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Season 2

17 Sep. 1988
Day of the Mice/Still Oily After All These Years
The mice of Mouseville stand up to the cats and retake their town, making Mighty Mouse obsolete. / Mighty's golden age nemesis, Oil Can Harry, is paroled, but the old scoundrel still has feelings for Pearl Pureheart.
1 Oct. 1988
Bat with a Golden Tongue/Mundane Voyage
Mighty's crime-fighting colleague, Bat-Bat, is doing more damage with his stale wisecracks than with his fists. A mighty intervention may be needed. / Mighty and Pearl have to be shrunk to microscopic size to cure the ailing U.S. President. They take a trip through his bloodtsream and encounter the unexpected.
8 Oct. 1988
Snow White and the Motor City Dwarfs/Don't Touch That Dial
Mighty Mouse writes a zany, updated remake of the Snow White fairy tale. / A bored kid spends his Saturday morning channel surfing and unwittingly gets Mighty Mouse caught up in the switching of shows.

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