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Season 1

13 Sep. 1950
Episode #1.1
The long-running "Don McNeill's Breakfast Club" radio show debuts as a TV series from Chicago. Regulars include singers Johnny Desmond and Patsy Lee, and comics Sam Cowling and Cliff Petersen, with the Eddie Ballantine orchestra. Guest Gloria Swanson who played femme fatale to McNeill's Latin lover in a sketch. Lee and Petersen perform "At the Nickelodeon Movie Show." Desmond sings "C'est Ci Bon" and "Ain't She Sweet" with Cowling. Satire of TV puppet shows had a human with strings being manipulated by a puppet.
8 Nov. 1950
Episode #1.9
Guests are Johnny Lujack and the Chicago Bears Football Team.
6 Dec. 1950
Episode #1.13
Don McNeill's guest is actor Barry Fitzgerald. Aunt Fanny, with Sam Cowling, addresses the Bird Watchers Society. Desmond sings "The Christmas Song" to a small child. Fitzgerald reads a Christmas story to kids and joins the cast for "Christmas in Killarney".
20 Jun. 1951
Episode #1.41
Don McNeill's family were guests.

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