You've Got Mail (1998) Poster

Greg Kinnear: Frank Navasky


  • Kathleen Kelly : You don't love me.

    [Frank shakes his head "no"] 

    Kathleen Kelly : Me, either.

    Frank : You don't love me?

    [they both laugh] 

    Frank : But we're so right for each other!

    Kathleen Kelly : I know! I know. Well, is there someone else? Oh! That woman on television, Sydney Ann.

    Frank : [sheepish]  Uh... I mean, nothing has happened or anything, but...

    Kathleen Kelly : Ooh, Frank. Is she a Republican?

    Frank : I... can't help myself.

    [they laugh again] 

    Frank : What about you? Is there someone else?

    Kathleen Kelly : No. No, but... but there is the dream of someone else.

  • Frank : [to TV interviewer]  Thank you're.

  • Frank Navasky : [about Birdie]  She fell in love with Generalissimo Franco!

    Kathleen Kelly : No, don't say that. Really. We don't know that for sure.

    Frank Navasky : Well, who else could it have been? It was probably around 1960.

    Kathleen Kelly : Do you want some popcorn?

    Frank Navasky : I can't believe this! I mean, it's not like he was something normal, like a socialist or an anarchist or something.

    Kathleen Kelly : It happened in Spain. People do really stupid things in foreign countries.

    Frank Navasky : Absolutely. They buy leather jackets for much more than they're worth. But they don't fall in love with fascist dictators!

  • Frank Navasky : Joe Fox?

    Joe Fox : F-O-X.

    Frank Navasky : The inventor of the superstore, of course. The enemy of the mid-list novel, the destroyer of City Books. Tell me something: really, how do you sleep at night?

    Patricia Eden : [walking up]  Ah, I use a wonderful over-the-counter drug, Ultradorm. Don't take the whole thing, just half, and you will wake up without even the tiniest hangover.

  • Frank Navasky : Name me one thing, *one*, that we've gained from technology.

    Kathleen Kelly : Electricity.

    Frank Navasky : That's one.

    [points to Kathleen's computer] 

    Frank Navasky : You think this machine is your friend, but it's not.

  • Frank Navasky : Kathleen, you are a lone reed. You are a lone...

    [sits down at his typewriter] 

    Frank Navasky : [typing]  "... reed, standing tall, waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce."

    [pulls the page out and hands it to Kathleen] 

    Kathleen Kelly : I am a lone reed.

    Frank Navasky : Lone reed.

  • Person in Theatre : Do you mind?

    Frank Navasky : A HOTDOG is singing. You need quiet while a hotdog is singing?

  • Kathleen Kelly : I have something to tell you, Frank. I didn't vote.

    Frank Navasky : What?

    Kathleen Kelly : In the last mayoral election, when Rudy Giuliani was running against Ruth Messenger, I went to get a manicure and forgot to vote.

    Frank Navasky : Since when do you get manicures?

    Kathleen Kelly : Oh, I suppose you could never be with a woman who got manicures...

    Frank Navasky : Never mind. It's okay. I forgive you.

    Kathleen Kelly : [stares]  You *forgive* me?

    [Kathleen gets up and leaves] 

  • Kathleen Kelly : I've been thinking. Frank?

    Frank : What?

    Kathleen Kelly : I've decided to go to the mattresses. Do you think it would be a gigantic conflict of interest if you wrote something about the store?

    Frank : Yes.

    Kathleen Kelly : Yes?

    Frank : [after thinking for a while]  No.

    Kathleen Kelly : So you'll do it?

    Frank : Yes. Yes.

    Kathleen Kelly : Do you know what it is to go to the mattresses?

    Frank : It's from the Godfather.

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