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One of the best Comedy shows ever made in Norway.
jkr-1521313 November 2015
This is a great TV Show that is very funny. Every episode is funny and even if the show is old and the quality of the video is bad the show is still one of the best TV shows ever made. It is only beaten by Mot I Brøstet.

The show is about Karl a businessman who just moved in to an apartment. Soon he gets an unwanted friend Ulf. The TV show is about Karls life and all the stupid funny situations he finds himself in. The show is the best comedy show ever made in Norway. I highly recommend to watch this. its a reason they are still sending this on TV, 10 years after its first release.
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you're WRONG!!
hkn-414 September 2007
you're comment shows me that you must be one of few people in Norway who hasn't got any humor at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. when a show is "The Greatest TV Comedy In Modern Norwegian TV History" it is clear that it is you who has a problem. but enough about Mot I Brøstet. Karl & Co is a great sequel to a great TV-Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it doesn't have such great actors as Arve or Sven but it still got Nils Vogt. There are many other fine actors in it to such as Knut Lystad and Harald Heide Steen JR. and it is also really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. so why don't you just Sh** the F*** up and get some real humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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Humor is only skin deep - at least in Karl & Co
abrondz29 October 2009
I didn't catch much of the show during its original run in 1998, and even if I did, I wouldn't have understood it as I pretty young at the time.

Seeing the show in numerous reruns, it amazes me, in a weird way. The way its built up is extremely dull, predictable and at times stupid. It completely lacks touch with reality and doesn't have shred of credibility at times. Karl Reverud, the businessman who thinks too high of himself, repeatedly finds himself in situations way over his head, something that always has to end in him making a fool of himself, to everyone's amusement and his great irritation. It clearly conflicts with the life he leads. He has a large apartment in what's obviously a rich neighborhood and he's obviously had some financial success, but that can in no way be the same Karl as the one who's portrayed in the show.

The show is clearly cheap. It's built up in a simple way: The main stage is the main character's living room. His friends, acquaintances, neighbors and seemingly random people walk in and out of it, something he irritates himself over almost every time. There is laughter in the background so that anyone watching knows where the good jokes are, unfortunately they aren't. Any special effects, if they can be called special effects, are poorly made.

Still, there is something to this show that doesn't become apparent at first glance. The characters', especially Karl's personality, fits his character perfectly. Having studied introductory psychology myself, I immediately can identify his reactions to to various things that happen in the show. Whether this was intended by the script writers is unknown, but to me, it's quite interesting, especially in a show which in general is very poorly made.
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This isn`t worth the bother
action-614 July 2000
This is the sequel to "Mot i Broestet", which wasn`t any fun. And as a normal sequel, this is even worse than the original series. As before, we get the same poor actors, all the episodes are the same and the jokes are pathetic and tired, and makes you cry of the fact that a Norwegian tv-series rarely is worth seeing. Just as the original, this isn`t really worth seeing. But see it if you like poor humour. This series needs to be put to bed now.
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A poor attempt at the sit-com genre
Lumir3 May 1999
There is not much to say about these series. The actors suffers from Severe Overacting Syndrome, and the "humour" is based upon the firm foundation of five year old children's fascination of that which starts where the back ends. It is the sequel to "Mot i Brøstet", and completely fails to reach it's level. And *that* wasn't very good either.
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