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Philadelphia Inquirer
Consist of little more than people arguing or clambering in and out of dusty Land Rovers.
Though beautifully acted by Basinger (everyone else is relegated to a supporting role), there's a strange vagueness to much of this sumptuous, stunningly photographed melodrama.
Charlotte Observer
Like the star's acting, the movie is bland, full of good intentions and generally as stiff as a fireplace poker.
San Francisco Examiner
Frill-less almost to the point of minimalist, teary without being lachrymose, hers is a performance you'd think was great were the movie in a language you didn't understand.
Miami Herald
A wisp of a movie that dissipates the moment you leave the theater.
USA Today
While Basinger admirably invests her role with deep passion and looks splendid in her Kenya khakis, the true story she stars in is disappointingly tame and dramatically inert.
There is no obvious reason for the film's meandering existence: it's a series of beautifully photographed postcards of Africa.
Baltimore Sun
Here's hoping your own dreams of Africa are more interesting -- and better acted -- than this movie.
Visually gratifying but dramatically weak, the film falls short of its aspiration to be a sweeping romantic epic.
Dallas Observer
A wobbly Basinger and a feeble screenplay doom I Dreamed of Africa.

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