months, honey.

    Grace Pasic : But only three were nice.

  • Cesar Dominguez : Grace, who do you think won the fight? Vince, or me?

    Grace Pasic : I think it was a fair decision.

  • Grace Pasic : How old are you?

    Lia : Twenty.

    Grace Pasic : Another five years, you're gonna' be sucked out, fucked out, doped out, lookin' for a handout.

    Lia : Ah, but what a five years, huh?

    Grace Pasic : [as both laugh sarcastically]  It's a choice. Go for it!

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