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  • A wealthy attorney in San Juan comes to the police station for "10 min." of follow up questions to finding a 12-year old girl's body in a park. Another young girl was also raped and murdered weeks earlier and the evidence points to him.

  • A lawyer is asked to come to the police station to clear up a few loose ends in his witness report of a foul murder. This will only take ten minutes, they say, but it turns out to be one loose end after another, and the ten minutes he is away from his speech become longer and longer...

  • While San Juan celebrates San Sebastian's Feast, recently-divorced and world-weary police captain Victor Benezet calls in prominent attorney Henry Hearst to clarify his statement about discovering the body of a girl of about 12, the second such murder in two weeks. As Hearst answers unconvincingly, Benezet reveals circumstantial evidence: the lawyer is under suspicion. The interrogation strips away Hearst's dignity, public persona, and even his toupee, exposing a breech with his beautiful and much younger wife, questionable sexual predilections and a damning hobby. Then, Hearst's wife volunteers information that confirms police suspicions. Is Hearst finally at the breaking point?


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  • Henry Hearst (Gene Hackman) is about to give the main speech in an exclusive party in Puerto Rico. He is called to the police station to be questioned about his finding of a raped and murdered young girl the day before. Victor Benezet (Morgan Freeman), and the younger Detective Felix Owens (Thomas Jane) question him. Hearst changes his story several times: he was jogging with a neighbour's dog, he found her, the dog found her, he was jogging without the dog, so the police think he has done it.

    Benezet is pressured by his boss (Miguel Ángel Suárez) to free Hearst so that he can give his speech. However, as there is no conclusive proof, Benezet has to let him go.

    At the party, a crowd is gossiping, and Chantal Hearst (Monica Bellucci), his wife, has to keep her composure. She will be questioned later, after her husband gives his speech without his wig, to confirm why she and her husband sleep in separate rooms. Little by little, the story each of them tells changes.

    Hearst first blames Chantal for being jealous. Then, it's discovered he likes cheap very young prostitutes. Hearst says that Chantal and artist Paco Rodríguez (Luis Caballero) are lovers. He's the husband of Chantal's sister María (Jacqueline Duprey). Chantal says that he saw Hearst with her niece Camille (Isabel Algaze) giving her presents and trying to seduce her. Also, she tells that once she saw her husband washing his blood-stained clothes at night.

    Pressure over Henry increases. Finally, Chantal, the legal owner of the mansion where they live (it was Henry's present), signs a form permitting the police to look for more clear proof. At the dark room, they find the photos of the two murdered girls and many previous snapshots of them. Henry says that it must be Chantal's trap. He doesn't divorce her because she would be entitled to one half of everything and the mansion.

    Henry gives up. He starts confessing it all. Suddenly, Benezet is interrupted. Another police officer tells him that they have found the real murderer in a car, pestering some other young girl and with the recorded videos kept in his car. Benezet and Owens free Henry.

    Henry doesn't forgive Chantal for trying to frame him. (At least that's my interpretation of the ending)

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