I Got the Hook Up (1998) Poster

Anthony Johnson: Blue


  • Blue : Tell her I'll have on some gym socks and a backstage pass from a Kool Moe Dee concert.

    Blue : Tell her I'll be wearing cowboy boots with some click-clacks around my neck.

    Blue : Tell her I'll be butt naked with a belt on, and a beeper, and some Blu-Blockers.

    Blue : Tell her I'ma be butt naked with a 'Bout It radio sticker sign on my ass. And a gold necklace. And a class ring.

    Blue : Tell her I'ma be asshole naked with some handcuffs and a whip, and a hula skirt. And a saddle on my back. And a big-ass NFL hat on.

  • Black : You run your mouth too much. You learn to control your mouth, you might could fuck both of 'em.

    Blue : I don't wanna fuck both of 'em. I'll fuck Carla, but that Bessie looking, bald head ugly bitch? I wouldn't fuck her if, god damn if I was on parole.

  • Little Girl : Look, my mama want her money back.

    Blue : How am I gonna give you the money back? You done ate one of the pig's feet.

    Little Girl : No we didn't.

    Blue : I got a magic lamp. Tell your mama she gotta rub this every Wednesday at 3:42 standing on one leg with Al Green playing in the background, her money will pop out. And tell your daddy to buy you another shirt.

  • Blue : They're gonna put me on fries and that's when I'll start making the big bucks.

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