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On the slopes
jotix10017 September 2006
This silly screwball comedy is the product of Jaime Chaverri, with a screen play by veteran writer Rafael Azcona, a man who can consider himself lucky for having produced lots of inane scenarios that seem to be the staple in most Spanish cinema comedies.

Imagine the premise in "Gran slalom", Manuel, a police lieutenant is going to a winter resort for an important meeting. On the way there, his car stalls and he is rescued by Vicky, an attractive woman who is also heading for the hotel. Manuel, who is rendered powerless when he accompanies Vicky to her room, decides to act on his impulses and gets into the bathroom where she is taking a shower.

When Antonio, Vicky's husband arrives with a guest, Pepe, who is the mayor of the town, and the owner of most of the business in the small resort, everything takes a new twist. Vicky's idea for trying to get away and not appear guilty is to make believe Manuel is her friend Manoli and dress her in drag.

The comedy has some funny moments, but it doesn't go anywhere.
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