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Justin Kerrigan hits gold.
warne8 June 1999
Director: Justin Kerrigan.

Justin Kerrigan - this time you've really done it. Human Traffic is going to upset the majority of film critics who will view the lack of plot, the drug induced dialogue and the futile outlook on Nineties Youth culture as a miserable and desperate view of how weekends are spent by ravers and clubheads across the UK. Moreover, they will spot camera work borrowed from Boogie Nights and even try and associate the whole film with 'Trainspotting' theme (because, lets face it, a Scottish Heroin addict trying to clean up his act and a Welsh clubber looking for a good time with his mates is pretty much the same thing, right?)

Well wrong. Human Traffic has landed - along with one and a half quality hours of clubs, drugs, pubs and parties - and its time to leave behind your preconceptions of what a film should be like (where's the plot? I want a plot!) and instead delve into the lives of Jip (John Simm) and his mates, Nina (Nicola Reynolds), Koop (Shaun Parkes), Lulu (Lorraine Pilkington) and Moff (Danny Dyer). There's nothing special about these five friends; they're just hanging out together and showing you the way they lead their lives. They are not Burger King. They certainly don't do it your way. And you don't like it - well, tough.

Because essentially this period piece has captured everything that Nineties youth culture is revolving around. There are no clear solutions, in fact very few problems in the first place. At the end of the day, what Jip and his friends are doing is living and who are we to know or comment on anything different? They drink, smoke dope, pop pills and party; they know the risks and they're prepared to take them and moralists will just have to sit back and (try to) enjoy the ride.

The sound track is terrific and accompanies the highs and lows of the 48 hour weekend and the events that take place in it. But within this, what first appears to be social unity, we see traces of individual isolation that are easy to bypass in a culture of hedonism. Jips paranoia of sex, Koops jealous possession of Nina and Moff as his drug habit digs him deeper into his own hole and further away from his family, asks the question 'are things really this good?' However they will not be exaggerated to the extent that they are conspicuous, giving the film a controversial stance on drugs and the role in social integration. Kerrigan is pulling no punches. And why should he? This isn't GO! or any other such American rave film with clear cut margins and please-the-crowd conclusions - it is one that forces us to question whilst at the same time enjoy the at times hilarious, touching and other times exciting events of 48 hours with a group of five 'friends'.

And for the die-hard British youth among you, this might not be reality - but it's a bloody brave effort at depicting it.
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Get me a real doctor! This movie rocks!
e-girl8 January 2001
This film was hilarious. It provided a somewhat comical view of the British club scene, which, if you really look at it, is a funny thing. The characters in this flick were so realistic to those of us who watched here at my place that it was like watching a movie about ourselves.

There were a few pivotal scenes which really made this movie work: the getting ready scenes; the "Get me a real doctor" scene; the white background scene showing each character in a total state of being wrecked, ending with the infamous line "what was i saying?" and the comedown-sunup scenes. I have lived these moments myself and found myself laughing hysterically at my own ridiculous behaviour.

I can't give this movie a 10 because it doesn't measure up to Groove, which I thought was out of this world, but it certainly has its moments. The mise-en-scene and the camera work is superb, the special effects are well worth mentioning, and the acting is fantastic.

After waiting a long time to see this film, I am glad to say that I was not disappointed. I hope to see more from the writer/director in the future.
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Accurate portrayal of club culture, the highs and the lows
DrLenera4 October 2004
Making a film about the 'chemical generation', those who live for the weekend, must have been a very hard enterprise. It would have to accurately reflect the lives and experiences of 'clubbers' and also appeal to a wider audience. Human Traffic just about achieves that.

It is certainly spot on in with it's observations and in it's accuracy. It's obvious the filmmakers have 'been there and done it'. If you are or were once like the people in this film, than there is so much to relate it. It's all there, often depicted humorously but not condescendingly. The fake euphoria of being on 'E'["in the end ,I just want to be happy, yeah ,that's it.....hang on, what the **** was I talking about?"]. The monged conversation at 4 am which seems deep and meaningful but is basically rubbish [ Star Wars being about drugs!]and gets more and more incoherent. Exchanging pleasantries with someone you only see in pubs and clubs and really can't stand. 'Coming up' suddenly at the same time as someone else and mumbling to each other what you're 'on' at the speed of light. Reminiscing how it was better in the 'old days' and is now too commercial and widespread. Doing it all for the first time and going off with a bunch of dodgy geezers who are suddenly your best mates. The thrill of finding the after party. The depressing, inexorable sense of returning to the reality.

The film's attitude to drugs is commendable, drug taking is simply something the characters do, and that's all. Nobody dies or is seriously ill ,and yet there is a sense that it doesn't really lead anywhere. "After all ,we'll not going to be doing this for ever, are we" says one character at the end.

The film falters a little when depicting the lives of it's protagonists. For many scenes, director Justin Kerrigan uses a kind of 'heightened reality', for instance in a scene when a character comments on how the workers in a fast food place are like robots and for a moment they 'become' actual robots. This approach does not always work, and it's a shame since the characters are all the sort you could expect to run into on a Friday night. We do care a bit about their respective lives and problems, but we don't really get to know the female characters properly, and what is really the main thrust of the plot, the blossoming romance between two of the main protagonists, is dwelled on too much and is somehow unconvincing,if sometimes quite sweet. The acting is generally OK if not great.

Human Traffic is not as important a film as, say, Trainspotting, which despite being about heroin addicts seemed to speak to a generation. Nonetheless, it's a truthful depiction of an element of society which films and TV either ignore or condescend to. Incidentally ,there are two versions, the director's edit and the later producer's edit. The latter, which cuts some footage, changes some music and adds some silly CGI, is inferior to the former.
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Great Movie if its your bag
mrmizunoebay9 April 2006
I have a completely biased point of view mainly because I live and enjoy the club culture lifestyle. Being a DJ and frequent club goer I see the honesty within this movie and I love it. If you don't know the club/rave culture then it will be a great foray into that culture for anyone that doesn't know it first hand. The honest portrayal of human emotion and issues in the part of Jip I loved. The characters were well constructed and I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I really don't enjoy the fact that you have to write ten lines on this web site. I will write at least 6 or 7 but i feel that i can portray my point with fewer than ten. Here are some extra lines to make the IMDb gods happy.
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You really need to be able to relate or else it will just frustrate you
bob the moo1 February 2004
As the weekend approaches, the working days come to a close and the weekend of partying and forgetting everything else approaches. We follow a group of friends from their jobs to their Friday night highs. Jip is having erection problems, Koop mistrusts his girlfriend, Lu has just split from her most recent boyfriend and Nina is preparing to let her brother take E for the first time. They all hate their jobs, but the weekend gives them an opportunity to get away.

When this came out it got both horrible reviews and good reviews, so I didn't know totally what to expect, but I expected to hate it because it marked itself out from the very start as one of those very self-aware 'youf' movies. However, although that's exactly what it is, I did actually enjoy it nonetheless. There is not a plot so much as a weekend experience and it does struggle at times without a frame of any sort. However while it is hitting the spot and being energetic and funny it doesn't matter. The odd time it tries to give the characters specific issues or lives it tends to hurt itself but for the majority it works.

The script is funny with nice imaginative touches blended with real life club/drug culture/pub culture references and settings to make it identifiable and interesting. I suppose it very much depends on who you are. If you are not part of that scene or have no knowledge of it then it may just seem like a big pointless waste of time. For me, much of it was recognisable regardless of what I have done or have not done. While some of it was unknown to me, I still found it funny and was able to relate to much of it. It is very clear about it's stance on drugs (with a not-so-subtle clip of Bill Hicks just to ram the point home) but at least it shows the immediate bad side if not the longer lasting effects; the comedown/hangover scenes are pretty much fair and balanced, as are the scenes of enjoyment and fun brought by drugs. However to compare this film to Trainspotting is a joke! The latter was very clearly showing a balanced view of drugs, whereas this film is less balanced, and is more about the pleasure, being aimed at the user market.

The cast are young and lively and deal well with the material without ever impressing. Parkes seems the most comfortable with his role, although Davies convinces in a speeded up dealer performance. Simm is lumbered with the narration but does OK but there are no really good female characters compared to the men.

Overall this is worth seeing if you can relate to it and get laughs from seeing people you recognise in the characters. However if, after 10 minutes you can't see what the point of the whole thing is and it just seems noisy and stupid then it's likely not aimed at you and you're better off without it. Either way it isn't great but if you get it, it is energetic and funny enough to watch.
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Watching this film just makes you want to go out clubbing!!
DorianWynHowells18 February 2002
Every time I watch this film, it just really makes me wanna go out and have a good night! My mate uses "the weekend has landed" speech to psyche himself up before going out! and so do I...sometimes.

This film is a great debut for the writer/director - well done mate!

The acting is great, all the characters are believable and are larger than life! The 'weird' scenes are a joy to watch, Jip's running Mr floppy flashbacks/explanations/visualizations are all great! The scene in the huuuuuuuge pub when everyone stands up and starts singing the mock national anthem is a laugh too. There's loads of comedy here - Howard Marks' 'spliff politics' speech is hilarious!

Oh god, you just need to see this. Mind you, I felt the film did somewhat glorify the use of ecstacy, but hey, that's the truth of the matter eh? At least the film doesn't shy away from this fact. I suppose the film does carry a decent message to it as well - don't take life TOO seriously, you have to let you hair down sometime. And of course the chat in the pub when Moff tries to explain to his mates that he's coming off the drugs is a sure reminder that when the come down's out-way the good times, you know the party's over!

This is at times a very clever film in it's use of the camera, lighting, etc. It was a realised piece of cinema, and a great feel-good tale of mates, love, clubs, and drugs.

Get outta the 'rat race' people!!!


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Realistic, at least in europe...
realmovieseeker26 March 2002
This movies is obviously the most realistic movie about clubbing ever made, but this is true for us in Europe becuase in America, they have a Chopped up version of Human Traffic, Yes, I just sent this movie to my brother who lives in America, he's seen it already the U.S, and this is want he wrote me, after seeing the british tape I send him: "There's basically new stuff throughout the whole movie. Every 2-3 minutes there's something new. Very little things. All the English slang was translated to American like Blagging, Class A's. There's also big scenes like a whole bunch of new Felix scenes, including him talking about the old times and him speeding at the bar. The new version also shows the scene that explains that Muff is a dealer and The crazy dad talks at the hospital. The editing was also different, almost every scene was longer with a couple minutes extra. It was like watching it for the first time again. Nice one bruv, "
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great fun
brendonm15 September 1999
I recently watched this flick twice on a trip back from Ireland on Virgin Atlantic (a nine hour flight). It reminded me of a UK version of Cameron Crowe's "Singles" but a hell of a lot more fun. I loved the scene where the main character makes up a new national anthem (one he identifies with). This movie is worth watching for that scene alone. "Human Traffic" doesn't provide much insight into the human condition, but that's not what it's trying to do. It's just about a group of young people trying to figure out their lives at that point in time. It's definitely a great film if you want to watch characters who lead even more pointless lives than you. The place was different, but in my early twenties I saw some of my own traits (namely the pursuit of "fun" and women) in the male characters.
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I loved this movie, justin, don't stop, keep writing!
heathergemini4826 February 2001
I absolutely love this film. Everything about it. It almost felt like watching me and my friends on screen. The way this movie was filmed was a pure masterpiece, very original and creative. I related to these characters and even had the same thoughts as some. I'm really glad I ran across this movie. If only there were more genius' like justin out there!
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pcppirate4 August 2007
It takes a lot for a movie to reach the already numb particles of my brain which have not already been tapped out due to the overcharge and redoredoredocopycopycopy world of movies. But this movie has made it onto my 'Magic Movies' list. To become a 'magic movie', it must leave every string of my being quivering in that which I can only define as 'bliss' and 'complete satisfaction'. This movie has tapped into the fibers of how my mind thinks and if not for the deeply personal bond my head and the head of whoever made this shares, it would look like another 'dead rave scene' movie from back when the 90's exploded with its Ecstasy craze. This is not how the movie came off to me at all. It's reached into me and pulled up something that I thought was dead for a very long time and pushed me as far as to give it a critique of my own. I forgot how long it's been since I've seen something that left me feeling this good inside. I strongly suggest seeing this movie.
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Good but no great XxXSPOILERSXxX
MARVELMANIAC6915 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Human Traffic" was good, but I don't see how people class it as their favourite film.

This is a great directing debut and being a Welsh person myself (so you can't criticize me for what I say!) I found it to be a clumsy film, I mean the relationship between the two friends who fall in love was stupid, I mean he had never liked her before and for the films sake fell madly in love with her other the spam off 4 and a half minutes, the writer should'v done it differently.

All in all, I think the director could go on to better things, an over rated film, great dialog, clumsily written film though.

5 out of 10 (Average)
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A lot of tedious talking to the camera - about nothing
hhfarm-122 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine a high-school film project where someone films a bunch of friends going about their lives: clubbin', dating, working at their part-time jobs, clubbin', hanging out, doing drugs, talking about going clubbin', talking about feelings and shi', clubbin ...

No need for a script/ plot/ story because your friends are so interesting that everything they do and say is just, uh, interesting; nobody will get lost because the characters talk to the camera - and think out loud for the camera; you know what's happening because everyone yells and jumps around.

Boring, below amateurish. A complete waste of time.
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Certainly Not Great
em_blem20 July 2007
If I wouldn't have had any expectations of this film, it might have received a 5 or 6. As it stands, I give it a 3. The acting is poor, the factual accuracy of the drugs it discusses is lacking, and I feel no empathy whatsoever for the characters.

I watched 'Adam & Paul' immediately before watching this film, and I both laughed and cried on several occasions. This film did not strike even a similar chord. The directors of 'Human Traffic' may have some off-hand experience of ecstasy, but there is no demonstration of actual drug-related semantic knowledge here. In fact, I find it rather offensive and contraproductive to the strife of making current drug laws less politically oriented.

Watch 'Requiem for a Dream' if what you're looking for is an amazing, touching film about drugs.
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Been there, done that!
dirtychild14 February 2003
Human Traffic is purely a `been there, done that' experience – only this time it's quite limp.

Major themes explored are paranoia, male impotence and jealousy – but only mildly and poorly.

A lot of the movie seems to want to imitate Trainspotting (drug / `clubbing' culture) – but it fails to include the low times / come-downs that Trainspotting deals with (eg: issues with death / dependence, etc). It even tries to come up with a similar monologue to Ewan McGreggor's classic `Choose Life' speech – but `The Milky Bars are on me! Yeah!' – what the fudge is that all about?!

The characters try to analyse their lifestyle but when their lifestyle is so shallow – their analysis becomes boring and repetitious.

The soundtrack (for a movie that is trying to be cool) is pathetic. It includes the likes of Fat Boy Slim and CJ Bolland – come on people – good dance music IS be better than this!

The characters become grating and annoying (especially half way through the movie) and the lack of care-for-the-characters soon dawns.

There are a couple of funny scenes – but they are few and far between. The mother catching the son in the bedroom was quite amusing.

But PLEASE – I'm sick to death of the Star Wars analogy scenes. I thought it was much more sharper in a couple of Kevin Smith's movies (ie: Clerks and Chasing Amy). According to the characters – Yoda is a drug fiend hence that's why he is short and bald – huh?!

My score – 4 out of 10 – do yourself a favour and see Trainspotting or Go instead!
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Appallingly vacuous
gordon-6416 March 2001
I can understand the appeal of this film, and being a regular clubber I certainly recognised many of the scenes it it, however the complete lack of plot completely ruined it to me. Essentially this is a collection of sketches on clubbing, and it's only when seeing so many stuck end to end that you realise how ridiculously empty and experience it can be at times.

If you can, get a hold of the "Weekender" video by Flowered Up. It's a music video from the early 90's that summarises both the exhilaration and emptiness of being a clubber, it lasts 12 minutes and is vastly more entertaining than this film.

I'd be extremely suprised if the director/director of Human Traffic has another story to tell.
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With no storyline and bland characters; this film has nothing to say. Get Trainspotting instead.
black-2326 August 2000
I would like to comment on the full extent of this film, but was unable to sit through this tiresome episode where a group of boring, one dimensional characters partake in their equally boring activities in the Welsh youth scene. It seems the film owes a lot to Trainspotting, unfortunately it comes nowhere near, the lack of an identifiable plot and a lack of interest in the characters makes it no alternative. The film finishes more or less where it started, nothing of any consequence happens and there are no particular features in the story. Don't fall for the exciting press release and packaging, as I did. It is a film which is too wrapped up in it's own image to have anything to say.
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ho hum
Aidy28 June 1999
It seems that 'character films' are becoming the trademark of British cinema. Trainspotting and Lock Stock... were both good because of their excellent characters AND excellent story lines. Human Traffic has chosen only to include the characters and omit the story line.

It's all here, the bio-style introductions and McGreggor style voice-over. Once the film gets underway it all turns rather dull with nothing much happening. Perhaps if I was a drug-abuser then I'd 'get' the humour more but listening to people bang on about Star Wars and other trivial things didn't entertain me at all.

All in all this movie was quite dull and didn't go anywhere.
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Manipulative and Cheesy
Saz7313 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Though labeled as 'the last great film of the nineties', I'd instead call this 'film' (loosely using that term) a last ditch, manipulative attempt at sneaking some slopped together, self-indulgent tripe before the turn of the century to cash in on a fading trend (in the pop culture sense - I know clubbing has had its' ups and downs, but from a marketable perspective, this was a 'hot' time to strike.) I listen to a wide range of music, and have gone clubbing in both the US and UK over the stretch of the 90's, so this topic isn't entirely Greek to me. And I have no problem with a movie that wishes to explore the highs and lows of said culture - many have complained about the 'lack of plot' of this movie. That is not what bothered me. Instead, I found this to be highly derivative and manipulative. The constant voice overs did not serve the same function they did in, say, Trainspotting (though that film had a plot, as well as something to say.) They instead seemed to be another tactic to wrangle the viewer in and create a false bond. A cheap ploy. Like, when Moff goes on about what a great time he's having being off his pickle, and then, eyes at the viewers' vantage point, stutters "ya', ya' know what I mean? Cushty! I know you wouldn't let me down! I knew it!" (paraphrase.) This seems to be there to create a sort of 'secret club' bond between the viewer and characters in the film. It happens several times again, but that's one of the more blatant examples I can think of.

Another thing that bothered me about this movie was that it used other manipulative tactics, just under different guises, so as to not alienate any of the potential viewers. Like when they're in the pub, 'bonding' over music they hate. Well, they groups they name drop are so mind-numbingly obvious in their 'badness' or 'cheesiness' that there's no way it could offend someone even lightly into the club scene. They list stuff like Backstreet Boys and Hanson. I think Hanson was already pretty much dead and gone by '99. There are about 10 other groups listed, but it's the same monster. If these were kids that were hardcore into club music/DJ culture, they'd instead list DJs they thought were whack. But it seems they refrain from doing this to keep it safe and inclusive b/c God forbid they name drop a DJ they dislike and it alienates a viewer.

Don't even get me started on the redo of the National Anthem!! "...It's hard being cool!" Pretty gusty of you all to say, as I don't consider any of you cool. Maybe a bit more modesty and instead "...It's hard TRYING to be cool..."

Another sloppy mistake,in what could have been an amusing scene, was where the jaded older club-goers ranted about how things have changed and it just isn't the same now as it was back in their heyday. What they mix up is during the 'Summer of Love" flashback, by listing the date as 1991. Anyone who has a rudimentary understanding of rave culture knows the Summer of Love was '89. But that's I guess just a triviality to Kerrigan (writer/director).

There are MANY more faults I have with this film, like, for example, who working retail like about half of the cast gets full weekends off? If you're lucky, you get one of the two days off. If you want Sat/Sun off, you often have to ask special permission, usually to much chagrin from your boss. Also, for such 'seasoned' club regulars, isn't Friday a bit of a 'tourist's' night to go out? What about Tuesday, etc...?

One more thing...They make fun of other groups they fit into mock-able 'tribes' (such as the 'students' back from Amsterdam potheads - who I know are annoying, but are they really more annoying than the five leads? - or the hip hop junkies you can more or less talk nonsense to in order to jack up the price of an LP.) I just found that another manipulative tactic. Another 'you're one of us, you're in the cool crowd'.

I think Kerrigan got lucky to an extent by bagging a few decent actors who clearly tried hard and gave high energy performances. For me, the funniest character featured was Danny Dyer/Moff. He had the only parts that really made me laugh, such as the Taxi Driver scene, phone sex story, and ill-fated mirror debacle. He was the most believable and the most entertaining. Though I will deduct points for the Star Wars party rant. Can we just stop it with those, even back in '99, they were played out! Kevin Smith has long had the monopoly on these, and they felt fresh when he did them. And seeing a Clerks poster in Jip's room made me somewhat suspicious. Also, the joke at the end about kids in the future having to smoke Moff's ashes b/c he's done all the drugs was ripped off almost VERBATIM from a Dennis Leary joke about Keith Richards off of his 'No Cure for Cancer' comedy album. I'm not overly familiar with Bill Hicks, but many accuse Leary of ripping HIM off, so it's pretty bad when you can trace some of the jokes so easily.

I just don't get the accolades this movie has amassed, particularly over the last decade,making it some sort of cult classic. Was I entertained?Mildly. Did I find it realistic? Perhaps if they hadn't tried so freaking hard. But it was a bit of a hot mess. I'm not trying to rag on anyone who relates or likes it, I just feel this film was a cheap attempt to cash in on the end of the century so-called 'electronica'(hate that word)craze. I guess it succeeded.But in my opinion, it leaves MUCH to be desired...
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So so
raulfaust29 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well, since I'm a beginner raver and read some good commentaries about this film, I decided to give it a try. "Human Traffic" is a movie with a simple story: friends who like to party, have sex and use drugs. Some people told me it's movie is focused on drug using, but actually there are only a few scenes involving this. Filmmakers try to show what it's like to do what these five friends do, which delivers some funny moments that sometimes the spectator can relate. Other fun situation is the guy who is afraid to have to whitewash the reason he can't get an erection-- which is one of the most uncomfortably moments in a man's life. It is comforting to see in the end he has one of the best sex in his life, because only we men can understand the big problem he was dealing with hahaha. In the end, this isn't a refreshing movie with strong subject or anything, but maybe a n entertaining teen movie.
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It could have been so much better.....
richardmcconnell29 January 2010
"The Best Movie of the 90's" "The Welsh Trainspotting"....Aye, right! I went into this movie with pretty high expectations, and it was all downhill from there.

This movie was supposed to be this archetypal movie on the drug culture of the early 90's, and was going to allow us all to see inside this scene, and shatter the media's preconceptions following the moral panic which followed the death of Leah Betts in 1995. Unfortunately it has fallen a long way short.

Where Trainspotting was able to treat you like an adult on the subject, and potential problems that surround drugs, this just provided us with some schmaltzy tale of the wonder of drugs, and how it can like, you know, like totally open your mind. Cue some guff about Bill Hicks, and Howard Marks ad nausea. It is painfully bad at times. I mean, the scene at the end between Lulu and her Auntie actually made me laugh out loud.

Now maybe I am just a cynic, but the way Jip leads us through this tale is like listening to THAT Acid frazzled guy you once met at a house party, who talks to you about how "the man" is holding us back, and how Acid has released him from the strains of modern society. You just wanna shake some sense into him, and ask him to leave the premises.

The script was a real problem for me, because where Trainspotting had Irvine Welsh's excellent book to cite from, this is written and directed by Justin Kerrigan. The words "Jack of all trades, master of none" come to mind. You can see where his inspiration comes from, particularly in the style of narration from main character Jip (which sets the main character in a social situation where he speaks directly to the camera, and outlines what is going through his mind as the scenario plays out) The problem with this is that some of the speeches to camera are just painful to watch. Mainly this comes down to a lack of empathy for Jip, but they are so desperate to sound philosophical that they just end up sounding like your average A-Level drama project. The direction is fine, and the intentions are good, but it is so lacking in any integrity that you start to wonder what the hype is about.

Saying that though, it is not all bad. There are moments which are genuinely very amusing, and entertaining. Moff is the highlight of the movie for me. For an independent movie it also managed to attract a high numbers of quality British actors/actresses, which maybe outlines why there was such a buzz about the movie.

Best movie of the 90's? Not by a long shot, but if you're looking for a solid Sunday night movie, then this might just be your bag. Inevitably though, the movie is flawed by the hype that surrounds it.
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Needed more substance (pun intended).
markwoodward30 May 2004
Described as the Welsh answer 'Trainspotting', this film could little more than disappointing.

Recreational drug use is a rich topic to base a film on, but it cries out for a narrative... some consequence...

It either should have been given a plot (this film is little more than a series of loosely connected events), or made as a doco. 'Human Traffic' seems to have a point to prove, but it fails. Its political standpoint is lost amongst the alienatingly hip language.

This is not to say it wasn't entertaining, it just needed more substance (pun intended).
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Clubbers meet your love
urban_punisha23 April 2001
My friend was telling me about this film saying its similar to GO. Now not being a real clubby myself I must say this wasnt my taste, although some things were very educational. Like all the drugs that are used in the film itself.

Great Party scenes in both the nightclub and house party. But sorry it didnt grab me as a masterpiece.
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qball_8216 March 2004
As far as boring movies go, this is perhaps one of the most boring. An uninteresting look at a group of uninteresting 20-somethings who lead uninteresting lives...oh, and then they have a supremely uninteresting weekend.

This film tries to be quirky. It tries to mirror real life, and largely succeeds, but real life isn't so boring. Correct me if I'm wrong but at the very least, isn't a film supposed to be telling a story in an entertaining way?

The characters? They're pretty boring, paper thin. They get into a couple of mildly amusing situations and I once even laughed out loud. Well, come to think of it it was actually more of a short chortle.

Why am I writing a review then? To warn all people of the boringness that this film is. If you want to lose 99 minutes of your life...well then go right ahead.
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Don't watch this if you have any sense
tonyrockafeller1 February 2004
these are the reasons to burn this film

1. talk about over directing a film. the flashy camera effects add nothing to the film and there where way too many "dream" sequences. the fact the guy who directed this hasnt worked since says alot

2. i wouldnt mind some sort of storyline. what was the point in bringing along the 17 year old on his first night out when it didnt add anything to the story? the "love" story between jip and that bird could have been worked more and what about danny dyer? is there a point to him being in the film?

3. why are these guys out on a friday? everyone knows saturdays are the better nights out. saturday seems to be missing from the film entirely. they go out friday, have a good time, then chill with a cup of tea on a saturday night? come on! if theyre true blue clubbers theyd be out friday and saturday

4. i wouldnt have minded more than 2 welsh people in this film

all in all a typical "cool britannia" era film. desperate to be trainspotting but falling by the wayside
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Utter drivel
Red-Barracuda5 September 2003
This movie is about the Cardiff club scene. If this is not enough to put you off the movie then just try to watch it. It's about a group of deeply tedious characters who go clubbing, pop pills and talk drivel. Add to this premise some excruciatingly terrible scenes - there are too many to mention here but special credit must be given to 'the alternative national anthem', a scene so cretinous it would make a cat laugh. Much of the movie gives the impression that it has been pasted together by a group of remedial level film students.

This kind of nonsense would put anyone off clubbing altogether! As it happens the clubbing experience is great fun but this movie makes it appear both witless and irrelevant.

Still, the soundtrack was pretty good.
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