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Season 2

17 Dec. 1979
The Iron Maiden
Kelly withdraws her resignation and proves her worth as George Tippett's assistant. The catering rip-off is exposed. Doug makes an unexpected conquest. Ken and Louise face the problems of their relationship.
20 Dec. 1979
Inaugural Flight
Doug has problems with Sarah. Geoff disrupts the inaugural flight. George Tippett's handling of the inaugural dinner earns him a trip to London.
27 Dec. 1979
Battle of Trafalgar
Doug reunites Geoff and Sarah. Trafalgar Airlines' inaugural flight to Pacific International Airport causes problems. George Tippett meets Mrs. Young while in London. Simon plays matchmaker.
3 Jan. 1980
The Lovers
Now that Mrs. Young is fully occupied by Mr. Tippett, Simon manages to extricate himself and return to Australia, where he finds Kelly with Nick. Peter Fanelli solves a murder. Louise and Ken have a dinner party.
10 Jan. 1980
Louise gains then loses a new job. She takes out her frustrations by declaring war on Mac, but he has his own game plan worked out. Tom Hawker makes his airline's presence felt at Pacific International Airport. Mrs. Young returns. Things begin to settle down for Simon and Kelly. George Tippett returns from London.
14 Jan. 1980
The Price You Pay
Angela Murray, Faye's niece, comes to Pacific to live with Faye and Fanelli. Doug has trouble with the stabiliser trim on a jumbo. Faye and Nick go for a joy-ride in a Tiger Moth.
17 Jan. 1980
Too Many Cooks
Airport chef Karl Mueller leaves and chaos ensues. Kelly prepares for her wedding and Simon's mates give him a send-off - to Coolangatta. Faye and Fanelli try to cope with Angie.
21 Jan. 1980
The Wedding
After Simon's hair-raising return trip from Coolangatta, he and Kelly finally walk down the aisle. Angie meets Phillip Kennedy, the airport chaplain. Faye is in for a surprise.
24 Jan. 1980
The Decoy
MacFarlane and Fanelli devise a scheme to tighten security awareness at Pacific International Airport. Mandy's relationship with Leslie Foy continues to develop. Alan has a successful interview for a job in the cocktail bar at Pacific.
28 Jan. 1980
Runway 27
Canberra approves a runway extension at Pacific International Airport. MacFarlane assists a farmer in a battle to retain his land. Louise and Ken reach the inevitable end of their unorthodox relationship.
31 Jan. 1980
In to Win
Christine Burroughs, Trans Asia's new acting manager, and Samantha Dickson, a new trainee stewardess who has difficulty handling people, both arrive at Pacific International Airport.
4 Feb. 1980
The Off-Loading
Fanelli surprises Faye on his return from Frankfurt. Angie and Mandy both decide on their future. Captain Stewart is forced to offload a difficult passenger from a Trans Asia flight.
7 Feb. 1980
The Assassin
An Arab plans to assassinate the Sheik Sayeed of Ish Kar in the corridors of Pacific, and Fanelli is caught in the middle of the ensuing chaos. Tippett prepares to meet an old childhood friend. Sam's father invites Jacki out to lunch.
11 Feb. 1980
One of George's relatives arrives at Pacific International Airport. A man flying a light plane crashes.
14 Feb. 1980
Pennies from Heaven
The Commonwealth Police try to ensure that no illegal overseas funds enter the country to assist the training and equipping of European extremist militants, and enlist McFarlane and Fanelli's help in their campaign. Jacki become more deeply involved with Mr. Dickson.
18 Feb. 1980
A member of a gang takes refuge at Pacific International Airport. Alan and Mandy persuade Doug to take them to New Zealand.
21 Feb. 1980
The Demonstrator
Doug makes a spectacular landing at Pacific International Airport. As the airport gets back to normal, Ian Pearson chains himself to a pillar in a demonstration against the Immigration Department. George decides to invest in a dogs' home.
25 Feb. 1980
Nick discovers his captain has been on a drinking spree.
3 Mar. 1980
Nick does all he can to get Don Wilson, the drinking pilot, off the hook, but Wilson comes up with his own solution.
6 Mar. 1980
The Mourning
Louise, having discovered she was adopted at an early age, decides to try and track down her real parents. Simon and Kelly decide to rent the other half of their house.
13 Mar. 1980
Gay Abandon
Christine successfully resolves a strike over a sacked Trans Asia steward. Fanelli realises that a Pacific International Airport employee is organising the stolen car racket.
17 Mar. 1980
A Change of Course
Christine's husband turns up unexpectedly at Pacific International Airport. A clairvoyant creates trouble, especially for George Tippett. Fanelli finally puts an end to the stolen car racket.
20 Mar. 1980
A young religious fanatic threatens to burn herself to death at Pacific International Airport. Simon and Kelly are worried about Derek's behaviour. Louise learns about her mother.
24 Mar. 1980
The Family Way
We meet Dixie Butler, an old friend of Doug's who is a southern belle with a few surprises of her own. Alan and Mandy return to Pacific and organise a surprise party for Mac. Louise's meeting with her natural mother turns out badly.
27 Mar. 1980
Whistling Dixie
Derek and Sue's relationship stretches to breaking point, and Simon and Kelly find themselves powerless to help.
31 Mar. 1980
The Waif
Doug puts his job on the line in order to ferry back to Australia a five-year-old Kampuchean refugee.
3 Apr. 1980
George Tippett discovers the difficulties faced by the staff, and learns a lesson in diplomacy. Doug and Dixie decide to get married.
9 Apr. 1980
The Birthday Girl
Mick is asked to look after a friend's daughter.
10 Apr. 1980
Teddy Bear's Picnic
A teddy bear filled with heroin is in the possession of a four-year-old girl. The smuggler wants the bear, and Fanelli wants the smuggler.
16 Apr. 1980
Funeral at Pacific
Faye makes her final parachute jump that leaves Peter Fanelli grief-stricken, and Nick feels guilty about having encouraged Faye to take up the hobby. Two hapless criminals plan to rob the Pacific Bank.
17 Apr. 1980
By the Book
Mandy is accepted into the Trans Asia cabin crew training programme. Jacki's flat is burgled, and a Trans Asia pilot discovers that she has taken a waitressing job to help pay off her debts, despite it being against company policy.
23 Apr. 1980
Fears are held for the safety of three Vietnamese when they fail to return from a helicopter charter flight as the pilot in charge was a Viet prisoner of war.
24 Apr. 1980
Fallen Idol
Mandy begins her first assignment as ground hostess in the Trans Asia VIP room. Her duties lengthen when a strike grounds passengers at Pacific International Airport.
30 Apr. 1980
My Husband Is Missing
Alan's new colleague in the cocktail bar asks for Fanelli's help in locating her husband. A fire leaves George Tippett homeless.

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