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James Le Gros: Billy Hill



  • Billy Hill : God da-amn! You see the way that bitch's head exploded? Shit. Ordinarily, it'd be a damn shame to shoot a piece of ass like that. Ya know what I mean? But in her case, I'll make an exception. I always hated that bitch...

    Billy Hill : My name's Billy Hill. Friends call me Hillbilly. You can call me Mr. Hill. I hope I didn't interrupt anything too romantic for you, but that whore can go all day long...

  • Billy Hill : Well, I ain't gonna shit ya, pal. When I leave here today, you're gonna be dead as Cinderella over there. Regardless of what you tell me, I'm gonna fuck you up.

    [opens his bag and takes out a battery-powered circular saw] 

    Billy Hill : [turns on the saw and holds it in front of Casey's face]  YOU READY TO GET STARTED?

    Billy Hill : [turns off the saw]  I know you threw out the smack. And you probly don't know where the money is, neither. That's cool. Tho the truth is... I ain't got nothin' better to do, while I wait here for my old friend Nick.

    Billy Hill : [reaching in his bag]  Just so you know, I ain't gonna let you bleed to death.

    Billy Hill : [takes out a blow-torch]  No, sir. Cuz when I cut you...

    Billy Hill : [turns on the blow-torch]  I'm gonna cauterize it. I consider myself an artist. Matter of fact, I picked up this little girl at this club one time... and I cut on her for 16 hours. That's a personal best, but... I keep hoping...

    Billy Hill : [turns on the saw]  Alright, now, let's see. I think I'm gonna start at the feet, AND WORK MY WAY UP!

  • Billy Hill : [to Casey, tied and gagged]  Don't go nowhere.

  • Billy Hill : [in the store with Nick and Dallas]  This bitch is gettin' on my nerves man.

  • Dallas : Just get the fucking coffee and let's go.

    Billy Hill : This ain't exactly Brazil. I coulda pissed you a fuckin' cup by now.

    Nick : [to Cashier]  HEY? You're out of Chocolate Mac!

    Cashier : Sorry. No Chocolate Macadamia. You will please have something else?

    Nick : [filling cup]  Fuckin' Hazelnut...

    Cashier : [ringing up cash register]  That will be one dollar and eight cents.

    Nick : The sign says "All coffee: 69 cents."

    Cashier : I am very sorry, but that is a 44-ounce cup and the largest coffee cup is 20 ounces. Therefore, I must charge you 99 cents, plus tax, the price of a large fountain drink.

    Nick : That's bullshit! That sign says "Coffee: all sizes", not "all sizes up to 20 ounces."

    Cashier : I'm humbly sorry, but you must pay 99 cents, plus tax, for that cup.

    Dallas : Just pay the bitch the dollar-eight and let's get the FUCK outta here!

    Nick : Fine, but it's bullshit. Just get me my fuckin' snackie cake.

    Cashier : I'm sorry. I cannot do that. That is *only* available with the 20-ounce coffee. That is not a 20-ounce coffee.

    Billy Hill : This bitch is gettin' on my nerves, man. Forget it!

    Dallas : Just give him the fuckin' danish.

    Nick : That sign says, "Free snackie cake." I paid a dollar and eight cents for my coffee. I want my free snackie cake!

    Cashier : I *cannot* do that.

    Dallas : [puts snackie cake on the counter]  Here. Hmmm? Take it!

    Nick : That's apple cinnamon! I wanted cream cheese.

    Billy Hill : For fuck's sake, pay her the money and let's go.

    Nick : [scoffs]  Fine! Either of you got something smaller than a Ben?

    Cashier : [Billy opens his case and hands Nick a $50]  I'm sorry. I cannot accept any moneys over a $20 bill.

    Billy Hill : [frustrated]  That's it...

    Cashier : I should not sell it to you anyway, as that cup is very hot and might burn you. You are very strange. I'm going to call the police.

    Dallas : Fuck this. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!... BLAM!

  • Billy Hill : [amused]  They busted up the wrong house. They went in and blew everyone away. The wrong house! They got the *Wong* house. They got the *Wong* house.


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