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Genius !
abarsby15 May 2004
We in the UK seem to come across little gem's like this years after our American friends, what with the show already cancelled in 2001 over there.

They have only recently started putting this on two episodes at a time on C4 in UK at 2am, and next week it sadly disappears from the schedules.

I have to say I love this programme as much as "The Simpson's", it's Eddie Murphy back to his best, as funny as he used to be back in his old standup shows in the 80's.

I only hope they bring this out on DVD, Sadly, they probably won't.
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Brilliantly written, "acted" comic masterpiece.
lostworlds130 September 2003
THE PJs is not PC. It is a staggeringly funny claymation masterpiece on every level: written, acted (as in radio acting), visual and animated. The consistency and literacy of Eddie Murphy and his gang's "vision" needs an appreciative, knowing audience that can follow the shotgun blast of references in every line. It's also rather a loving look at Murphy's Brooklyn from inside the tube, as opposed to the saccharine veneer one is drugged with whenever he flicks on the remote. Not a show for morons, hence its failure. Murphy's realized his great potential with this one. No compromises, just awesomely funny brilliance. He should be proud. Miss this and you've missed a great one. Now when will it be avail. on DVD, Eddie?
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I want more
All_Things_Ex21 November 2002
This was a really good show. It was funny, clever, merorable, creative, and loveable. It will always have a special place in my heart. The show had great claymation, Eddie Murphy, Loretta Devine and originallity. It needs to be reaired. Once again Fox cut a great show.
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I thought it was a riot!
avro-arrow29 May 2004
I really miss this series. The first time I saw it I had a SPLITTING headache, and was just flipping channels. I started watching, and I couldn't stop laughing. It made me completely forget my headache! The humour may have been directed at people who live in the "Projects", but I found many gaffs applied to all of society. Afterwards, I tuned in as often as I could, but it seemed to be on again, off again. I will never forget the "Crack-Head" character (Smokey or Sparky I think) riding down a hill in a shopping cart yelling "I'm the king of the world" a la Titanic. I think Eddie Murphy really had a hit on his hands, and I wonder why it went off the air. If anyone knows why it was dropped, could you let me know, please?

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"Once upon a time in the projects..."
Victor Field11 July 2003
In one of the first of "The Simpsons"'s annual Halloween specials (incidentally, why is each episode referred to as "Treehouse of Horror" everywhere but in the on-screen credits?), we see a graveyard with tombstones for "Fish Police," "Family Dog" and "Capitol Critters," extremely shortlived shows that came up as a result of the first wave of animated shows in the wake of The Greatest TV Show Ever. "The PJs" would probably be included if such a stunt was to be tried again, but while many short-lived prime time cartoons deserve it ("Gary & Mike" and "Stressed Eric," anyone?), this one was more worthy of praise than most.

Set in the Hilton Jacobs Projects (the very name suggests the writers know their TV) in an unnamed city, this series focused on building superintendent Thurgood, wife Muriel, and the tenants - of which there seemed to be surprisingly few for such a big building; the series was fairly high on stereotyping with its characters (although one can't help noticing that one tenant, a Jamaican never clearly seen because of all his marijuana smoke, was soon dropped) and in the later episodes suffered from trying to emulate "The Simpsons" a bit too closely, and from shows like the spoof of season finales "Cliffhangin' With Mr Super" (that format doesn't really suit this show) ... the episodes where co-creator/executive producer Eddie Murphy didn't supply Thurgood's voice also suffered when Phil Morris subbed (it's impossible to not hear him and think "Jackie Chiles!").

But Will Vinton's Foamation technique, plus the simple fact that many of the shows actually were very funny, made up for a lot; the characters of Thurgood - loud, a couch potato ("Jack Lord is my shepherd, and I shall not want to turn him down!"), lazy, but still somehow likeable - and the others, plus the fact that every character got at least one story of their own, made up for the rest. (It's interesting that the most intelligent character on the show is Smokey, a homeless recovering crack addict.) The series may have been weighed down by the promise of its credits (former "Simpsons" writer Steve Tompkins co-created the show with future "The Bernie Mac Show" creator Larry Wilmore; Ron Howard was one of the show's eight (!) executive producers), but it was better than many similar live action shows; an underrated pleasure.

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Best urban humor in a long time
J. Canker Huxley1 April 1999
Interesting combination of claymation and unapologetic urban humor a la "In Living Color." A great combination to Fox's clever line-up of "The Simpsons," "King of the Hill," and "Furturama."
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HUD Lady's kids?
thussar24 April 2008
I really liked the PJs also. It was a short-lived series that became the victim of the overzealous NAACP and the need for too many people in our society to be "politically correct". These days they give Oscars out for movies that portray much worse than the PJs - yet for some reason because its in a movie, and people pay for it, that's OK. Go figure. The PJs was one of the best pieces of work Eddy Murphy has produced, well-written, very funny, and the claymation style fits in perfect with the story concept. The part I remember most is when the HUD lady lists all her kid's names. Does anyone remember all of them? I only remember 3 - Chevron, Lasagna, and Doritos. I thought there was more of them. Thanks!
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bring back the PJ's
Barnumzp@aol.com3 December 2005
I will loved the show the PJ's. I am waiting for the release of the series on DVD I think this was Eddie Murphy's best work, before he did Shrek. I liked the whole cast. I really like the character of juicy and Mrs.Avery. I felt that they used the perfect actors for the show. I hope it will be soon. If anyone has the series on DVD I will be happy to purchase them from you. I felt the the PJs were just as funny as the Simpsons or King of the Hill. I was sorry to see the show leave Fox, then it lasted 1 season the WB. I hope that both companies will release the show on DVD soon. The show has a big following. I hope the Cartoon network will pick up the series.
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One of the greatest cartoons of all time
tdubz11 February 2004
If there is one show that deserves to be called one of the greatest this is the one, there are many other shows that are close for instance family guy or futurama, but this one is a classic because of the fact that it is about a bunch of broke people living in the hilton-jacobs projects. This show basically pokes fun at people such as crackheads, fat people and the beloved main character, superintendant Thurgood Stubbs. In my opinion, they made a mistake about the cancellation of the show, and Eddy Murphy should keep making these hilarious cartoons.:10/10
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An excellent addition to Fox's Tuesday line-up.
Jynne26 April 1999
Eddie Murphy has come up with a great series that has good "urban" humor and makes a positive statement without being hokey. An excellent edition to Fox's Tuesday line-up, with believable, funny characters.
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Another hit
Op_Prime30 May 2000
They gave us The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy and Futurama. Fox delivers another hit with The PJs. Eddie Murphy has come up with a brilliant and mature series. The PJs is a mature, clever and very funny series. I still can not believe it was off the air for nearly year before starting it's second season. Fox has a hit on their hands.
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The Pj's-truly inspired!
leighapted1729 September 2005
It seems watching the re-run of 'The Pj's' on 'Bravo' that for the series to run for such a short period of time is 'criminal' to say the least!Side splitingly funny why oh why is it not still on and more importantly when are the production executives going to realise the huge benefit that a DVD box set could do!I can't believe it!Is it me or is it the funniest thing on TV at the moment!Apart from The Simpsons of course!Also with the New Wallace and Gromit movie out this October,once again you'd think that production execs would jump on the band wagon.Christ Empire have realised The Pj's style of animation is making a huge comeback.Anyone in agreement!Bottom line The Pj's are a hell of a lot funnier than some of Eddie Murphy's movies(sorry Eddie it's true!)Make it Available!!!
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Bah, speak not such evils!
behkor18 October 2002
This was a fantastic show...I can't let someone who just watched one episode give it a bad name...where else have you seen a claymation tornado that comes out of a toilet? It was fine work, all around. I wish that it was still on the air. I think that it was the only thing that I ever watched on whatever channel that was.

(upon hearing that the Haiti Lady's toilet was clogged up)

Thurgood: Did you flush anything weird down there?

Haiti Lady: No...nothing...(under breath)...just a goat head wrapped in some paper towels.

Thurgood: Damn it! How many times have I told you you _DON'T_ flush paper towels down the toilet?

Heh heh heh.
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One of the Best Written African American Comedies
hfan7726 January 2010
Even though The PJs only lasted two season, I really liked the show, especially the animation which was done in "foamation" ala The California Raisins. It also had an outstanding voice cast, including co-creator Eddie Murphy as Thurgood, Loretta Devine as his wife Muriel, Jenifer Lewis as her sister Bebe and Ja'net DuBois, in one of her few roles since Good Times left the air as elderly tenant Mrs. Avery.

The other characters I remember well were The Haiti Lady and the youngsters Calvin and Juicy, whose parents were never seen. The one thing I remember about Juicy, especially in the early episodes was that he wore a sign around his neck that said "Please do not feed." But the one that i really enjoyed about The PJs was the writing. It was one of the best written African American sitcoms, thanks to the numerous cultural references in Thurgood's exclamations such as "Holy Mary Wilson, mother of Motown." This was the only show that I watched on a regular basis with the closed captioning on so I could jot down Thurgood's newest exclamation that referred to African American culture.

Despite its references to low income African American society, I thought The PJs was one of the network's best efforts at an animated comedy since The Simpsons. I'll close with a line frequently shouted by the woman at HUD "NEXT!"
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Delightful fun!
One of the most original and charming animated series I've seen. Eddie Murphy has created an animated comedy set in an urban housing project that presents its subject matter without a trace of self-consciousness, political correctness or disrespect for its lovable characters.

The muddle-headed but harmless junkie, the shotgun toting grandma, the faceless city bureaucrats at the HUD headquarters; they all hint at real life without making this particular plump, white suburban viewer itchy with guilt over his better life. What a jewel! Of course, like everything else I've ever liked on TV (Brimstone, Max Headroom) it has vanished. Check with me to see if a show you like will stay on the air. If I like it- kiss it goodbye!
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Why gone? It was hilarious and Eddie Murphy is a comedy genius.
smoke2430 May 2004
I found this site while looking to see if I could find a way to buy the PJ's on DVD or Tape. I only got to see a few episodes before they were canceled and they were amazingly funny and a great exaggeration of the way things probably are in the project buildings in the big cities. Even just the depiction of each character in the series was a hoot. I am sure that it offended some but it still makes for some great comedy as many things in life, good or bad, can be funny especially if given a little extra to the story. Eddie Murphy has a magical way of bringing out the comedy in most anything. I would surely like to find a way to get all 41 episodes on DVD so I could see them all and share them with friends.
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Eddie Murphy should create another cartoon series
slimshady56234 July 2012
I use to watch this show a lot when I was a kid, I remember it use to come on Sundays on the wb11, I never missed an episode. The pj"s was the show that had so many funny parts that after you watched the show you would still be laughing after.I think that the show was not received well because people took it to serious and forgot about the fact that it was suppose to be funny,its punch lines too many to count.The pj's also had a lot of reality in it so that also made the show funny. This show ended too early it could of lasted 5 or 6 years. They should really bring this show back, the crap we have on TV today is nothing compared to this classic. The claymation was well done for the time it came out I mean were talking about a late 90's cartoon series and for that time period it was just magnificent.
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Maligned and misunderstood.
kodachrome713 July 2000
While the second season hasn't been as good as the first, it's still one of the best shows Fox ever produced. Like most good humor it's not PC and wouldn't be any good if it was. Will Vinton's visuals are amazing and the characters have more warmth and depth than you would expect in animation. It's easy to see how this show could offend folks, but how could you write humor this good and not offend anyone? Check out this show while you still can.
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An outstanding use of clay animation
Coolguy-729 May 2000
This is a great show. I love Eddie Murphy's role as Thurgood, the superintendant of the apartment building. I think the people who produced this show capture the life of minority groups living in urban project housing. It is also a wonderful use of clay animation. It may be slow, but it's certainly worth it when complete. FOX took it off the air for awhile quite some time ago, but it looks like it's going to be making a comeback.
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Another great show!
daniel-18225 January 2000
It seems that the new line-up of animation shows hitting our screens( Futurama, Family Guy etc) has another winner! The first series has just finished over here, and I was very impressed. The quality of the claymation is top-notch, and the characters are all unique and likeable, `The Super', voiced by Eddie Murphay is brillant! You can tell that a lot of effort has been put in to this. The jokes are clever, mature and most importantly....funny! This show deserves to be up there with the rest! Well done Eddie on a brillant show!
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Stupid and pointless. Good animation, though.
millennia-225 June 2000
I've seen only one episode of Fox's claymation comedy 'The PJs', but I can safely say that I won't be watching any more. The series is never funny (despite supposedly being a comedy) clumsily handles stereotypical issues, and is plain boring. Eddie Murphy has a real misfire here, and I'm glad it's been cancelled. At least I think it has been, I just haven't seen any adds for it recently.

Stay away from it unless you are bored out of your mind, or are in search of some good visuals.
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It was amusing, but...
Nestor-47 June 2004
...the show seemed like it was a bunch of rich white writers laughing at poor minority groups.

The hang-overs from some of the creative people behind The Simpsons is evident. There are numerous references that the unemployed are all scroungers and perfectly happy with their lot in life, unless of course they are trying to demand more from the system.

As the series went on, it seemed to degenerate into a series of movie parodies, with numerous pop-culture references to movies such as Star Wars, E.T, Terminator 2, etc, moving away from the original intention of the show. You are left with the impression that there are just too many puns on black culture/pop-culture to be anything other than the "haves" chuckling at the "have-nots".

Eddie Murphy is the key figure in making the show work - his vocal performance stands head & shoulders above the rest of the cast, not that this comment is in any way sidelining the others in the show, but the fact that Murphy seems to have used his creative/production credit to make sure that he gets all the plum lines.

It was a bold move to have a stop-motion animation series on TV at a time when conventional animation and CG shows were so very popular. As the series went on, the quality of the animation just got better & better, eventually having the kind of shots that are usually seen on the big screen. If The PJ's is remembered for anything, it will be for the innovative use of a dying art-form.
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A Great Comedy, Watch Out Simpsons
pastfind6 July 2000
While the very first episode left me wondering, the rest of the series has been hysterical. The show has great depth with the characters and the sets are amazing, considering the amount of work foamation requires. The humor might offend some but hasn't The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and Futurama done the same? The show seems to have been shafted since it came out and I feel this is a shame. I recommend that anyone who has doubts about the show should watch two or three episodes and see their reaction. I am predicting that they will include it in their lineup.
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Humor that hits hilariously close to home! No wonder some aren't laughing
mta7000-732-7080081 March 2019
As a partially sighted person, I lived in an apartment complex in College Park, Atlanta, for blind people while I attended an indepent living blind training program in the early 90's. Our office and living space was there because it had the cheapest rent in the city and I enountered indigent, beleagured elderly people and young people alike who had few prospects of getting out of the 'hood. I myself was lucky since my family lived in suburbia so I had somewhere to go once I finished the program but a lot of those folks had nowhere else to go. Walking from the subway station to my sheltered workshop for the blind, I often encountered "urban outdoorsmen" (as WSB radio talk show host Neal Boortz called them) drinking liquor out of a brown paper bag just like the wino in the cartoon.

So when one of the first episodes I saw in this series featured a the sign above housing office lady's window that said "Keeping you in the projects since 1965", I busted out laughing.

There was a Subway sandwich shop down the street from our College Park training facility where we blind folks would walk, cane in hand, for lunch that one day saw some gangsta kids take hostages during lunch hour. (Fortunately, none of us happened to be eating lunch there that day.) They had to call in a SWAT team to diffuse the situation and the incident made the evening news. So when I saw in another one of these episodes a helicopter airlift supplies for the residents onto the roof of their tenement building before quickly taking off, I again busted out laughing since I knew how that helicopter pilot felt.

This endearing cartoon series perfectly evokes the aroma of alcohol vapors wafting up from broken liquor bottles and the faint tinge of urine on damp concrete, mixed with diesel fumes and spent fast-food grease hovering in the stagnant air on a drizzly, muggy July afternoon in the inner city, that I experienced first-hand.
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