Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) Poster

Ziyi Zhang: Jen Yu (Mandarin version), Jiao Long (English dubbed version)



  • Jen Yu : [while slicing through customers at a local restaurant]  You want to know who I am? I am... I am the Invincible Sword Goddess, armed with the Green Destiny that knows no equal! Be you Li or Southern Crane, bow your head and ask for mercy! I am the dragon from the desert! Who comes from nowhere and leaves no trace! Today I fly over Eu-Mei. Tomorrow... I topple Mount Wudan!

  • Waiter : Follow me.

    Jen Yu : I want a clean room.

    Waiter : We have plenty... Your order?

    Jen Yu : Steamed whole cod, bite-size meatballs, a little starchy but keep the sauce light, shark fin soup, mixed vegetables and some warm wine.

    Waiter : We only have one chef.

    Jen Yu : Then get him started.

  • Jen Yu : Make a wish, Lo.

  • Jen Yu : It must exciting to be a fighter, to be totally free.

    Yu Shu Lien : Fighters have rules, too. Friendship, trust, integrity. Always keep your promise. Without rules we wouldn't survive long.

  • Lo : All this trouble for a comb?

    Jen Yu : It's mine. It means a lot to me. A barbarian like you wouldn't understand.

    Lo : I can use it to pick fleas from my horse.

  • Yu Shu Lien : It's a great fortune to marry into such a noble family.

    Jen Yu : Is it? Actually, I like the great heroes in the books... just like you and Li Mu Bai. Marriage is a good thing. If only I could be free to live my own life... to choose who I love and love him in my own way. That's real happiness.

  • Li Mu Bai : You need practice. I can teach you to fight with the Green Destiny, but first you must learn to hold it in stillness.

    Jen Yu : Why do you want to teach me?

    Li Mu Bai : I've always wanted a disciple worthy of Wudan's secrets.

    Jen Yu : And if I use them to kill you?

    Li Mu Bai : That's a risk I'm willing to take. Deep down you're good. Even Jade Fox couldn't corrupt you.

  • Jen Yu : Who are you?

    Gou Jun Pei : I'm Shining Phoenix Mountain Gou.

    Jen Yu : Gou? A name I abhor. When I hear it, my ears start to ache. I feel like vomiting!

    [Rising from the table] 

    Jen Yu : And suddenly I cannot hold back my sword hand's anger!

  • Gangster A : You don't seem to understand.

    Jen Yu : So what if I don't?

    Gangster B : [raising weapons along with his partner]  We have ways of making you understand...

  • Jen Yu : I'm getting married soon, but I haven't lived the life I want.

    Yu Shu Lien : So I heard. Congratulations.

  • Jen Yu : Why do you want to teach me?

    Li Mu Bai : I've always wanted a disciple worthy of the Wudang secrets.

  • Jen Yu : How long would you last as my enemy?

  • Jen Yu : Who am I?

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