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Season 1

2 Sep. 1985
Galtar and the Princess
Galtar watches Tormack and his henchmen burn another village to the ground. After the evil band scatters, Galtar walks around the ruins and suddenly is attacked by a masked stranger who turns out to be Princess Goleeta. Galtar and the Princess join forces to stop Tormack. On their way to the Skull Forest, Galtar and Goleeta survive an ambush, orchestrated by Tormack. They enter Skull Forest, find the hermit and Galtar claims the golden lance.
9 Sep. 1985
Skull Forest
The evil dwarf Rak traps Galtar and Goleeta. To their rescue comes Pandat, the prince of Nerms. Galtar and Goleeta are his guest in Pandat's underground village. Tormack succeeds in tracking down Galtar and Goleeta.
16 Sep. 1985
Mursa the Merciless
Goleeta gets trapped by the evil witch Mursa, who steals the princess' youth. Galtar and the mysterious White Knight try to save the princess and restore her appearance.
23 Sep. 1985
Goleeta's Reunion
Zorn is the brother of princess Goleeta. Unfortunately Zorn is captured and forced to work in Tormack's mines. The dwarfs Rak and Tuk succeed into tricking Goleeta. The princess is also captured and falls into the hands of Tormack. Now it's up to Galtar to rescue Goleeta and Zorn.
7 Oct. 1985
Tormack's Trap
Galtar saves a young woman named Rava who in return helps him and Goleeta to get inside Tormack's castle. Unfortunately Rava turns out to be a spy of Tormack and it was all part of her plan to lure Galtar and Goleeta into a trap.
14 Oct. 1985
Wicked Alliance
The two powerful sorcerers Krimm and Mursa join forces against Galtar and Goleeta. Their goal is to take the golden lance away from Galtar.
21 Oct. 1985
Vikor's Raiders
Vikor sends his raiders to kidnap Tuk and to steal the golden lance from Galtar. Rak trades Galtar's life for his son's while the team is making a rescue mission. The golden lance falls into the hands of the dwarfs who are unable to control it. Galtar is freed by Goleeta and after he takes the golden lance back, uses it to freeze Vikor and his goons.

 Season 1 

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