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Season 3

7 Jan. 1990
Episode #3.1
Emily is saved from arrest at a road block by local woman Nicole and the two women travel to Le Crest,the Resistance stronghold in the French Alps,run by Luc,Renard and Rex,the parish priest. Faith takes over from Cad and recruits two new agents,Virginia Mitchell,who lived in France and has a French ex-husband and actor Lewis Lake. Kit and Renard are summoned to London and asked to organize a local uprising as a diversion for an invasion though Kit is not enthusiastic to risk his colleagues' lives. Nicole proves to be a spy for Stuckler,the local German commander,and,...
14 Jan. 1990
Episode #3.2
Faith is appalled to learn that the planned revolt will have no military backing and is purely a diversion, which will result in many partisan deaths. In Le Crest, however, the blissfully unaware Maquis plan their uprising. Luc tells Emily he is sure Nicole is the traitor but Nicole makes sure she is seen as a savior when she alerts Emily to a German weapon search. Sylvie, a young Jewess working as a courier,befriends Franz, a sympathetic German guard, who helps her to free Rex from prison. Virginia, meanwhile, lunching with old friend Alain Regis, a pharmaceutical ...
21 Jan. 1990
Episode #3.3
Rex goes into hiding,unaware that Stuckler will order reprisals if he is not recaptured. Emily and Luc declare their feelings for each other whilst Virginia,trailed by a suspicious Lewis,visits ex-husband Philippe,though she fails to get him on side. Faith,her conscience pricked by Gordon,colludes with Max, a Free French colonel seconded to the War Office,to postpone the uprising until military back-up can be brought in from North Africa. However the message to abort is too late in arriving and the revolt begins.
28 Jan. 1990
Episode #3.4
Twenty villagers from Courmont are killed in reprisal for Rex,who renounces God and quits the church. Whilst Emily has to break it to Kit and Renard that the uprising must be aborted,Faith and Gordon desperately plead for military back-up from the War Office,only to be told that all resources are needed for the Normandy landing. Lewis challenges Virginia over her visits to Philippe but she refuses to explain herself. Philippe, meanwhile,appalled by the massacre,confronts Stuckler though the meeting is interrupted by Rex,who kills several German soldiers before being ...
4 Feb. 1990
Episode #3.5
Having forced Sylvie to tell him of the set-up at Le Crest Stuckler shoots her and her mother. The previously complacent Philippe,appalled by the brutality,agrees to spy for Virginia and tricks Stuckler into divulging the German plan of attack on Le Crest but before he can tell Virginia Renard,unaware that he has changed sides, abducts him as a hostage. Nicole is put on trial for treason by the Maquis,found guilty and sentenced to death.Faith and Gordon secure military back-up for the uprising and inform Emily but next day Faith is told that it has been withdrawn and ...
11 Feb. 1990
Episode #3.6
Interrogated by Renard Philippe says nothing but Virginia divulges their relationship. Already angry to think that no Allied support will be forthcoming to combat the expected German air strike,Renard orders them both to be shot along with Nicole. However Stuckler ,unaware of Philippe's change of heart,has captured Renard's family and forces an exchange with them for Philippe whilst Virginia must prove her loyalty by killing Nicole. Nicole tells Emily that she is pregnant and is temporarily spared. Aware that they stand alone Kit and the Maquis set out to destroy the ...
18 Feb. 1990
Episode #3.7
Emily and Luc make it back to Le Crest,where Liz has just arrived but Lewis and Kit are both caught by the Germans and Kit is tortured. Philippe,using his position as prefect of police,takes advantage of Stuckler's absence to order their release but Kit is too ill to travel and only Lewis and Philippe make it back,Stuckler now aware that Philippe has gone over to the Maquis. Back in London Faith hopes to send in a last minute back-up of French paratroopers but the Germans have already begun their air attack on Le Crest.
25 Feb. 1990
Episode #3.8
German paratroopers swarm all over Le Crest,forcing the Maquis into hiding in the woods. Brave woman doctor Bosco,Nicole,Philippe and Max's son Jean-Louis are among the casualties. The British agents and Renard and his family manage to get back to the town of Beaufort,where Liz is able to rescue Kit from the firing squad though Emily and Luc are less fortunate and Renard kills Stuckler to avenge them. There is jubilation in Beaufort as American tanks roll through the streets but back in London,Faith,Gordon and Max feel only bitterness at the shameful betrayal of their...

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