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Season 3

23 Jun. 1973
The Distant Voice
The Colonel makes Dora the "mistress of Follyfoot", but she soon finds that running Follyfoot is quite different to just living and working there. Steve seems unwilling to help, and when the milk-horse Tansy refuses to eat, her problems are only just beginning.
30 Jun. 1973
The Four Legged Hat
Dora tries to make a deal with Clem Barrett to exchange Domino with Hercules, but he asks for ten pounds in compensation. Slugger is about to give Dora the money when Steve sticks his oar in.
7 Jul. 1973
The Buckley's buy their daughter a horse but they haven't a clue about horses and Barney turns out to be untrained. They gladly allow Dora to take Barney off their hands and tame him, however once he's been tamed they want him back.
14 Jul. 1973
Miss Him When He's Gone
Dora agrees to hide Bobby for a few days, but it results in unexpected repercussions for both her and the family she's hiding the horse from.
21 Jul. 1973
The Dream
Some horses that have been stolen from Lockwood's' stables by men on motorbikes and Dora and Steve hunt for them, then Dora overhears a threat from Mr. Lockwood to get back at those responsible.
28 Jul. 1973
The Challenge
The unscrupulous Sam Lockwood challenges Dora to a cross-country race, but he has assumed that all the horses at Follyfoot are old crocks. When he finds that they're not he tries to prevent her from winning.
4 Aug. 1973
The Letter
Dora has never had a love letter before, but the one from Chip is much more than that - for in it lays that fate of a man.
11 Aug. 1973
The Bridge Builder
Hidden deep in the woods, four gypsy horses lay dying. How can Dora help if no-one will tell her where they are.
18 Aug. 1973
Uncle Joe
When two young children, who go to Follyfoot for riding lessons, are orphaned their only surviving relative is their Uncle Joe. Dora and Steve track down Uncle Joe but Dora is very attracted to him, much to Steve's annoyance.
25 Aug. 1973
The Helping Hand
Dora's is annoyed when Phyllis Wetherby is sent to help her run Follyfoot by the Colonel. Steve seems pleased, but he's the only one.
1 Sep. 1973
Rain on Friday
It pours with rain all day and tempers run high. In the heat of the moment Dora, Steve and Ron all say things best left unsaid, because some of them are true.
8 Sep. 1973
A delinquent child smashes the windows of an expensive car, but can the brutal attack on Copper be connected?
15 Sep. 1973
Walk in the Wood
Dora becomes restless and disillusioned and looks to her future, but she also has the futures of those who depend upon her to worry about. It's not only a decision on if she should leave Follyfoot, it's also a question of if she can.

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