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Season 12

6 May 2007
Demons on Our Shoulders: Part 1
On Halloween, Kate Johnson is killed in her bedroom, the victim of a shotgun blast. Her husband Guy is the obvious suspect, having now disappeared. In an odd twist, the couple had been part of a television broadcast the previous Halloween where hypnotist Lee Knight demonstrated that people could be induced to do anything, including murder. The dead woman's daughter, Katherine Taylor, is convinced that the hypnotic suggestions of a year ago are what caused her father to kill her mother and that Knight is responsible. When she is found dead however, the case takes yet ...
13 May 2007
Demons on Our Shoulders: Part 2
As the body count continues to rise, Dalziel and Pascoe continue to focus their investigation on Lee Knight. Knight continues to maintain his innocence and says he's being set up by someone. The police uncover that most of the principals are involved in witchcraft of one sort or another. As the victims' bodies are being dismembered, they believe the killer is set to perform some type of ritual. Pascoe believes Knight is innocent and the true killer is someone who is well-known to Andy.
14 Jun. 2007
Project Aphrodite: Part 1
A sunburned Det. Supt Andy Dalziel returns from his holiday in Australia and finds himself immediately investigating a murder. The dead man is Declan Roach, a researcher at the local university who was found in a university laboratory clean room. The autopsy confirms that he died from nitrogen intoxication but it is not clear at first if it was accidental or not. Roach was working under the direction of Professor Fran Cunningham, who in turn has a major contract with Aphrodite, a major cosmetics firm. She is working on a formula for a rejuvenation cream that will be ...
15 Jun. 2007
Project Aphrodite: Part 2
With a second murder to investigate, the police are no further ahead. Animal rights activists had been threatening Declan Roach and there was a good deal of tension on the team. Professor Cunningham had a falling out with him when she learned that he had signed a lucrative contract with Aphrodite. As well, it is apparent that the trials of Cunningham's fountain of youth have been sabotaged by one of the participants. Andy's hopes of immigrating to Australia hit a snag.
21 Jun. 2007
Under Dark Stars: Part 1
When accused pedophile Michael Wheeler is acquitted of the murder of two teens, Det. Supt. Dalziel and DI Pascoe find themselves continuing to suspect him when another teen, the principal witness against him, disappears. Pascoe in particular is taking it all quite hard because he had promised the parents that justice would be done. When one of the bereaved parents kills Wheeler, Pascoe decides to cover up the crime. In what proves to be a parallel case, the police find two bodies, one of a taxi driver and the other of a teenage girl, both of whom were murdered in ...
22 Jun. 2007
Under Dark Stars: Part 2
Having disposed of Michael Wheeler's body, DI Peter Pascoe tries to cover up all traces of the crime. When a homeless man discovers the body, Dalziel has little sympathy for the dead man. As the phone calls from the killer continue, Pascoe wonders if Wheeler may have been innocent but when they manage to unscramble the calls, they realize that a young woman may also be involved. Dalziel however pieces together Pascoe's involvement in Wheeler's death.

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