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Jet Li: Han Sing



  • Han Sing : I can't hit a girl.

    Trish : Look, I don't know how it is in China, but in America, if a girl is kicking your ass, you do not have to be a gentleman.

  • Han Sing : What's your name?

    Trish : You think I want you calling me?

    Han Sing : I don't have a phone.

    Trish : Yeah, well dead giveaway. Besides, you drive like shit.

  • Trish : [Han has just sneaked into her room]  Are you out of your mind? What are you doing here?

    Han Sing : I missed you.

    Trish : You missed me? I'm gonna miss you when my father finds out you're here.

  • Kai : I was afraid prison would make you soft.

    Han Sing : People don't get soft in prison.

  • Trish : Can you break one of those boards with your head?

    Han Sing : Sure.

    Trish : I'd have to see that.

  • Han Sing : For you, killing your son was like running a over a dog in the street. Just something in your way.

  • Kai : Your brother wasn't suited to lead. He didn't have the discipline.

    Han Sing : That's why you killed him.

    Kai : That's why I had to.

    Han Sing : Had to? My brother?

    Kai : That's right.

    Han Sing : That... was a mistake!

  • Han Sing : Dim Sum good. You call again. Dim Sum all time. Thanks.

  • Trish : So Ahkbar, tell me, is it true what they say about Hong Kong?

    Han Sing : What's that?

    Trish : You know, all you guys do Kung Fu.

    Han Sing : Of course. State law.

  • Han Sing : Sorry Moron.

    Maurice : Name's Maurice, bitch.

  • Han Sing : Here's the deal, Meatball. You let me go, I let you live.

    Maurice : [Maurice laughs]  He say he's gonna let ME live!

    [laughs again] 

    Maurice : You know I'm really gonna miss you? The way you make me laugh. But look on the bright side: some you win... and Dim Sum, you lose.

  • Han Sing : Hey, brother... AMERICAN FOOTBALL!

  • Han Sing : Great country. Free cars.

  • Han Sing : Where is she?

    Maurice : You didn't really think you was gonna get them panties, now did you?

    Han Sing : What?

    Maurice : Trish. You didn't really think she was gonna give it up to you, now did you?

  • Han Sing : I'll let fate decide what to do with you. If the police don't get you, the other Chinese families will. Do what you will father, but this time no one will go to prison for you.

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