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(1954– )

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Season 1

7 Oct. 1954
Search for an Unknown
A private investigator is called in when a millionaire survives a murder attempt. The problem the investigator faces is not who had a reason to kill the millionaire, but who didn't.
14 Oct. 1954
A chauffeur become bitter when the romance he has been having fails. He plans a way to get revenge, but a strange twist produces a result far beyond anyone's expectation.
21 Oct. 1954
Cup O'Gold
A member of the District Attorney team kills a political rival. He is in deep shock when a witness comes forward, but equally puzzled when she decides not to identify him.
28 Oct. 1954
Stolen Chance
A man witnesses a murder in his apartment building. However, when the police arrive, he fails to tell them about a bag filled with $75,000 that he has taken from the scene.
4 Nov. 1954
Letters from Aaron Burr
Ernie Madden, a convicted criminal is released from jail, as he goes about rebuilding his life he discovers an unknown and very attractive woman following him
11 Nov. 1954
Incident at Scully's Key
A woman finds a man stranded on the shore.
18 Nov. 1954
A Trip to Aunt Sarah's
Desperate businessman Paul Carter steals money from the home of a dead investor; the only person who can connect him to the theft is a little girl-who mentions him in a school essay. When his secretary Helen reads the essay, she uses it to blackmail him into a romance.
2 Dec. 1954
Fatal Fraud
In Hong Kong, femme fatale Katherine enlists entertainer Chris Moore in a scheme to hijack a plane because of his ability as a voice mimic, but he wonders if he can trust her.
9 Dec. 1954
Grave Secret
Harriet Eldridge faithfully cares for her employer's home while he is on an extended visit to Hawaii, all the better to cover the fact that she has murdered him for his money. Suddenly the employer's long-lost niece Valerie arrives with a secret of her own--and Harriet's brother Melvin falls for her.
16 Dec. 1954
Lady in Waiting
Jean Grant learns that the man she has been dating is a criminal when he is sent to prison so she hires lawyer John Bradley to sever all of her ties to him. Then a blackmailer shows up, threatening to reveal the relationship.
28 Dec. 1954
The Big Jump
In San Fransisco, a man legally dead, running from his past, is blackmailed by a crook who forces him to participate in crimes. He realizes that he's also on the lam, so he tries to convince his blackmailer to follow his path and fake a suicide to escape the law.
30 Dec. 1954
Kind Thought
A corrupt businessman tries to kill his partner who wants to expose him.
26 Jun. 1955
Cancelled Flight
Pilot Lloyd Adams has a lucrative career as a smuggler but when his partner Matt Bannion gets cold feet, his mind turns to plans of murder.
4 Jan. 1955
Roark Island
A man who inherits his father's estate must live with his uncle. Unhappy with the situation, he looks for a way out.
10 Jan. 1955
The Blank Wall
Humble bank messenger Walter Mason is delighted that his daughter is going to marry the boss' son-until a blackmailer threatens to expose his criminal past to the snooty mother of the groom.
19 Jan. 1955
Lucky Night
A man takes $3500 off a man he finds dead in the street.
26 Jan. 1955
Sleep My Pretty One
Newly engaged Cora James learns from a fortune teller that she has no future after March 13 (a few days away), then her scientist fiancé is talking about a human test subject for his new serum and she begins to suspect she's the guinea pig-and that is doomed.
3 Feb. 1955
The Pattern
Mild-mannered bookseller Henry Pettigrew discovers a pattern in a recent wave of violent crimes-and schemes to use the pattern to cover a murder of his own: his fiancée's bullying brother.
10 Feb. 1955
Favor for a Friend
A doctor on his deathbed confesses to his son about how he dealt with a gangster.
17 Feb. 1955
The Jubilee Earring
Fran Gilbert arrives in town for a reunion with an old college friend but the woman isn't there to meet her and Fran begins to suspect her husband may have murdered her.
23 Feb. 1955
Borrowed Byline
A newspaperman is asked to write a story for a large sum of money, that will help an investigator get a valuable item. When the newspaper man gets fired, he must figure out a way to deal with his replacement.
2 Mar. 1955
Stranger in the House
A woman's brother returns after 7 years to claim his inheritance. The brother was reported kill in a boating accident.
9 Mar. 1955
The Glass Dime
Con man Harry is hired to steal a valuable coin from his rich uncle's collection; things go wrong and he heads to his ex-wife Edith to con her into making the deal for him.
16 Mar. 1955
The Lovely Look
Charles Belden's miserable life consists of little more than managing his nasty, overbearing wife's sizable wealth in their remote cliff side home. When a girl comes to work there as a housekeeper, he decides he'll kill his wife and run away with her.
23 Mar. 1955
The Other Hand
Stressed businessman Clint Markham checks into a sanitarium for a rest. Sneaking out at night for a rendezvous with his lover he encounters a vengeful ex, leading to his murdering her and trying to recover all evidence that he had left the sanitarium.
30 Mar. 1955
A Case for Mr. Carrington
In Jamaica, Gordon Hamilton plots to murder his wealthy employer and frame the man's son for the crime, hoping to fool shrewd police Inspector Carrington.
6 Apr. 1955
The Man Who Ran
Bored with routine, restless office worker Arthur Winslowe impulsively bets on a horse race; he wins big and runs out on his wife to start a new life in Miami. Everything goes well, until his wife arrives to spoil everything....
20 Apr. 1955
Death Sentence
Martin Heath's doctor tells him he only has three months to live. A tough older man seems to be following him, and later in the day he reveals he knows his situation, and proposes Heath confess to a murder, and he'll pay Heath's soon-to-be widow $10,000.
27 Apr. 1955
Dark Hour
Lawyer Steve Lacey quarrels with his fiancée's uncle, the District Attorney, then awakens the next morning to the news of the uncle's murder--and no memory of what happened that night.
8 May 1955
The First Year
Socialites Lydia and Elliot Larkin must pretend that their broken marriage is a happy one to qualify for a huge inheritance but when Lydia recalls that if one of them dies the survivor will still inherit, she starts plotting murder.
24 May 1955
Meeting on Tenth Street
Mild-mannered Gerald Marsh is devastated when his fiancée breaks up with him for another man. After rejecting the idea of suicide, he is soon negotiating the underworld looking for a hit man who can eliminate his rival.
4 Jun. 1955
Silent Partner
Rancher Matt Robertson plots to murder his business partner Wilk Haines and frame a hot-headed young ranch hand for the crime.
7 Jun. 1955
An Actor's Life
Actor Leo Sanders romances old flame Julie Lane to get an introduction to her influential agent; when his big break goes sour he plots the murder of his rival.
17 Jun. 1955
Bright young lawyer David Martin has no qualms being counsel to mobster Branch Morgan. Then he becomes sole witness to a murder committed by the gangster and realizes how insecure his position really is.
24 Jun. 1955
Marriage Contract
Lawyer Eddie Davis works his way into the trust of millionaire Peter Jackson and is made chief beneficiary in the old man's will. Then Jackson announces he is marrying a much younger woman and Eddie sees his fortune threatened.

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