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3 May 2000
Home School Daze
Thurgood wants to home-school the children.
30 May 2000
The Postman's Always Shot Twice
Mrs. Avery accidently shoots the building's postman.
6 Jun. 2000
The Preacher's Life
An electrical shock scares Thurgood into becoming a preacher.
13 Jun. 2000
The HJs
Thurgood reopens the radio station.
13 Jun. 2000
Haiti and the Tramp
Muriel fixes Haiti Lady up with Walter.
27 Jun. 2000
Smokey the Squatter
Thurgood let's Smokey stay in a spare apartment.
27 Jun. 2000
Weave's Have a Dream
Muriel and Bebe start a hair salon.
4 Jul. 2000
Let's Get Ready to Crumble
Thurgood wrestles with the senator of the state.
4 Jul. 2000
Who Da Boss?
Thurgood's new supervisor is really bossy.
11 Jul. 2000
Fear of a Black Rat
Thurgood captures a thieving rat and enters in the rat fights.
11 Jul. 2000
Ghetto Superstars
Thurgood becomes Juicy and Calvin's rap star manager; guest star Snoop Dogg.
18 Jul. 2000
What's Eating Juicy Hudson
Thurgood helps Juicy ease his stress with his parents.
25 Jul. 2000
The Jeffersons
Thurgood claims kinship with Sally Hemings and President Thomas Jefferson.
1 Aug. 2000
Robbin' HUD
When HUD fails to provide the Hilton Jacobs Projects with water filters, Thurgood and his posse resort to burglary and discover a distinct absence of honor among thieves.
15 Aug. 2000
Cliffhangin' with Mr. Super
Thurgood and Bebe wake up in the same bed together after a night of hard drinking.
29 Aug. 2000
The Last Affirmative Action Hero
A film starring Jackie Chan is shooting in the neighborhood and Thurgood is in charge of protecting the area's image.
5 Sep. 2000
Parole Officer and a Gentleman
Thurgood ends up on probation for assaulting a dentist who gave him free dental care courtesy of Walter.
8 Oct. 2000
Boyz Under the Hood
Calvin is jealous when the guys turn to Juicy for automobile expertise.
31 Dec. 2000
Y2K is upon our group as the electricity goes out and only Sanchez is prepared for it.

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