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21 Feb. 1990
Royal Visit
It's opening day at Spatz, London's newest fast-food establishment, but with only 4 hours until the owner's wife arrives for the official opening, the restaurant isn't even finished.
28 Feb. 1990
The Sound of Muzak
Vince has a crush on a classically-trained musician, and Karen is driving the staff mad with her jolly Spatz jingle.
7 Mar. 1990
Toni's Tall Tale
Toni has got a problem - she has told her parents that she has been promoted to manager of Spatz, and now they have dropped by to visit her. Dexter is determined to sell 500 burgers and win a staff competition of a weekend in Paris, not knowing that it's actually a working weekend at the Champs Elysees branch.
14 Mar. 1990
Karen's Birthday
Karen organises early morning workout sessions for the staff, but gets more than she bargained for when they discover it's her birthday - and more.
21 Mar. 1990
Local Hero
TJ's compulsory first-aid classes pay off when Lily saves the life of a Spatz customer.
4 Apr. 1990
Death of a Spatzman
When a beautiful soap star drops into Spatz, Dexter is determined to impress her, telling her he's the son of the Senegalese ambassador. Upstairs, TJ is having trouble getting paid because the computer is convinced that he is dead.
11 Apr. 1990
The Wild Brunch
When a gang of teenage hoodlums start hanging around outside Spatz, Karen orders that TJ get rid of them. As they begin to cause trouble for the restaurant Vince finds his loyalties torn - because he used to be a member of the gang too.
18 Apr. 1990
Environmental group, Planetwatch, are picketing the restaurant and damaging Spatz's takings. While Jo takes a shine to their leader, Sebastian, the key to breaking the deadlock may lie with a package sent to TJ by his granny.
2 May 1990
Sing for Your Supper
Karen instructs the staff to sing the customers' orders, and Debbie rejects boyfriend Derek in favour of handsome new man, Terry.
9 May 1990
Smart Cookies
TJ challenges Blimpy's manager, Ivor Willis, to a team trivia quiz, but Spatz's chances are threatened by the loss of their star player.
16 May 1990
Bye Bye TJ
TJ gets promoted - but his new job is in Canada. As he prepares to leave, Karen contends with the new manager, who just happens to be the nephew of company director, Louis Frapelli.

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