Cold Mountain (2003) Poster


Philip Seymour Hoffman: Reverend Veasey



  • Veasey : Oh God of my God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    Junior : What's up?

    Veasey : The Israelites! The tribes of Israel are about to flee from the banks of Egypt! Hallelujah!

    Inman : He's got a shit coming on. It's overdue.

  • Ferrygirl : [to Inman and Veasey]  Thirty more dollars, we can go to the cabin. I'll pull this dress over my head.

    Veasey : [to Inman]  Have we got thirty dollars?

  • [Veasey finds a saw] 

    Veasey : Hey! Look at this! This is a good saw.

    Inman : It's not yours. You take it, you make us another enemy. You are a Christian- don't you know your commandments?

    Veasey : You'll find the good Lord very flexible on the subject of property. We could do a lot with this saw...

  • Veasey : Used to be as regular as morning prayers. Matter of fact I could set my watch by my bowels. That beeswax you fed me, day before yesterday, it stops a man up. Open my gut now they'd find turds stacked up like little black twigs.

  • Veasey : Thank you. I was going to do a grievous wrong.

  • Inman : [to Veasey]  I should have shot you when I had the chance.

    Veasey : Please yourself. I'm just being a Christian.

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