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A Great Teen Thriller!
famousgir15 April 2002
The In Crowd is a great teen thriller. The movie is about Adrien, a strange girl who gets a job at a posh country club, when she meets Brittany, a pretty, rich, popular girl who is the leader of 'The In Crowd.' Brittany invites Adrien to hang out with her and her friends and everything is going well at first until things go bad and Brittany turns nasty. I thought most of the cast played there parts well and even though as the movie went on you tend to know what is going to happen, the movie is still enjoyable to watch. This is definitely recommended for people who enjoy teen thrillers as this is a really good one.
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Decent story, mediocre acting
FlickJunkie-21 December 2000
This beach-club teen murder mystery was pummeled by the critics and lasted about three weeks in theaters before beating a hasty retreat to the rental market. Like all films that foster extreme comments and establish preconceived expectations, this one failed to live up (or should I say down) to them. It wasn't great, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as its critics say it was.

The story was actually good, in a puerile way. What I liked about it was that it accurately portrayed the immature backbiting and excessive preoccupation with superficialities that are common among teens. In certain ways, the story was predictable. It was easy to foresee that Adrien (Lori Heuring) was kidding herself if she thought there was no ulterior motive behind Brittany's (Susan Ward) open acceptance of an outsider into the group. What was cleverly presented and not so obvious was Brittany's motive.

The production was TV quality. Director, Mary Lambert has mostly TV credits on her resume and didn't push the envelope. The acting was mediocre at best. Both Lori Heuring and Susan Ward were passable but unpolished and they lacked subtlety. The rest of the cast was far worse.

This film will probably find a niche with teens and twenty-something young adults, but I don't think it is camp enough to attain cult status. I rated it a 5/10. It's not terrible, but it really doesn't distinguish itself in any meaningful way.
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Welcome to the life styles of the rich and the deadly...
pain9316 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
That is THE IN CROWD. The film follows a released mental patient Adrien Williams working at a country club only to be sucked in a world of sex, drinking and murder after becoming friends with the glamorous Britnay Foster. At first everything seems like a dream come true until Adrien begins to see that all that glitters isn't gold. The film was extremely entertaining and had a really great climax scene...with a traditional fun cat fight!

Lori Heauring and Susan Ward bring great performances. Nathan Bexton does good too. If your looking for Rippled hunks, Babes, sex and murder than this is the film for you! Its a fun teen thriller, with some sexy undertones.
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A Guilty Pleasure
crooked_spoons18 January 2010
The In Crowd is your basic teen thriller with lots of trashy girls and bad lines & acting and a mediocre script, but it was tolerable. Actually, it was more than tolerable, it was actually fairly good, not the acting, by any stretch of the imagination, but it served its purpose. In my opinion, it's a great movie to watch on a slow/rainy weekend evening. I went into this film with little to no expectations and ended up being pleasantly surprised. I was sure by the reviews that it would be terrible, instead I found myself thoroughly satisfied. While TIC is no "Cruel Intentions", it's of the same genre. Spoiled rich kids, doing bad things to each other and sucking in the lowly outsider in the process.

"In Crowd" has the same atmosphere and draw as any soap opera today, but the cheesy drama of soaps seems to translate well to a certain niche, but it DOES have a niche. Expect nothing more than a two hour version of "All My Children" and you won't end this film angry. I say give it a chance. If anything it'll end up on your guilty pleasures list.
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* * * out of 4.
brandonsites19813 October 2001
A recently released mental patient lands a job at a posh country club with the assitance of her doctor. She is immediately token under the wing of rich, pampered, and extremely popular Britanny Foster (Susan Ward), but then mysterious accidents begin to occur and people are now showing up dead. Is Britanny responsible for the occurances and for her sister disappearing years earlier or is the supposedly cured ex mental patient??

Extremely entertaining and sexy teen thriller that covers old and new ground, features a perfectly casted Susan Ward who has terrific and intense chemistry with the other lead. Besides being sexy and entertaining, the film is stylish, very fast paced, tightly edited and is pretty well directed with a sensational finale. The only thing that weakens this interprise is a few poor performances in the supporting catergory and a script that doesn't stand to close scurtney. Still well worth viewing though.

Rated PG-13; Sexual Situations, Adult Themese, Drug Use and Referneces throughout film, Nudity, Profanity, Violence, and Attempted Rape.
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A great campy thriller for everyone!
sassy-1419 July 2000
The In Crowd gives us exactly what we would expect for a teen oriented thriller...and more. We have our standard story line. Crazy girl gets summer job at posh country club. Crazy girl makes friends with the overly attractive country clubbers. And then people start getting angry, then people start dying. Is it the crazy girl? the creepy groundskeeper? the seemingly nice gorgeous gal? It's not too hard to figure it out, but there is just enough plot to keep us interested the whole time...And ALOT more... There's lesbian undertones, plenty of girl fights, the aforementioned overly attractive cast. (I left the theater wondering why MY friends didn't look like the people in this movie). There's slapping, attempted drownings, shirtless guys, the occasional shirtless gal, and plenty of campy fun for teens, and for people who appreciate high quality camp.
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Shallow, pretentious monotony.
=G=28 November 2000
"The In Crowd" is a mindless drama about a young woman who, released from a mental hospital on a work furlough program at a resort for rich kids, becomes involved in murder and intrigue. This unfortunate film takes off like a snail on Quaaludes and spends over half the run time developing paper thin characters amidst a quagmire of filler. Although the production is technically nominal, acting is amateurish, direction poor, script blah, and the story just plain weak.
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The dangers of joining the "In Crowd"
GOWBTW23 May 2007
Finding to belong is always a struggle in life. After being locked up in any institution would change the person. Some go back to their old ways, some don't. In "The In Crowd", it goes to show that cliques aren't worth your while. A woman named Adrien(Lori Heuring), gets out from the psych ward, and into a country club where she can work. In the club, she meets a clique run by Brittany(Susan Ward). Her co-worker warns her about her. Naivity would settle in, then Adrien does catches on about her. Tough as nails, she handled the snake joke very well. Others would have a coronary. The lip gloss Brittany wears is the only thing that makes her look good, everything else brought out the ugly truth. When Adrien was set up for the murder of Dr. Henry Thompson(Daniel Hugh Kelly), one of the in crowds makes a trap for Brittany. It takes one person to stand out in front of the crowd, and think for one self. The rest would look at Brittany in total disgust. They'll be finding themselves a new leader. The point is, crowds can be dangerous. That's why I believe in individuality. 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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why do thrillers have to be so bad
mmereos18 September 2001
I don't understand it. The movie starts of pretty descent, and then as it progresses the star and co-star seem to forget what acting is all about. This movie was not very good unless you want to see a rich kid, who is psycho, act really bad, and of course people start dying but you don't know who it is......DUH!!! You probably figured it out in the first 15 minutes of the movie. .....
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One of the year's worst films; stale, boring, no plot or any interesting characters. *1/2 (out of four)
Movie-1225 October 2000
THE IN CROWD / (2000) *1/2 (out of four)

Mary Lambert's "The In Crowd" has "straight-to-video" written all over it; with horrible box office grosses and horrible reviews, it is a wonder why Warner Bros. and Morgan Creek Productions even considered purchasing the film in the first place. This is one of the worst movies of the year, with little to no plot, corny, campy situations, disgraceful performances, insipid direction, and a screenplay that is not even capable of wandering off in various directions, which would have been much more interesting than focusing on these boring characters.

What little story present deals with a young woman named Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring) who was just released from a psychiatric hospital: she had sexual obsessions. Her doctor (Daniel High Kelly) has arranged for her to get a summer job at a wealthy seaside club where young adults party amongst theirselves. There she meets a semi-lesbian named Brittany Foster (Susan Ward), who runs a private clique of locals, The In Crowd. The two become friends, share secrets, erotically attempt to seduce the other, all while other club members, including Bobby (Nathan Bexton), Kelly (Laurie Fortier), Tom (Ethan Erickson) and Morgan (Katharine Towne), become confused about Adrien. Soon bad things happen and Adrien is not so sure about the identity of Brittany.

The dialogue provides an excuse to continue the movie forward, but goes nowhere with a pointless and meaningless theme of action. There is simply no plot here, and the scenes do not provide the necessary tension, suspense, conflict, or character development required for anything to be of any interest. What are the characters trying to achieve? Most individuals in the film just drift around the lush landscape drinking, showing off their shapely bodies, and playing tricks on the "new girl": there is no purpose or motive to propel the screenplay. The film's final half hour is revealing, involving, and inquisitive, but still ranks as a pale shadow to similar, better productions like the sexy and twisted "Wild Things."

"The In Crowd" contains a showcase of lazy, deprived performances from a variety of unknown novice actors. I am a part-time Broadway actor myself and have seen seven-year-olds portraying Shakespeare who had most of a clue of what they were doing than these bland performers. Lori Heuring, Matthew Settle, and Nathan Bexton act like they are in a cheesy soap opera. They lack energy, style, and depth, but contain attractive allure and seductive gestures. Does director Mary Lambert ("Pet Cemetery") think good movies are made from good looks?

The movie also fails technically. Although there are times when the various camera angles and intense cinematography impressed me, the cuts are often too meteoric and fragmented. Its style is lush, but cannot overcome the lack of any good qualities.

"The In Crowd" earned a discrepancy-laden PG-13 by the MPAA, but deserves an R-rating. The film is for adults with its almost constant sexual content, nudity, homosexual undertones, often lethal violence, and the whole subject of sexual obsession and alcohol abuse. If this movie goes as far as it does erotically, why didn't it push the envelope or emphasize shock value, like "Wild Things," instead of holding back. I guess boldness was not what these filmmakers were looking for, but instead constructing eye candy that tastes like moldy bread.
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If your a teen looking for a film to watch on a rainy day, I recommend u watch this
slimshady56234 November 2012
I remember watching this movie on pay per view back in 2001, I remember liking it because an attractive woman was a serial killer. I had long forgotten about this film until I caught it on HBO a few weeks ago, After watching this film for the first time in 11 years I never knew how lifeless the actors and actresses were and how predictable the plot is. The story was interesting it was about a girl named Adrien who was just released from a mental hospital to work as a housekeeper at a country club/resort type place, where young, beautiful college kids lay around in the sun, play tennis, etc. She meets Brittany Hodges or actually more like saves her, when Brittany tries to fake like she drowned. So Adrien and Brittany become friends, and some strange things happen at the club. One of Brittany's so-called "friends" warns Adrien to go away, and to leave the huge mystery that happened a year ago alone, but Adrien knows something's up. Brittany's games are a little too much to handle sometimes. And after learning about Adrien's "history" she seduces Adrien's therapist while wearing Adrien's dress, then kills the therapist at a party later, and then Adrien goes to jail because they think she was the one who had sex with him, and killed him. It could have been a much better movie had the script really been tweaked, but tweaked it was not so good this is not.
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Drama with little thriller
kamalbeeee13 October 2019
Starting as a drama genre and ending with thriller...i can say once watchable..too many characters with confusing plot.bad screenplay.
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Was good to see Susan Ward in a Thriller movie after Sunset Beach!
LasKeepsItReal28 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The following review I am about to post for the movie The In Crowd will contain several spoilers throughout.

The In Crowd stars Susan Ward (Brittany) and Lori Heuring (Adrien) The movie tells the story of Adrien who has been released from a psychiatric ward for violent behaviour back into society and is given a second chance when she is employed to work at a rich country club. Adrien become friends with a popular girl called Brittany who befriends her and includes her into the circle of friends she has. Everything between the ladies is alright for a while and then take a turn for the worse when Brittany shows a change in behaviour towards the people around her and has some psychotic tendencies. It is not until later on that Brittany's past is revealed to Adrien and is much darker and there is a fight for survival. Will Adrien be able to escape Brittany's wrath or will she become another one of her victims?

I enjoyed The In Crowd, yes it is portrayed as another typical thriller movie however the setting for most of the scenes at the country club are different to any other similar films I have seen. I did like the two main characters Brittany and Adrien as well and they both shared some memorable scenes in the film especially towards the end where more secrets and lies are exposed and their failing friendship is even more dramatized.

I would rate this film 7 out of 10!
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Moslty eye cnady
antman21003 February 2003
I think "The In Crowd" is more eye candy than a good movie. I only rented it because of Susan Ward, although the movie was kinda interesting.

If you watched the special features on the DVD and watched the audio commentary with Susan Ward and the other actres, at the ending seen, with Susan in the cell room, they are both yelling "sequel! sequel!". Hah, I wonder if they will ever make a sequel to jusitfy this movie.
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A suprisingly effective thriller
doc-16023 July 2000
From its opening sequence in a hospital for the mentally unstable to the final,nailbiting,confrontation, The In Crowd delivers. The plot revolves around, Adrien, a young woman who is released from the aforementioned hospital, and as a condition of her release gets a job at a posh beach club for the rich and spoiled. Susan Ward, formerly of Sunset Beach, delivers an excellent performance as Brittany Foster, the defacto leader of a group of rich kids who have nothing better to do than party. Brittany befriends Adrien and slowly weaves a spell around the former mental patient, soon Adrien will come to regret knowing Brittany, to say anymore would spoil this movie, which is a suprisingly enteratining movie.
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Rich, Evil, Sexy, and Drop Dead Gorgeous people make this film a pleasure to watch.
Mancini200020 July 2000
This entire film seemed like on of those horrible and unbearable teen flicks, but this movie's got a well rooted plot along with all the action in this film. This flick is basically a Melrose Place movie. Women attacking one another, stealing boyfriends, backstabbing friends, and attempted murders define The In Crowd.

After Adrien is released from a mental hospital due to a violent past she can't remember, she lands a job at a rich country club and is brought into the "in crowd" with the help of Britney, the head of the social circle. Britney and her group of friends take her into the crowd, dress her up, and treat her to the high life. When Adrien's presence poses a threat to Britney, she snoops around, finds out about her merky past, and does anything she can to get Adrien out of her life and away from her group of friends. Britney will stop at nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to get rid of Adrien, but the past resurfaces for Adrien and gets the up the ability to violently fight back.

Don't mess with the In Crowd!
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The Best
HorrorMovieLover26 January 2002
`The In Crowd' is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The story line goes something like this: Adrienne is hired at a preppy club and there she meets a girl named Brittany. Brittany is a pretty and mysterious girl with a hidden dark side. Adrienne realizes that there are more secrets then she'll ever know.

Well anyway, I though this movie was really good. The terrific acting and compelling story really worked well. The plot is somewhat hard to figure out, and it's done nicely. If you want to see a good mystery that doesn't involve sex crazed, partying teens, I suggest you rent `The In Crowd'.
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Fascinating Gunk
thinkbach15 December 2001
Sloppy, bad movie. But, and it's a big but, it is a curious glimpse of how mind-bogglingly oblivious some people can be to how lucky they are, of how treacherous young women can be when it comes to their territory, of how stupid young men can be, of how a social group can be seen as responsible for the abuses of one individual within that group, especially when that group is the one in power.

But, and this is another big but, there are far more satisfying explorations of such topics, that offer something beyond prurience.

Too bad, because I have been hopeful of Mary Lambert ever since Pet Sematary which, though not a highwater mark in any genre, did explore in a gratifying way how deep people's needs and wants can run, and how that can sometimes manifest in absolute and utter resentment within and between the sexes.

It also had a neat sense of humor underlying it all, which does not always balance well in a horror flick.

Come on, Mary, where's the good stuff?
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Watch the DVD!
jackgriffin15 November 2001
I saw this DVD last night and it was okay, kinda like I Know What You Did At the Mental Hospital Last Summer. But when it was over I was playing around with the special features and brought up the second audio track with a running commentary by Susan Ward and Lori Heuring. For 90 minutes these two talked about hair styles, dresses, breastages, sweating, fake Cosmopolitans, toenail polish, and whatever else entered their minds. I was rolling on the floor. So if you want to see a mediocre thriller turned into an hilarious comedy, get the DVD, go to special features, and be prepared to laugh your butt off for an hour and a half.
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A very twisted, yet strangely good movie.
junebug05820 July 2000
This movie was very twisted, but then again, one might come to that conclusion by watching the previews alone. Don't get me wrong, though, twisted isn't bad. This movie had a few good points. The actresses and actors, although virtually unknown, are HOT. The acting was pretty good. Britney is the type of girl that you just love to hate! If you like a good drama/thriller with a few twists here or there, then go see this movie. If not, then wait to rent it on video, if at all. My rating **1/2 out of ****
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TV movie that's all
jasonalan1531 July 2001
This is a bad movie and comes across like a made for TV movie. This movie is very predictable and one hell of a yarn of a film. Uneventful and uninteresting this thriller has no thrills and takes ages to get to any interesting points. Miss it at all costs.
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A fairly good, but not too complicated thriller
Silver_Sword23 June 2001
Warning: Spoilers
This review might contain SPOILERS, read at your own risk.

'The In Crowd' is about Adrien, who is released from a mental institution to work at a beach camp, where rich college students hang out during the summer. She is then befriended by Brittany, one of the popular girls. When Matt (Brittany's love interest) becomes interested in Adrien, Brittany begins to reveal her other side.

That's the plot. It's pretty simple and straight-forward, but it's there, so don't believe the people who say that there's no plot. It does lack the suspense you would normally find in this teen thriller genre, and some of the lines are cheesy, but all of that seems trivial. The acting was good, in my opinion, especially by Susan Ward. I also think that the characters were somewhat less one dimensional than in other movies of this genre. 'The In Crowd' also has a very nice erotic undertone, which definitely makes it more fun to watch.

Some reviewers were questioning the PG-13 rating; there is some nudity in the movie. I don't know what those ratings have to do with reviewing, so I'm not getting into that.

Many reviewers compared 'The in Crowd' to 'Wild Things'. I liked this movie more, because the sexual content wasn't as forced and the story was more down to Earth (as close to Earth as these kinds of movies get anyways...).

GOOD: A sexy and fairly interesting movie with an attractive cast, who did a good job making the characters look 'realistic'.

BAD: The movie had some cheesy lines and scenes, and a not too complicated (but engaging) plot, which is at times a bit too predictable for a thriller.

RATING: 7/10
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Better if it would have been rated R !
Cabaret8310 June 2001
The In Crowd is a tipical teen thriller . This movie is a cross between Scream and Clueless . The only reason I watched it was for Susan Ward who I am a big fan of . The rest of the cast did a good job but the story was lacking . Tipical rich girl becomes friends with a poor some what crazy girl who works at the country club she attends leaving you asking why are they friends . Right away you know something is up . This is one of those movies where the company makes it PG-13 so it can make money on the teen market when it would have been such a better movie if it was rated R . The climax of the movie is what saved it . I would give it a 1\2 star (for its decent acting and ending ) out of 4 .
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Not Bad
superfly_tnt110 June 2001
This movie was not bad. I thought it was going to be a typical cheesy b-movie, but it turned out to be entertaining and decent. However, it is nothing special. It was a sexual thriller with a touch of psychological mystery. Watch it if ya got nothing else much to see. Pretty girls and half-way decent acting and story make this movie watchable. It is a touch predictable, but not anymore than the usual big blockbuster movie at the theatres. It does a good job with the suspense and isn't too cheesy, so it isn't a b-movie, but it isn't a great movie. It's good for a rainy day when nothing else is on or nothing special is in blockbuster. I gave it a 6 out of 10.
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