The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) Poster

Orlando Bloom: Legolas



  • Gimli : Never thought I'd die fighting side by side with an Elf.

    Legolas : What about side by side with a friend?

    Gimli : Aye. I could do that.

  • [in a drinking game] 

    Gimli : It's the Dwarves that go swimming with little, hairy woman.

    [he burps] 

    Legolas : I feel something. A slight tingle in my fingers. I think it's affecting me.

    Gimli : What did I say? He can't hold his liquor.

    [Gimli passes out] 

    Legolas : [to Eomer who is watching]  Game over.

  • Gandalf : He's suffered a defeat, yes, but... behind the walls of Mordor, our enemy is regrouping.

    Gimli : Let him stay there. *Let him rot!* Why should we care?

    Gandalf : Because ten-thousand Orcs now stand between Frodo and Mount Doom. I've sent him to his death.

    Aragorn : No. There is still hope for Frodo. He needs time... and safe passage across the plains of Gorgoroth. We can give him that.

    Gimli : How?

    Aragorn : Draw out Sauron's armies. Empty his lands. Then we gather our full strength and march on the Black Gate.

    Eomer : We cannot achieve victory through strength of arms.

    Aragorn : Not for ourselves. But we can give Frodo his chance if we keep Sauron's Eye fixed upon us. Keep him blind to all else that moves.

    Legolas : A diversion.

    Gimli : Certainty of death, *small* chance of success... What are we waiting for?

    Gandalf : Sauron will suspect a trap. He will not take the bait.

    Aragorn : [knowingly]  No, I think he will.

  • Legolas : The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shut.

  • [Aragorn readies to take the Paths of the Dead. He leads his horse towards the entrance and passes by Gimli, who stops him] 

    Gimli : Where do you think you're going?

    Aragorn : Not this time, Gimli. This time you must stay.

    [Legolas walks up to them, leading his horse] 

    Legolas : Have you learned nothing of the stubbornness of Dwarves?

    Gimli : You may as well accept it. We're going with you, laddy.

  • Gimli : What kind of army would linger in such a place?

    Legolas : One that is cursed. Long ago the men of the mountain swore an oath to the last king of Gondor, to come to his aid, to fight. But when the time came, when Gondor's need was dire, they fled, vanishing into the darkness of the mountain. And so Isildur cursed them, never to rest until they had fulfilled their pledge. Who shall call them from the gray twilight, the forgotten people?

  • Legolas : The stars are veiled. Something stirs in the East. A sleepless malice. The eye of the enemy is moving. He is HERE.

  • Legolas : The horses are restless, and the men are quiet.

  • Gimli : That road there... where does that lead?

    Legolas : It is the road to the Dimholt, the door under the mountain.

    Eomer : None who venture there ever return. That mountain is evil.

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