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Just enough action to satisfy the fans!
JohnHowardReid23 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Charles Starrett (Brad Buckner), Iris Meredith (Jean Wayne), Bob Nolan (Bob), Pat Brady (Pat), Dick Curtis (Link Murdock), Edward J. LeSaint (J.B. Wayne), Edmund Cobb (Dirkin), Art Mix (Cinch), Ernie Adams (Shorty), Jack Rockwell (sheriff), John Tyrrell (Trigger), Tex Cooper, Sons of the Pioneers.

Director: SAM NELSON. Original screenplay: Ed Earl Repp. Photography: Benjamin Kline. Film editor: William Lyon. Music director: Morris Stoloff. Songs written and composed by Bob Nolan. RCA Sound System. Producer: Not credited.

Copyright 13 June 1938 by Columbia Pictures Corp. of California. No New York opening. U.S. release: 30 June 1938. Australian release: 7 September 1939. 59 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: Cattle rustlers...

NOTES: Starrett's 19th starring western.

COMMENT: Just a fair Charlie Starrett western. The plot is a familiar one — and so are the people acting in it. Still, it's very nice to see the old faces again, even if they are all a bit below form.

The likable relationship between Dick Curtis and Ernie Adams would have been worth exploring, but it is used purely as a plot catalyst.

Cobb has a fair part as another of Curtis's henchmen, but he isn't as impressive as usual — admittedly his dialogue isn't much to talk about either!

The Sons of the Pioneers sing a couple of songs and Pat Brady provides the comic relief — but they are all below form too.

On the other hand, Iris Meredith looks very attractive, but - wouldn't you just know it! - her part is surprisingly small.

The direction is little more than routine, but fortunately there's just enough action, with a bit of location work thrown in, to satisfy the fans.
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