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Remarkable piece of work.
damirsel3 April 2007
This is a pearl in the Serbian (at the time Yugoslav) cinematography. The movie reveals us the spirit of Belgrade (capital of Serbia) at the time entirely, allowing us to literally smell the dust of Belgrade streets, following the character of 'Urke' ex-convict trying to find peace in his life by only way he knows (same way which got him ended in prison at first). Regardless, the movie gives us a strong impression of one persons struggle to be a part of him self on his own way, which leaves us with an sensation of 'no-comment' filled with strong epic and romantic spirit to the very end of it. Music in the movie is perfectly composed and I mean every note is where it should be in order to integrate moments and atmosphere with visual impression. All in all this is a remarkable piece of work and one of Dragan Nikolic best roles.
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Last lap in Monza (1989)
brian-eager39517 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Little to do with the world of racing.... you will be immersed in this from beginning 'til end following Urska a habitual offender and felon with aspirations to finish jail and move back into the glamour of criminality. The atmosphere of the holding prison and it's inmates is a little similar but harsher to Ray Winstones settings in 'Scum' the very sight of a Guard likely to result in a beating...the drama quickly moves out of jail with the shutting of high security steel barriers behind him as he slings his Sports bag over his shoulder and gets picked up by his old running partner with obligatory 2 people in the back .. .some of the vehicles used throughout this film are a joy to relive....he goes back to his mum then decides on staying with the beautiful Silvia (Vesna Stojenovic) and has a few moments with her both in Belgrade and on a houseboat on the Danube which are good acting scenes as well as just flash scenes. His will is to move on and he finds himself in Milan facing off people who had earlier blighted his life and run the Yugoslav version of the mafia within Italy.... he eventually wins a battle against the current leader and usurped his position but loses a buddy as a result....he has reached a level never before reached and is on the final lap before he can return to Belgrade and restore his relationship with Silvia.........but......
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