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Not Ayn Rand's Fountainhead
pscamp0123 January 2014
The English title for this movie, which for most English speakers brings to mind Ayn Rand's famous novel. But this movie is actually based on a Japanese novel. The movie is about a company that has bought up all this land in the country to build resort houses for rich people from Tokyo. The villas are using up all the water from a local reservoir, which leads to conflicts with the local farmers who have always used the water to irrigate their crops. A botanist becomes involved in the controversy when he decides to find an alternative water source. This plot thread is fairly interesting but it quickly gets pushed into he background by a love story that gets increasingly uninteresting as it goes on. And goes on it does. The movie is two hours and ten minutes which is way too long in this instance. The whole thing feels unfocused and dull. It's not a bad movie but it's just not particularly interesting.
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