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Season 1

23 Jan. 1987
When Stringfellow Hawke is critically injured and Dominic is killed, Dominic's niece Jo, major Mike Rivers and Jason Locke from the Company use Airwolf to rescue St. John.
30 Jan. 1987
While returning from the Soviet Union with classified document, Jo and a gymnast who has defected are intercepted by Russians.
6 Feb. 1987
A Town for Hire
Interference forces Jo and Mike to land near an isolated town, where they uncover contraband weaponry.
13 Feb. 1987
During an attempt to help an agent traumatized by captivity, the crew uncovers a plot to sell a missing attack helicopter.
20 Feb. 1987
The team goes under cover to monitor an agent believed to be the intended recipient of a circuit board vital to a satellite launch.
27 Feb. 1987
A Piece of Cake
Camping with two team members, a child becomes the object of a kidnap by hoods working for a crime czar.
6 Mar. 1987
Misguided military men attempt to sabotage a train carrying U.S and Soviet observers and lethal gas to a final destruction location.
13 Mar. 1987
Code of Silence
Opposing sides in a court-martial call in St. John and Locke to work on a case involving murder charges against a combat-team commander.
20 Mar. 1987
Stavograd: Part 1
Soviets arrest the crew for spying after it enters Soviet airspace to help during a nuclear-reactor crisis.
27 Mar. 1987
Stavograd: Part 2
The Soviets agree to allow the Airwolf team to help stop the spreading radioactivity which could result in a meltdown of their multiple reactors.
3 Apr. 1987
Mime Troupe
The team goes under cover in a theater troupe to protect the life of the estranged daughter of a French terrorist-hunter.
10 Apr. 1987
The mysterious death of a friend's father leads to a world-domination plot involving a deadly manufactured virus.
24 Apr. 1987
Rogue Warrior
After a rough mission, St. John appears to loose control and kill Mike during a drunken brawl.
1 May 1987
Ground Zero
A World War 2 Japanese fighter pilot comes to the U.S. seeking revenge for a war incident involving St John's father.
8 May 1987
Flowers of the Mountain
St. John nearly loses his life while test-flying an experimental airplane, then disappears after an auto mishap.
15 May 1987
The Key
Radical anti-war protesters threaten to explode 20 captured nuclear missiles to force global disarmament.
22 May 1987
On the Double
The team attends an air show to aid the escape of a double agent working as a pilot in an Eastern bloc nation's military.
29 May 1987
Storm Warning
The Team hunts for a corrupt military leader who fled from his small nation with millions of dollars in U.S. aid.
3 Jul. 1987
The Golden One
St. John uncovers smuggling while tracking the old boyfriend who invited Jo to Afghanistan.
10 Jul. 1987
The Puppet Master
A renegade scientist implants mind-controlling devices in Locke's brain to force his cooperation in a plan to steal Airwolf.
17 Jul. 1987
The team races to stop a mad man, who has rigged a toxic waste barge with explosives, bent on forcing the government to quarantine chronically ill people.
24 Jul. 1987
Poppy Chain
In Laos, Mike films evidence against a major cocaine dealer (Grainger Hines), St John's former Vietnam commander.
31 Jul. 1987
Flying Home
Jo's mission to test-fly an experimental plane becomes more difficult when one of the backers is her demanding father.
7 Aug. 1987
Welcome to Paradise
St John's financially strapped ex-girlfriend (Mary Kate McGeehan) and her husband become unwitting pawns in a drug-smuggling ring.

 Season 1 

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