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Best spy movie I've seen yet
adorabell11 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is the most realistic spy movie that I've seen yet. As opposed to American movies and more modern stuff, with fancy gadgets and lots of action and explosions (James Bond), Shield and Sword realistically portrays the life of a soviet spy in Nazi Germany moving up in the army ranks from a driver to a high ranking officer in the SS.

The "movie" is actually four full length films of about an hour and a half long focusing on a specific event during each year of the Second World War. The war itself is mentioned little and the only shots of it are in passing which adds realism to the film (at least I think so).

Very little is explained to the viewer which is in a way a flaw in the films. All four start on a random day, they don'e explain anything and it takes a lot of mind power to figure out where and what everything is but once that is through it is quite enjoyable. Some parts are also rather long and can be seen as drawn out so I do not recommend watching any part of the movie late at night after work, especially with the thinking that must be done to understand it all.

I found this film better than the more famous "Thirteen Moments of Spring" (Trinadtsat' Mgnoveni'i Vesni) as that one was long and though it did have a voice-over explaining the events, I found it too long. If you understand Russian or can find a subbed or even a dubbed version of the movie - watch it. It really is very good.
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Armor and Sword, a film about another secret agent from USSR in nazi Germany
esteban174718 September 2001
This is another film about Soviet services of intelligence in nazi Germany. This time the hero of the film is an agent infiltrated by the Soviets in the Baltic countries already occupied by nazis. Although the film was made unreasonably black and white it showed masterfully how the agent was able to introduce himself in high positions of German army. He could also monitor any movement harmful to the position of the Red Army at the time of its offensive by 1944. Instead of having a serial of action as usual in American-made films, the film catch you from the very beginning as a nearly realistic thriller. No less amazing is the end when the Soviet troops entered in Berlin and the hero tried to make free several prisoners.
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