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Season 2

28 May 1972
Someone, Somewhere
There is always someone somewhere who cares - or so Steve, searching for his mother in Liverpool, and Dora, searching for the owner of a horse, believe. They could both be wrong.
4 Jun. 1972
The Debt
Dora thought Arthur Wimble was a nice old man, and he is, in spite of the problem he creates. Steve has an even greater problem to face - and a debt to pay.
11 Jun. 1972
Family of Strangers
Cleo, a friend from Dora's school, was the best rider in their school and was the envy of all the other girls for her skills at Show Jumping. Now she arrives at Follyfoot and is terrified of horses, saying she will never ride again, much to Dora is puzzlement.
25 Jun. 1972
A Present for Sandy
Steve rescues a thoroughbred horse from behind a blazing cottage, which he takes it to Follyfoot and starts a string of events including being accused of theft by the police.
2 Jul. 1972
The Innocents
When Dora is told that miners at the local coal pit are on strike and that they have left their pit ponies below, she decides to interfere despite being warned not to intensify a delicate situation, but Dora can't stand by and do nothing.
9 Jul. 1972
The Hundred Pound Horse
Tim Shaw's the son of a traveling fair owner tells Dora his horse is special - "It won the Grand national and you can't be more special than that" he tells her. No one believes him, and Follyfoot can't look after the horse, so will it end up getting shot by Tim's father.
16 Jul. 1972
Poor Bald Head
The collection of horses is growing at Follyfoot, much to Steve's concern. Therefore the Colonel decides to sell one of the horses, but he runs into violent opposition from Dora, who thinks the problem is a simple one to solve, but is she mistaken?
23 Jul. 1972
The Prize
Steve is understandably eager to give riding lessons to the lovely, but when Dora seems unhappy he assumes it is because of Kalinka's eye trouble, as he keeps saying, "she's interested only in the horses".
30 Jul. 1972
Treasure Hunt
When Dora is told to collect a horse from mysterious Derwent House, she is told to "Make sure that you use the left-handed gate or there'll be terrible trouble". Dora soon finds out why.
6 Aug. 1972
Debt of Honour
The Colonel tells Dora she is to leave Copper at Carne Manor, the home of an old friend of his. Steve tries to persuade Dora she has nothing to worry about, but will events prove him wrong.
13 Aug. 1972
Out-of-the-Blue Horse
Callie wants somewhere to stable her horse Magic, any old shed will do, but the Colonel refuses. Dora and Steve go with Callie to see Magic, when they discover a neighbor's horse, Ladybird, who is in such poor condition that Dora is appalled and horrified by what she sees. Steve tries to help but nearly comes to blows with the owner.
20 Aug. 1972
The Awakening
Stryker teases Dora that the Colonel has plans to marry her off to Lord Beck, as she finds him arrogant. Steve tells Beck he wouldn't beat Dora in a race and a challenge is set for the forthcoming 'Fairfield Show', which pleases the Colonel who wants to take Beck down a peg or two.
27 Aug. 1972
Fly Away Home
The Colonel is seriously ill and Dora's parents return from Brazil to take her away to their London home. Is her stay at Follyfoot is coming to an end.

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