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Music used in this fine drama
david_g_barron24 November 2007
I remember watching this back when this was shown in 1999 and found myself enjoying how well acted the play was. It would be great now if this was repeated on TV as it is a shame that such an ambitious production was not shown again and forgotten. However one part of this is forgotten and that apart from the original music used, the 1997 album by Supergrass - In It For The Money was used throughout the three part drama as well, which complemented the story wonderfully and showed that the album is one of the most under rated albums of the 1990s. The music complemented the play so well and I guess one of the reason why it has not been repeated or even released on DVD is there might be over the use of the music used.
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I saw this when it was shown here and would now like to see it again.
zb112 April 2001
I saw this when it was shown in three episodes on T.V. here and did enjoy most of the story but some of the characters were a little less true to life than they could have been. It also seemed a little over long being shown over three nights. Daniel and Ellie were about the most interesting characters and the husband of Ellie the least plausible character. It is only now after a considerable amount of time has elapsed since I first saw this production that I am keen to see it again and hope that it can be shown once more or released on video which I think I would buy. Paul Nicholls has grown on me since I first noticed his acting talents in The Passion and hope that he is seen in many more roles like this one. It would be nice to see a sequel to this story if this were possible.
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this film had me hooked....
andreak16 May 2000
This film aired here over the course of three nights, and after watching just a couple of minutes of the first part I was hooked. I began watching because I recognized Paul Nicholls (Daniel) from EastEnders, and found that he was very talented. Gina McKee (Ellie) was also excellent, and stunning in a very every-day kind of way. And the rest of the cast was also wonderful.

As a married woman, I fully identified with Ellie and found the story very plausible for the most part. I found myself thinking about it for days and even weeks afterwards. Though it wasn't perfect, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I hope it airs again so I can see the first few minutes that I missed and then enjoy it all over again.
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Good, but gets worse by the end.
Hettery7 December 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Note: Contains mild spoilers: I really enjoyed this movie, and as I saw it on three days I couldn't wait to see what happened next. The ending wasn't very satisfying though, and the characters weren't very well developed, in fact they were a bit boring. The daughter of Ellie was the best part, she was very realistic and probably showed the most emotion. Neil was also lovely but I doubt that anyone could be as kind as he was about the affair.
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