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Really fun series!!
quizzler5 January 2005
I'm a proud owner of 'Black Scorpion the Series' on DVD, and I respectfully disagree with my predecessor's comments. Taken on its own, this show plays really well as simple crime-fighter camp, a light-hearted homage to shows like the old 'Batman' series, with lots of silly humor slipped in. Darcy Walker, the main character, as a law-upholding cop by day, and a costumed vigilante by night, walks a fine line between her two worlds. Equipped only with exceptional fighting ability, and a souped-up, transforming car, she has to cope in a world where criminals routinely obtained super-powers. She beats them at their own game, with skill, determination and humor. Banter amongst fellow-cops, jibes at corrupt local politicians and lots of nerd-revenge humor whenever Supervillains attacked, make for enjoyable, albeit slightly unorthodox, storytelling every week. In fact, there is something for most tastes in this series, stuff blowing up, car chases, highly-watchable costumed baddies, and, of course, good triumphing over evil. A must-watch for any fan of the genre.
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A Fun,Imaginative Show...
Evil_dead_ash6 October 2001
What some people might not realize is that "Black Scorpion: The Series" is not meant to be serious. Its just an hour of over the top action, and comic book realism. Don't look at it as a serious action program or an award winning, life-changing show. Its just a hour where you can put aside reality and political correctness and enjoy fiction at its best. Yes, The show does have several women in spandex and yes, it can be a little hokey at times but its the flaws and eccentrisities that make the show a little less "stuck-up". I for one am tired of the same shows with the same plots and the same mass produced feel to them. Roger Corman, The show's director and financial backer, wanted to make something that we haven't seen in a long time. He wanted to show that television could still be fun. How many shows do we watch only because other people watch them? Black Scorpion might not be spiritually uplifting or educational at the least, but its enjoyable. The show has had some very nice acting and it does have great fight scenes. The best reason to watch is for the Supervillains that pop up every week. It brings back that feeling of the Batman series we all watched at one point or another. This homage to Batman is made crystal clear by having Adam West(Batman) and Frank Gorshin(The Riddler) both make guest appearences as supervillains. This show is probably one that viewers will either love or hate as soon as they see an episode. But I suggest you watch an episode or two.
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a guilty pleasure
videomaniac26 July 2004
Black Scorpion was always a guilty pleasure that I enjoyed. This was fun comic book escapism and that's why I loved it. Lots of action, silly jokes, and people in wacky costumes. It wasn't Emmy worthy stuff by any means, but I always loved watching this show. I also enjoyed looking at Scott Valentine! I miss this show. Black Scorpion provided lots of "cheese cake" for the guys, but it also did a good job of giving us a strong heroine. I liked cheering for the Black Scorpion and watching her kick butt. This show was never meant to be taken as seriously as some reviewers on here have. It was often "corny" but that was the beauty of it. They just don't make TV as FUN as this anymore.
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I like this show...
nettrick31 January 2001
I have really enjoyed the Black Scorpion series. I think it is hilarious the way the characters interact. The villains and vixens have all been pretty good also. I think the names are awesome for the villains. Also, Black Scorpion has a cool website.
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great fun!
lotsafun16 December 2003
BLACK SCORPION is an entertaining show in the same vein as the 60's BATMAN show, the GREEN HORNET, George Reeve's SUPERMAN, and the 70's WONDER WOMAN series. Ms Lintel is beautiful and the bad guys are entertainingly over the top. Adam West and Frank Gorshin are especially terrific. BLACK SCORPION is quite campy and far out. The same can be said of most old school comic book styled stuff and that's just what makes it great fun. It's easy for the pretentious to miss the point and pick on a show like this one, but like much of Roger Corman's work it is clearly made with the intention of being fun escapist entertainment. I love classic comic book styled fun and BLACK SCORPION definitely delivers.
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A series that was meant to be funny
screenwriter_inc31 August 2008
Black Scorpion the series was meant to be funny and judging by the previous review, is best appreciated by viewers who like humor, attractive women and yes cleavage. The series owes a lot to the old Batman TV series and the Joel Schumacher Batman movies , but not quite as campy. The Black Scorpion's real name is Darcy Walker, played by Michelle Lintel who squeezes into the small , tight Black Scorpion costume. The role was originally player by Joan Severance in two direct to video movies. The series follows Darcy / Black Scorpion fighting a host of crazy super villains, avoiding arrest by the police and defying gravity by keeping her natural bounty in her tight costume. It is a real shame that the series is out of print. Hopefully NBC/Universal will reissue the movies and television series in the near future.
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All Cleavage, All the Time
worldchanger383 April 2001
This has got to be the most stupid show to ever hit Sci-Fi TV. It follows the misadventures of Michelle Lintel in a barely-there black outfit that just shows EVERYTHING. This show will make your homework seem fascinating in comparison. 3\10
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Not campy, just stupid
bjbrown5 January 2001
The creators of this television show apparently intend this to be a campy throwback to the 1960s Batman. What they don't understand is that stupid doesn't equate to campy and rip-off doesn't equate to parody.

In the episode I watched, the villain was "Fire-Arm," who's arm is replaced with a machine gun. He starts by attacking the city and police force with his machine gun, shooting everyone and surviving bullets with his impenetrable armor. Then shows up Black Scorpion, in her cleavage-revealing, leg-revealing, thong black bodysuit. Instead of shooting her, Fire-Arm closes in to engage in a martial-arts battle with her. Black Scorpion later uses her magnetic car to pull Fire-Arm's machine gun out of the socket.

Scenes from the next episode revealed Black Scorpion in a cat-fight with a female villain, with lots of cleavage all-around.

There is nothing witty or insightful about this attempt at "camp." The creators probably have some knowledge of the genre- I could spot the rip-offs all over the place- the show isn't done with any commentary on or love for the genre. This supposed throwback to the 60s Batman has a touch of cursing and a lot of killing, the lack of which is part of what made Batman campy in the first place.

Maybe the creators of this show meant it to be stupid. Whether they meant it or not, it's stupid and a waste of an hour.
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NO STONE UNTURNED was the best one!
marissabgood27 March 2003
I finally am getting around to writing about this ridiculous and short-lived series. I was subjected to watching more because of my ex-boyfriend than my own particular tastes. An episode entitled, "NO STONE UNTURNED" was on one of my VHS tapes that I was recycling. Yes, my ex taped these shows. Anyways, I was about to roll over "NO STONE UNTURNED" when I started watching it and actually enjoyed it. This particular episode seemed noticeably better in terms of the overall look of the show. Maybe they put more money into this one. The story of Medusa turning people to stone and having to be defeated by Black Scorpion is quite inventive in an otherwise moronic series. Sci Fi Channel thankfully yanked the inconsistent series off the air. I think I will keep this one about Medusa.
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Faena5 January 2001
This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen on television (my use of the non-existent term stupid-est is intentional, given the subject matter). After watching the first episode, I suddenly realize why people drive around with "Fight Prime Time, Read a Book" bumper stickers. Black Scorpion is sooo bad, it makes shows like Nightman seem brilliant. Whatever demographic this horror caters to can't be smart enough to pick their own teeth. The superhero thing has been done to death; the trick is to be smarter and edgier than the last incarnation. 85% of the dialogue in Black Scorpion is mind-numbing cliché. What a waste of time.
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Of NO Redeeming Value - Pathetic
KoshNaranek15 January 2001
Guys, view only for the cleavage, and then ONLY with the sound MUTED (to avoid brain damage caused by listening to the dialogue), IF you are tempted to view this at all. It's a complete waste of time. Given the amount of heartbeats available to you in your life, it's not worth squandering any of them on this. It's not campy. It's just STUPID and BORING. It makes Lexx, and the Batman (with Adam West) look like Emmy winning productions.
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Moronic Mess
seanfhocail19 January 2001
Avoid this junk at at costs!


This is certainly true for any hapless viewers who are caught in this deadly web of idiocy.

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A painful experience...
debaser-711 January 2001
This was one of the worst shows I have ever seen. Perhaps it will get better with time (which would require much), however, it is presently a mess. Black Scorpion goes for a campy feel, but delivers a 60 minute stream of bungling idiots. The show's creators fail to realize that camp is not stupid. For camp to work, there must be an underlying degree of intelligence. After the program, I simply felt insulted.

The show has too much T&A for children, but not enough substance for an adult. Personally, I can't figure out who they were aiming the show toward.

If you enjoy shows where heavy artillery is represented by tying bottle rockets to strings, you may be okay with this one. Honestly, I'm having a difficult time finding the proper words to express how terrible Black Scorpion truly is. Perhaps when the pain killer wears off, I'll be able to think more clearly. -Jeff!
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Which production company lost the bet?
Rambo-723 August 2001
Who drew the short straw & was forced to produce this thing? This is one of the worst pieces of trash I've ever seen. So bad, in fact, it has provoked my first review of a TV show on IMDB. I have taped hundreds of first episodes, and unfortunately (or, it might turn out, fortunately) I missed the premier of this one. I'm watching the 2nd episode as I write this, and I don't even need to see the rest - it hits the bottom of the barrel, and then some. Bad editing, poor production, awful effects, a lousy script, a pitiful story, rotten characters... all add up to a big fat "power off" push on the remote. It's no wonder they took 3 years to release it - "Attention all units - robbery in progress at Angel City Bank. Suspect has identified herself as Hurricane. Don't forget to wear your raincoats." I can't even call it campy, because 'campy' suggests a slightly humourous vein, rather than a ridiculously stupid one. I kind of like Soupy Sales & Playboy's Shae Marks in their bits in this episode, but since those few seconds is the only redeeming feature of this hour-long show, it ain't sayin' much...
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maggie-335 May 2002
OK normally I give scifi shows the benefit of the doubt concerning the outfits of the heroines. But c'mon a female superhero wearing a black boostea (?) and knee high hooker boots? That is ridiculous, I mean don't you think that heroine who wants to be tken seriously would wear something that is functional? Plus how the heck does she get the money for an advanced science lab on a detectives salary? And how the heck does an ex-con who stole cars know something about every type of science? This show didn't even deserve to be shown for six episodes. The show was a disgrace, how it passed FCC tests I don't know. All in all unless your a pubescent teenage boy you won't even find this show amusing. Even guys wouldn't wanna suffer through this show to watch her in action.
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I watched this to see Dave Mustaine...
dustinjhogan23 May 2002
...because Dave is the man.

Aside from seeing Dave on the show playing a villain, there's nothing worth seeing here. Somebody wasted a LOT of money on this. Everything about it was too stupid to describe. I think it started out as an action show that was supposed to be serious, but once it was in the can it turned out to be so terrible that the only way to save it was to call it a slapstick parody. This isn't an off the cuff insult aimed to bash the show. This is really what I think. It's much more plausible than calling it pure parody.
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