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A Fresh Look That Also Teaches!
SmallPkgTNT30 June 2004
I found myself even as a young adult finding this show to be so wonderful! It is so nice to see a show that is interested in teaching the children about the environment and the animals without them even knowing. It is most children's dream to be able to travel and meet and talk to animals. This helps some of us even young at heart recapture our youth! I love the characters and the plot for each episode. I just hated to see it go. And so what if the family is a little wacky! That is what I believe makes them fun and interesting! A lucky little girl that can talk to animals that at one time in her life did not fit in and now she has her own special little nitch in life. Nick definitely creates new and interesting shows and I thank them for "The Wild Thornberry's"!
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In defense of a great show
predsfan324792 October 2001
I am writing in defense of the best animated show on TV-Nickelodeon's "The Wild Thornberrys"-which was mercilessly slammed in two recent User Comments, one of which deemed the show "unappealing and ignorant."

I couldn't disagree more.

I discovered "Thornberrys" in May, 2001, and am now totally, hopelessly hooked! If the show has one main theme it is the proper relationship between humans and nature, a theme explored in each episode through the bespectacled, 12-year-old eyes of Eliza Thornberry, the only human, out of six billion, who can talk to animals (including her best friend, a chimpanzee) just as easily as she can to her own parents or sister. As for the animals, I think that the show's producers go out of their way to present as realistic a portrayal as possible of the many different species featured on the show. For example, one episode featured a pair of Tasmanian devils who did not-repeat, did NOT-speak in gibberish or travel in a cyclonic motion, slicing through everything in their path. Th-th-th-that's right, folks; Looney Tunes got it wrong.

Apart from the animals, what I like most about "The Wild Thornberrys" is the family-comedy aspect of the show. The Thornberrys are, after all, a quirky but close-knit family, with two loving-though occasionally frazzled-parents, two perpetually squabbling siblings (I swear that Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo, while developing the show, must have secretly researched my own sisters, who drove each other crazy until my older sister went away to college!), and a "wild boy" foster child. As family shows go, "Thornberrys" is light-years better than the show it used to precede on Nick's prime-time schedule, "The Brady Bunch." In conclusion, to make a long story short, "The Wild Thornberrys" rocks!
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simpleandcleanuh2 October 2006
This was one of the best children's shows-ever. I watched it when I was young and I watch it now. I learned so much about animals. There were so many good qualities in it, like how it was 30 minutes long per episode, not one episode in 15 minutes. It made me appreciate the wildlife in the world. It was very exciting, too, and it was more than just "And the snake slithers...catching it's prey..." it had family drama in it too. The siblings fought, the 16 year old just wanted a place where no one would bother her. It was comedic as well, the dad was just hysterical and the mom funny. The movies also had the same qualities as the show, and because they could be longer, they got more in depth with animals. I'm annoyed they took the show away, but maybe one day they'll bring it back.
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A Cause for Applause!
Rocket Girl3 October 2001
The Wild Thornberrys is a cause for applause, folks! Anyone who doesn't like it must have mistaken this show for some other thing. Because I can't understand why anyone would dislike this sweet, educational, fun, family-friendly show about a lovable 12-year-old kid with "the gift of gab." What I mean by this is that Eliza can talk to animals, and don't you wish you could, too? I do! It's my totally favorite show, with Rocket Power in close second, and As Told By Ginger in third. Other than that, I don't watch too much TV. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent.
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How could you say this show is bad?
TheLittleSongbird9 February 2009
This show is very good, much better than ChalkZone at any rate. I have 6 of the episodes on DVD, and all of them are really funny and educational, and I also remember catching it everyday after school and being fascinated by the different animals and locations. That is still the case now. The animation is colourful, and I wish you would stop associating people as beautiful, and making personal remarks about the characters' appearances. remember, true beauty comes from within. Eliza is a kid who talks to animals, which is a retread of Doctor Dolittle, but still original. A misunderstood character, she does have moments of idiocy but her heart is in the right place. Darwin is hilarious,and he and Eliza at times are a great double act. Debbie is wonderfully voiced by Danielle Harris, and is seen as a typical teenager, pretty, funny and sometimes grumpy. Debbie is a great teenage representation. The parents add a lot to the show, especially Nigel, who has some of the funniest lines of the whole show, and if you have the wonderful Tim Curry on board you can never go wrong. You would really like The Wild Thornberrys, if only you'd give it a chance. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Thornberrys - Excellent
halian27 October 2002
Like (too few!) others I am amazed at the negative views people have of the Thornberrys. Whilst I have never thought of Eliza as a b*tch I suppose if you view The Wild Thornberrys in a bad light then she could be seen as such. Having said that she is the opposite of most kid protagonists in that she is ugly and geeky looking - yet wins through.

I have not seen most of the other cartoons mentioned (Butt Ugly Martians, Rocco?, etc.) so can't compare with them. However, compared with most of the cr*p which is on TV for kids, T.W.T. is LOADS better, with lots of witty one-liners and good characterization. Nigel's genuine English accent (Tim Curry is er, English, no?) and amusing comments are excellent. Debbie is also amusing as a stereo typed teenager, and I think Darwin is excellent. As a tiny morsel to balance things out, Donnie is an irritating little br*t (doing it myself now) although occasionally amusing.
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Smart, funny, gets kids thinking about nature and wildlife. All in all, awesome!
CanisLupus4530 December 2011
Admittedly, I may be slightly biased because of my love for animals, but for what it's worth, I think this is a great show. I registered on IMDb just so I could add my positive review to the mix. I can't come to terms with the people who dismiss this cartoon or its protagonist. People write Eliza off and bill her as irritating, and then add "also, she's ugly." I can't help but feel that some shallow-minded individuals call her irritating simply because they don't like the way she looks. This is a kids' show. Should kids' shows teach that you need to be pretty in order to be accepted? I hope we can all answer with an emphatic "no." Eliza is a kid herself, with glasses and braces. Did you look like a supermodel at the age of twelve? I didn't then and don't now. If anything, I feel that kids are able to connect better with a character that is "real." I certainly did at that age. She makes mistakes, she does act bratty from time to time, but her passion for wildlife and her love for her friends and family are real.

I have the whole show on my computer and I still enjoy watching it. There are loads of funny bits to make you laugh, and while the pedantic biologist side of me notices the erroneous things rather quickly (the Great Crested Grebe sounding exactly like a peacock, Eliza's mention of "alligators in the Congo," the jaguars presented as social cats, etc.), it is really clear that they tried to be accurate and faithful to reality. Aside from small things like that, which most kids I'm sure wouldn't notice, this show is pretty educational. If you were like me as a kid, you would be delighted that some of these animals your parents don't know about are the star of the latest episode, and if you didn't know about an animal, well, the show served to reveal them to you. If it sparks a child's interest in nature/science, it's well worth it. People who relate to Eliza and understand why she gets excited to be out in the jungle befriending wild animals will smile all the way through The Wild Thornberrys. People who don't like animals, well, this might not be the subject matter you're looking for. Maybe it is more niche than I realise, but that doesn't make it bad.
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One of the last GOOD nicktoons
rocky59941511 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In defense of this show its not as good as Nick Shows like Doug, Rugrats, Rocko, etc. But it was one of the last good Nicktoons before Nickoldeon ruined there self's. This show ran from 1998-2004. I remember when this show first game on back in 1998 with the Burgerking toys that they had for that month with the Kids Meal back then. This show premiered on a Sunday night and the first episode was where they let Debbie drive and she put her bubble gum(Debbie was always chewing bubble gum anyone remember that episode where she let one get huge and then it popped on her face and got somewhat in her hair? no not the one where Donnie popped one in her hair but i forget where the setting was in the one were she blew the big bubble when it popped on her face) under the Accerlator pedal and they RV got stuck. Well the Characters in this show was Eliza the main character who could speak to all Animals. Her monkey friend Darwin, her Sister Debbie, her Mom(Can't remember the name) and her Nigel voiced by Tim Curry and her Apodpted brother Donnie. Also there swarm enemies can't remember the name but i remember one had an eye patch and a wooden leg. This is another Nicktoon show that i liked that i can remember from the production line. I remember the episode with the oil tanker leak and Eliza tried to help the animals where she got trapped by the fire. How bout the episode where they were attacked by sharks and RV started sinking. Or the one Eliza was blamed for upsetting the Humpback Whales. Then there was the one where Eliza was tricked by a leopard or Cheata to help them but she then almost ended up getting killed. Then there was the T.V. movie which i still remember till this day clearly because one scene with the Forrest fire reminded me of the Land Before Time III. The Orgin of Donnie where they return to were Donnie came from and then found out his parents had died from Poachers =[. But there was a scene in it where a Forrest fire started and it reminded me of the scene in The Land Before Time III where they had to escape the great valley because of a Forrest Fire. Now i did see the Movie and i can say the movie was really a good Movie. The Crossover between this and Rugrats was just an alright movie. This show was a really good nick show and like i said earlier it ran from 1998-2004. I saw up till 2002 and i don't remember any new episodes after that. This show did air on Nicktoonss TV like other Classic Nicktoons but hasn't been on there in a couple of years. I Honestly believe this show was canceled along with Hey Arnold And THe Rugrats to let Spongebob become bigger. This week is sponge bobs 10th anniversary. Spongebob is nothing compared to these nicktoons.

Well this show has yet to be released on DVD but since that Deal between Nickoldeon and to release old Nickshows i think this show has a chance of becoming released on DVD. This was good shows and one of the last good ones. Its not the last Great one because it never lived up to the standards of the other Nicktoons. Eitherway There is hope for this being released on DVD. This is a good nicktoon from the 90s.
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My favourite show when I was younger - why did they have to cancel it?
filmsbythefire3 February 2009
Oh, I absolutely loved this show! Every character, every animal, every episode - it was just fantastic! Eliza and Darwin made me laugh so much, and as I got older I began to laugh at Debbie too, as I understood her teenage troubles. Nigel and Mariannae are the perfect team, I'd watch their show any day! I was so crushed when they removed it, and anytime they had it on TV after that I was over the moon! They put it on On Demand one summer (only the first eight episodes or so) and I'd spend whole afternoons watching them one after the other... but the worst part? It is now back on a channel called NickToonsters - and IT'S ON SKY! And I can't watch it :( Long live the thornberries :D (Okay, a little over the top I admit)
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Part Of Your Average Family!
darryl-jason26 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best children's animation TV series ever to be created. I absolutely love this show! My favourite for sure! During the shows run (1998) I was 12 years old, a little older than the average kid that this show is aimed at but who cares, I always love to revisit this show even today (& I'm 31!) . I can't fault this show one bit - it's fun for children of all ages right up to early teens .

The show centres around Eliza Thornberry (voiced by Lacey Chabert) who has the ability to talk to animals of all kinds; rats, lions tigers, bears, giraffes, hyenas, birds, monkeys, horses, you name it! Even her nearest & dearest friend; a chimpanzee named Darwin.

I think it's a great show that really does have a high education level to teach children about wildlife. Each episode tells a different story filled with humour & wit & adventurous tales. For me the star of the show is Eliza's teenage troublesome sister, Debbie (voiced by Danielle Harris). There's just something about her that really amuses me, I think the voice talent by Danielle Harris is incredible & I'm very surprised she didn't gain any award from the series. But yeh she's amazing. One of TV's best animated characters. I actually met Danielle at the London Film & Comic Con a few years ago & had the pleasure of asking her how she came about to voice the character of Debbie & I'll always remember how she expressed her interest in voicing the role & that she would definitely love to do it again.

Other notable voice talents which I think more of the older generation may be familiar with is Tim Curry who voices the character of Nigel Thornberry. Again, fantastic voice talent, very distinctive & well played.

The show ran for 5 seasons with an additional 2 movies to follow; The Wild Thornberrys Movie & The Rugrats Go Wild. It's just a shame this show never really gained the credit it deserves cause it's a winner in my eyes & although it still gets shown on TV today (reruns) I always enjoy going back to this one . No matter how old I get it still takes me back to my 90s! Parents shouldn't definitely introduce their children to this gem of a show. You won't be disappointed!
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I absolutely love this show!
daphine22 April 1999
"The Wild Thornberrys" is far and away one of the greatest projects on television today. Thunderous applause for all concerned. Extreme talent. Marvelous writers. Brilliantly casted. Such a refreshing change from the mindlessness of most of television. I cannot praise this show enough, so I'll stop trying. Bye.
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A Good Show
NZTigerboy6 June 2005
I enjoy the Wild Thornberrys, it's a very good show.

Some Episodes might be boring or annoying but it's a very good show.

Plus it helps kids to get interested in animals.

Some people hear might hate Eliza but I like her for her curiosity and to help all animals on our precious planet.

Debbie is sometimes annoying to me but she's just a teenager who want to do normal things and I don't think most teens will see traveling around the world in a convee shooting documentaries is normal.

Also I love how Nigel (Dad) is always in a good mood in any situation. Now I wish there more people like him.

Now like I said this is a very show.
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What is with you?
Tricer144719 December 2002
I dont see why so many people on this site are bashing this show. It's not idiolic or stupid and it defiently isn't crap! When I first saw this show I was blown away by its accurate knowledge of animals and became a big fan. I was inspired to be a biologist from this show and by the I loved this show and hated Doug (yes DOUG!) at the same time. And I still do. I have many found memories of this show and is one of the more intelligent Nicktoons. It strongly focuses on family relationships and each character has a totally different personality. Debbie the lonely teenaged brat, Nigel and Merryann the strong spirited parents, Darwin the wise cracking chimp, Donnie the wildboy and Eliza the animal loving girl with a free will that talks to animals. I object to everyone on this site that insulted this show. Enviromental piece of crap my a$$! (WITH ALL DUE RESPECT)
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I thought the show was very funny.
marilynnewman24 March 2017
I'm a bit older than the others, but I love British humor. I don't understand the hate?

They were very interesting & amusing stories, It was sort of like crocodile hunter without the crikies.

The family would get in silly situations & the daughter that could talk to the animals would get them out of it. The adults would rationalize how they got out of it & go on their merry way.

Unfortunately, I had to stop watching due to health problems that preempted shows. Not mine. My parents.
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A day of the Thornberrys
dino_cale1627 July 2007
The Wild Thornberrys Rule! From the depths of the Congo learning from grumpy gorillas, to befriending Kenyan elephants to talking to polar bears! Taming Australian dingoes! Meeting strong jaguars! escaping from lions in quicksand, and defending a giant hippo from poachers Eliza Thornberry her brother raised in the rainforest in Asia and Darwin her stray chimpanzee rule. I like the idea of living in an RV traveling global wild hotsptots and seeing Egypt's vast deserts and tombs meeting animals to learn from, explore with, and help with her power to talk to animals and her occasional cousin TYler. African giraffes, antelopes, and bright zebra sightings, being helpful to hyenas, and being lazy with Russian beavers is wonderful. Imagine if you could be a Thornberry for a week.
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Better Than Set-up
Unsdenic4291 February 2003
What people do not understand about this show, is that it is on Nickelodeon. Nick is a channel for CHILDREN. Usually children under the age of 12 do not care to sit and analyze the show's creativity. All they care about is a show with monkey that keeps them entertained for a half-hour.
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This show's a piece of garbage! >:o
POPADLJM15 August 2004
When I first saw this show, it bored me to tears. I would have rather watched C-SPAN than this. Since Nickelodeon was the only cartoon channel I had at the time, I gave it a try, But it didn't work out.

This show is barely a cartoon. Cartoons are supposed to be funny, or at least entertaining, but this show is horrible. Every time this show was on, I would turn off the television and do something else.

This is the worst show on Nickelodeon along with As Told by Ginger and Pelswick.

Watching this show is like torture; The characters are stupid and the plots are even stupider.

My rating: 1/2* / ***** ( .5 out of 5 )
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Loved it at first
honestabe1712-129 August 2004
When this show first started on Nick I loved it but as it went on I started just to completeling hate this show. I mean at first sure its great to see somebody be able to talk to animals and help those animals and it is also great to see a family togethe like the Thornberrys, but after a while all that stuff gets really really really really really really boring. So who ever is reading this my advice is just watch the show for a short while because if you contuinely watch this show you are going to want to destroy that show and all of their stupid characters. Trust me I watched that show ever since it's very start and near the end of the show I just wanted to kill the people who created this show.
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Unappealing and ignorant
Tabby-62 July 2001
"The Wild Thornberrys" starts out with a classic premise: a human who can talk to animals. While this works for Disney heroines and Doctor Dolittle, putting it in a setting that attempts to be more "genuine" (as "Thornberrys" appears to be doing) takes a little more work.

The producers of this show haven't done that work. It tries feebly to present an educational and environmentally aware viewpoint, but the end product is painfully clueless about the wildlife it celebrates. Most of the animals on the show are wildly inaccurate, and the main character (who ostensibly studies animals in great depth) is completely ignorant about them. In addition, these animals are stereotyped by human standards of "good" and "evil," with predators who aren't pretty or popular almost invariably landing in the second category. Coming from the creative minds behind "Rugrats" and "Aah! Real Monsters," "The Wild Thornberrys" is an extreme disappointment.
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Okay show
I used to watch this show when I was growing up. When I think about it, I only remember it vaguely. If you ask me, it was an okay show. Two things I remember pretty well are the opening sequence and theme song pretty well. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was okay. The performances were okay, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I don't think I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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Hello hoggy!
sunburnt_archer14 January 2004
The Wild Thornberrys is a rather reasonable children's cartoon by Nickelodeon, that can usually appeal to both children and adults forced to watch it. We follow the adventures of Eliza, who can speak to animals, and her family.

Some of the lines are very good, especially from the father (Tim Curry), and I'm surprised they haven't been submitted to imdb. The stories usually have a message in them, but in this day and age it is almost inevitable with children's shows.

Watch it, if only for the main character's sister Debbie and the clueless father Nigel.
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cuteanil2 November 2002
Thornberrys is one of the best shows on nickelodeon i watch it everyday i like that it teaches you about animals and the characters are cool and very funny i especially like Eliza she's very nice and always help animals so i like everything about thornberrys.
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The best show on Nickelodeon
RedYoshi16 February 2004
I am being honest when I say that. Ever since this show premiered, I've been hooked on it. I love the idea of being able to talk to animals, and such. Sure the animation isn't all that, but once you learn to ignore that, WT can be a very entertaining and sometimes even educational show.

Thornberrys is a good show, otherwise it wouldn't have gotten to be in theatres twice, or a TV Movie. Plus the show has almost 100 episodes, and only good shows can reach that far. I mean I know people who hate Rugrats, but Rugrats is still a good show. I don't watch it much anymore.

The reason why I love Wild Thornberrys is not only because of the talk to animals bit, but it's the first nicktoon focusing more on the wild animals rather than just humans. I feel more shows should be like this. I love animals, so I love this show.

Those who think Thornberrys is a stupid show either didn't see it or like judging it from the way it appears rather than what the show is really about. Hey, that's my opinion. If Thornberrys was a bad show, it would've been cancelled. It hasn't yet. Just out of production for now due to the overwhelming work of doing both the Wild Thornberrys Movie and Rugrats Go Wild.

So I hope Thornberrys continues, and I hope all those who don't like the show will keep their compliments to themselves, as they only tell negative things, rather than the positive things the show can provide.
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this show is not bad!
opdiva20 September 2003
I happen to regard "The Wild Thornberry's" better than other Klasky/Csupo. I think it's an original concept and the story lines fun. I was highly entertained by each character in the show and I think Darwin is very funny. I think "The Wild Thornberry's" is better than most other K/C shows like "Rocket Power" and I don't know what the appeal with "SpongeBob" is all about. "Wild Thornberry's" is certainly better than what's on the Nickelodeon channel now, like "Chalkzone" "Fairly Odd Parents" and other rubbish shows like those.
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