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2 Feb. 2002
The Shed
Len has a suspect delivered to him at an abandoned shelter in the forest in order to coerce a confession out of him. Ali and Mickey question a former teacher at Ambleton about the murder of two children there.
9 Feb. 2002
Dead Letters
Mickey tries to convince Harper and Pawlachuk that a pile of old letters holds the key to a teen-aged girl's murder. Ali teams up with a Russian cop to connect stolen Russian historical documents to a murder.
23 Feb. 2002
Enough Is Enough
Nicco risks his police career trying to save Billie from her pimp and from her addiction. Mickey and Ali wrap up the Ambleton case . . . or so they think.
2 Mar. 2002
Ali and the squad attempt to tie the Premier to the murders of Michelle Ripley and Billy Wells, two teenagers at Ambleton.
21 Sep. 2002
Career Opportunists
Ali weighs a job offer in Ottawa.
28 Sep. 2002
Horton Killed a Wu
Mickey adjusts to her new duties as liaison. Billie returns from rehab and wants back into Nicco's life. Ali's attempt to tie a gang wannabe to a double murder goes in a surprising direction.
5 Oct. 2002
Happily Ever After
A woman who Len previously suspected of murdering her wealthy husband returns to town . . . to get married to another wealthy man. Len is determined to stop her before she kills again.
12 Oct. 2002
Live Fast Die Young
Christine's brother Aaron dies after being hit by a car, and she presses for a murder investigation. When that doesn't happen, she infiltrates a group of car street racers without authorization. Len and Ali investigate the death of an infant.
19 Oct. 2002
When Christine identifies a teen-aged John Doe from a partial skeleton, the boy's mother is someone Pawlachuk knows. His father turns out to be someone everyone in the squad knows.
26 Oct. 2002
Len and Nicco work with a homicide detective to look into the connection between a cold murder case and the more recent murder of a gay-bashing thug at the same night club. Mickey uses a new computer program to find an arsonist.
16 Nov. 2002
Back in the Day
A former homicide detective, who was demoted to beat cop 15 years ago for publicly hanging a suspect off a bridge, is promoted to the Cold Squad. He and Nicco work on the case of a body found encased in concrete of a building under construction.
23 Nov. 2002
While transporting an accused killer, Ali and Chief Winslow are badly injured when their patrol car crashes in a wooded area.
30 Nov. 2002
Kill Me Twice
Len meets the "victim" of one of his old Homicide cases . . . alive . . . in the holding cell. Mickey is confronted with new developments in a cold case involving a 4-year-old girl, whose decapitated body Mickey found when she was a patrol officer.

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