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Mercedes Ruehl: Jane



  • [Vann checks out the bedroom for rent at the Durwin's house] 

    Jane : [Jane opens the bedroom blinds]  In the Spring it's quite lovely. The light in here.

    Vann Siegert : It's nice right now. I like the fall.

    Jane : [Jane goes to the bathroom]  This has got a shower. But also there's a bath down the hall which is private because we never use it.

    Jane : [Vann looks at the picture on the dresser]  That's our daughter. This was her room. She's in college now.

    Vann Siegert : She looks smart. She looks like you.

  • [Doug talks to Jane about inviting him down for dinner] 

    Doug : Is Vann having dinner with us?

    Jane : Of course not.

    Doug : Maybe we should invite him down his first night?

    Jane : No, no. Doug, the last thing you want is for your tenant to become your guest. Keep your distance.

    Doug : I suppose.

    Jane : Well, don't. Don't. Leave him alone. Let's... let's give him a chance to get adjusted first.

    Doug : [Doug pauses to look at the food]  With the skins still on? The potatoes.

    Jane : Yes. Just the way you like them.

    Doug : Yummy.

  • [Jane wakes up Vann from the floor of his bedroom] 

    Vann Siegert : What happened?

    Jane : You must have passed out. You must have fainted.

    Vann Siegert : [Jane props Vann's head up on her arm]  I never did that before. I put that vacuum away. When everything went black.

    Jane : It can happen. I fainted once.

    Vann Siegert : You did?

    Jane : When I was pregnant.

    Vann Siegert : [Vann makes a joke]  I hope I'm not pregnant, Mrs. Durwin.

  • [Jane asks Vann in the middle of the night one of her puzzle questions] 

    Jane : What's a four-letter word for little?

    Vann Siegert : Small.

    Jane : That's five.

    Jane : [Jane aloud says]  Tiny!

    Vann Siegert : That's right.

    Jane : [Jane asks Vann a second question]  Tyrant.

    Vann Siegert : I don't know.

    Jane : We need eight letters. Martinet.

    [Vann holds his hand up as to say I still don't know] 

  • [Jane reads to Vann a story from the local newspaper from the town over] 

    Jane : Listen to this. 'A 75-year-old woman was killed last night by a 20-pound lump of concrete dropped from the roof of an apartment complex on Catharine Avenue in West Bay.' Now get this part. 'Neighbors told reporters it was fairly common for heavy objects to be thrown from high buildings in their area.'

    Vann Siegert : [Van replies with a smile]  I must have missed that one.

  • [Jane talks to Vann about being careful from Doug] 

    Vann Siegert : I was just worried because you're worried, because he told you he got into a fight last night?

    Jane : You know who beat him up? He did. He beat himself up. I tried to get him to take medicine, but he won't do it. He won't do anything I tell him to do. He always looks for someone to admire. There's always somebody on the top of his list. Right now that person is you, so be careful.

    Vann Siegert : Of What?

    Jane : Be careful you don't wind up taking care of him.

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