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Season 4

3 Sep. 2001
Joint Custody
Darryl and Yvonne find marijuana in Sydney's jacket pocket and jump to obvious conclusions which turn out to be wrong. The kids want them to pay for misjudging them. Dave teaches himself to play the guitar with awful results.
10 Sep. 2001
Mid-Wife Crisis
After a pregnancy scare and the kids more self sufficient Yvonne decides it's time to reenter the workforce. Darryl is less than supportive and Yvonne finds her master's degree doesn't open that many doors.
17 Sep. 2001
A Cry for Pleh
Darryl and Yvonne hire a tutor to help Michael with his schoolwork after they learn the teen has dyslexia, but Darryl immediately dislikes the instructor.
24 Sep. 2001
Go with the Flow
For Darryl Yvonne 's business trip comes at a delicate moment in Sydney's development. When her first period arrives Darryl is unsure how to proceed and makes the decision to throw her a party to mark the occasion.
1 Oct. 2001
Stormy Weather
Yvonne realizes it's been awhile since she and Darryl have had any romance in their lives. She brings it to her husband's attention but then mistakenly lets him plan a special evening out which includes a room at a sleazy motel.
17 Dec. 2001
I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas
Darryl objects to the way the holidays are celebrated as his children's school. Milsap gives the Rogers parents lottery tickets as a gift which at first annoys them but later they become obsessed with finding a winner.
4 Feb. 2002
Smells Like Free Spirit
Darryl's niece arrives seeking a music career but her behavior raises doubts concerning her seriousness. Yvonne becomes obsessed with the idea a neighbor doesn't like her.
6 May 2002
How Hattie Got Her Groove Back
Darryl overreacts when he learns his mother Hattie has started a relationship with her piano teacher. Sydney is convinced that Michael stole the very nice gift he gave their mother Yvonne for her birthday.

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