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  • The continuing adventures of Anne Shirley in New York and in France during World War I.

  • It's September, 1915. Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe have been engaged for some time, but life seems to always get in the way of them actually getting married. They eventually want to resettle back in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, despite Green Gables' dilapidated condition and the fact that they do not own it. But their latest detour takes them to New York City as Gilbert's tenure at Bellevue Hospital has been extended. Anne, who has resisted moving to New York City in the past with him, decides to go this time. While pursuing her writing career, she gets a job as a junior editor at Winfield Publishing, where she meets the company's star writer, Jack Garrison, who aspires to write more serious works than the pulp fiction he is required to churn out for Winfield. But not only affecting Anne and Gilbert's life but that of everyone they know, World War I takes hold and further complicates matters. Their respective war efforts separate the couple. As Anne tries to reconnect with Gilbert, she meets up with some familiar faces, including Jack, who is keeping a secret about his family and his role in the war.

  • Set years after her resignation and return from Kingsport Ladies' College, Anne is persuaded to join her fiance, Gilbert, in New York City as he begins his tenure at a major hospital. She is introduced to a publishing firm in the hope of a chance to get published and achieve the same success as Gilbert. Instead, both face the disillusioning realities of their professions which makes them decide to return to Avonlea. However any chance of lasting happiness is dashed when Gilbert decides to bow to social pressure and enlist to serve in The Great War in Europe. Anne stays behind and becomes a published writer, but learns that contact has been lost with Gilbert. Seeing no other option, Anne decides to venture to Europe herself to find him. In doing so, she begins an adventure that would challenge her wits and imagination to the limit.


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  • It's the summer of 1915, and Anne returns to Avonlea for the first time since Marilla's death. Greeted by her life long "bosom friend", Diana Barry Wright,---- now wealthy from an inheritance left for her by her Aunt Josphine, the two make their way to Green Gables farm to find it rented and in disrepair. Meanwhile, the Great War (W.W. I) is blossoming in Europe, and many of Anne's former classmates have elisted to serve. Gilbert returns to the Island later in the summer, and the two decide to move to New York so Gilbert can persue his medical career, and Anne, her writing ambitions. With Avonlea embedded in their souls however, the two return--- Gilbert having bought Green Gables farm, and Anne accepts Gilbert's hand in marriage to the onset of his enlistment to serve and aid in The Great War. Over the next couple of years, the War takes it's toll on the Island's wives. Many men have been lost, and missing in action is Gilbert. Anne leaves Canada and ventures to Europe to find Gilbert, and along the way, finds Jack Garrison (her former New York writing partner), Dominick, Jack's infant son, and Fred Barry (Diana's husband).... who has been critically injured in the attacks. Throughout her search for Gilbert, Anne cares for Fred, and watches over Dominick, while staying in an apartment owned by Jack... who reports secretly the going's on of the war the the U.S. press. Anne promises to care for Jack's son Dominick, should anything happen to him, and as the War is about to end, Anne finds Gilbert. On a train enroute out of Germany, Jack is shot to death, and Anne details the promise she had made to Jack to Gilbert. The two return to Avonlea in the fall of 1919, and having adopted Dominick, who arrives on a train as Anne had done as a young girl, they decide to start a new life in a neighboring community where Gilbert sets up medical practice--- allowing Diana and Fred, now an amputee, to live permanently at Green Gables.

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