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DVD Review – The Sleeping Room (2014)

The Sleeping Room, 2014.

Directed by John Shackleton.

Starring Julie Graham, Leila Mimmack, David Sibley, Christopher Adamson, Joseph Beattie, Chris Waller and Billy Chainsaw.


A Brighton call-girl and her client awaken a ghostly presence in an old Victorian brothel.

Set in the Sussex coastal town of Brighton, The Sleeping Room stars Leila Mimmack (Becoming Human) as Blue, a young prostitute who is sent on a job by her boss Cynthia (Julie GrahamTower Block) to meet with Bill. Bill (Joseph BeattieVelvet Goldmine) is renovating an old Victorian brothel for a client but the building has a dark history, one that Blue and Bill delve into once they discover a two-way mirror that backs onto a secret ‘sleeping room’, a place where the in-house prostitutes of the day would sleep between jobs. However, what they discover about the brothel and its previous owner Fiskin (Christopher AdamsonRazor Blade Smile) reveals
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Exclusive: Horror Hostess Emily Booth Talks Acting, Directing, and Presenting

Any self-respecting horror aficionado living or spending time in the UK has most certainly laid his or her peepers on the delectable Emily Booth. The glamorous horror hostess and scream queen recently dropped by to chat about the past, present, and future of her varied career.

Having appeared in quite a lengthy list of off-the-wall B-movies, Emily is also well known as the current face of the UK’s Horror Channel, pulling front-line duty for their coverage of the highly successful Film4 FrightFest in London each year. With an amazing line-up announced for the festival, reaching its 13th year this August, Emily is one busy lady -- but lucky for us, she’s an early riser and found time in her morning routine to fit in a brief discussion of her career to date and working alongside such iconic genre giants as Doug Bradley and Rutger Hauer, as well as
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Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide DVD Review

  • HeyUGuys
Okay, so here’s a quick question for you all … how many dog owners amongst you have suddenly experienced man’s best friend exhibit unusually disturbing behavioural tics after sitting them down in front of the television and watching a few horror movies together?

Anyone? No? No sudden canine savagery? No impulsive howling at the moon? No gratuitous tearing of flesh? No violent rending of bone? Not even any unwelcome soiling of carpets?

I only ask this question as, in regards to the Video Nasties furore of the mid-Eighties, Conservative MP Graham Bright once (in)famously appeared on television and categorically stated that “I believe there is research taking place and it will show that these films not only affect young people … but I believe they affect dogs as well.”

But regardless of whether such research will mean poor Fido sadly misses out on his one opportunity to catch “The Beast In Heat
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More Images and the Trailer from Alex Chandon's Inbred

Earlier today we provided you with some first images from Alex Chandon's Inbred, and now we've got a big batch of more photos, both behind-the-scenes and straight from the film, along with the trailer and a link to the official website.

Inbred is the twisted brainchild of UK writer/director Alex Chandon (official site here), who was responsible for the independent cult feature films Cradle of Fear (2001) and Pervirella (1997) as well as numerous award-winning shorts and music promos. It is a co-production of New Flesh Films and Split Second Films.


A disparate group of young urban offenders and their care workers embark on a community service weekend in the strange, remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with some local inbred youths rapidly escalates into a blood-soaked, deliriously warped nightmare for all involved.


Jo Hartley - Jo plays Kate,
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The UK Frowns Upon the Inbred

Some people, man! In what has to be the Wtf? story of the weekend, it turns out that there are some folks in the UK against having the horror film Inbred about (what else?) inbred locals made there for fear of viewers thinking it would be based on fact. How we wish we're making this shit up! It's good to know that our friends across the pond can be just as silly as we are here at times!

The story comes from Darlington and Stickton Times:

"Locals fear plans to film a £100,000 horror movie about inbred locals in a market town will lead viewers to think it is based on fact. Film crews hope to begin shooting in and around Thirsk from July on the movie Inbred but so far they have not received a warm welcome.

The movie revolves around a group of wayward teens sent out into the
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Emily Booth ('GoreZone Movie Massacre', 'Evil Aliens', 'Doghouse')

Emily Booth, British TV presenter (‘host’, if you’re American) and actress (Evil Aliens, Doghouse, Pervirella), is unleashing a new horror hosting personality for the U.K. horror magazine GoreZone DVD series called Emily Booth’s GoreZone Movie Massacre, in which she’ll give us a very funny show. If you’ve ever seen her as the title character in the crazy fantasy/horror film Pervirella, you’ll understand her unique brand of humor that she describes as "silly impressions and a heavy dose of slapstick". She brings that, and a love of horror films, to her Princess of the Demons character.

"We’re definitely tongue-in-cheek, so for my character I’m tapping into my most cheeky self to bring camp comedy into it. We’re not highbrow; we’re not the bloody culture show – its all about having fun with the beloved genre – sex, horror and comedy – all essential parts of life.
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