The Temptations (TV Mini-Series 1998) Poster

Charles Malik Whitfield: Otis Williams


  • [last lines] 

    Otis Williams : Temptations... Forever

  • David Ruffin : I'm the one sellin' the records. They're comin' to see me.

    Otis Williams : They're comin' to see the Temptations.

    David Ruffin : Ain't nobody comin' to see you, Otis! You wish you could work it the way I do, but you can't! Because there is only one David Ruffin. And without him, the Temps ain't nothin' but a group in SEARCH of a David Ruffin. Matter of fact, I been thinkin'. We should call the group David Ruffin And The Temptations. Yeah, that sound good to me. Y'all beggin' me not to leave you.


    David Ruffin : "And I refuse to let you go." Yeah, David Ruffin And The Temptations. Whatcha think?

    Otis Williams : [stands up]  That ain't never gonna happen.

  • [Melvin is in the hospital after being shot by a carjacker who stole his car] 

    Melvin Franklin : He shot me, then he recognized me, and then he kicked my butt out of MY car.

    Otis Williams : Was it Ruffin?

    [they both laugh] 

    Melvin Franklin : No, Ruffin would've killed me.

  • Otis Williams : [after David has jumped up on stage with the Temptations]  David, are you out of your damn mind? I will whoop your ass!

  • David Ruffin : I'm back! I quit all that stuff, O.

    Eddie Kendricks : I told you he was clean.

    Otis Williams : I don't care!

    David Ruffin : [takes off his glasses]  Look, I'm straight, man. Can't you see I'm straight?

    Eddie Kendricks : He's straight. Listen to him.

    David Ruffin : I'm back in the group, O. Tell me I'm back in the group.

    Otis Williams : You ain't in this group. Don't you get it? You blew it!

    Eddie Kendricks : The crowd went wild when he jumped on stage.

    Otis Williams : He's the one who blew it, Corn!

    David Ruffin : Paul... Corn... Blue, baby, all I'm asking y'all is for another chance. Come on now!

    Melvin Franklin : David, I'm sorry, but you got to go.

    Otis Williams : Get out or get carried out.

    David Ruffin : I ain't goin' nowhere! You said I was a Temp for life. How 'bout that promise, huh O?

    Otis Williams : You ain't no Temptation no more!

    [Otis tries to beat up David, but Melvin holds him back] 

  • Otis Williams : Oh yeah, not the same but nominated for a Grammy!

  • David Ruffin : Y'all ain't the same without me.

    Otis Williams : Oh, yeah? Not the same but nominated for a Grammy!

    David Ruffin : That's mine!

    Otis Williams : No, no, that ain't you on "Cloud Nine". That's Dennis' voice!

  • Otis Williams : No, no. That ain't you on "Cloud Nine" now that's Dennis' voice!

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