The Juniper Tree (1990) Poster

Geirlaug Sunna Þormar: Jónas


  • Jónas : I come here every day so she'll remember me.

    Margit : And if you didn't come, she would forget?

    Jónas : Yes

  • Jónas : Don't.

    Katla : Don't what?

    Jónas : Don't do your work on me.

  • Jónas : You took two.

    Margit : I only knocked it with my hand.

    Margit : You have to pick a shell first.

    Jónas : Where are you and your sister from?

    Margit : It's not there anymore.

    Jónas : It disappeared?

    Margit : No. There aren't any people there anymore. They are all gone.

    Jónas : Will you ever go back?

    Margit : Katla says we'll stay here. That we are from here now.

    Jónas : But you can't change where you are from.

    Margit : But what if where you are from isn't there anymore?

    Jónas : Then you can be from here, but your sister can't be.

    Margit : Why not?

    Jónas : Because I'm from here and I don't want her to be.

    Margit : But she's my sister and she has to be from the same place as I am.

    Jónas : But I don't want her to be.

    Margit : But she has to be.

    Jónas : No, she can't be. I don't want her to be. No she can't be. I don't want her to be. She can't be. I don't want her to be. No. She can't be. I won't let her.

  • Margit : Jónas, Jónas.

    Jónas : What's the matter?

    Margit : I've seen my mother.

    Jónas : Where?

    Margit : By the sea, and on the heath. I couldn't remember before. But now I do.

    Jónas : What dose she look like?

    Margit : She's very beautiful.

    Jónas : But how can she be here?

    Margit : Sometimes people return.

    Jónas : Is she a ghost?

    Margit : No, she came to take care of me.

  • Katla : You should remember I'm carrying your little brother.

    Jónas : He won't be my brother.

    Katla : Your father is the father. So he will be your brother.

  • Jónas : Your a witch, your a dirty witch.

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