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Aaron Eckhart: Nick



  • Nick : Ballpean's Casa, 7 o'clock.

    Casey : Where the fuck a nigger get a name like that?

    Nick : You seen Little Nigger's arm, right?

    Casey : Oh, yeah.

    Nick : That's why they call him Ballpean.

    Casey : He broke Jimmy's arm?

    Nick : With a 10-pound ballpean hammer. Three years ago, Lester James, AKA Ballpean, was a big stud motherfucker. Had a stable of bitches he fucked on a regular basis, but every couple of weeks he went out to get some strange...

    Nick : One night Lester finds himself in this titty bar, and this KNOCKOUT white girl named Raven is just gyrating her little tits off. Well, Lester wanted her, in the WORST way. Even MORE when she told him to go fuck himself. He just sprinkles a little fairy dust on her, some how gets her to go back to his place. Well, that was all she wrote. He ABUSED this bitch. He FUCKED her every way that you can think of and THEN some. Finally, he gets ready to go AGAIN and he figures he'd really degrade this bitch and make her blow him. So, he pushes her head down, and BAM! She bites that motherfucker's dick clean off. Now, fortunately, they found it, and they sewed it back on - but it never worked right again...

    Nick : The problem is, a story like that gets around. You know how it is? So, to combat this, any time he even heard anybody talk about it, he'd use his fuckin' hammer on 'em. Ballpean kinda stuck.

  • Cop : Picard or Kirk?

    Nick : No question... Kirk.

    Cop : Hell yeah. You gotta respect a man who can fuck a green bitch and destroy an entire civilization in sixty minutes.

  • Casey : [Casey picks up the phone]  Hello!

    Nick : Hey Casey!

    Casey : NICK! Man it's good to hear from you! God damn, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your visit.

    Nick : I know you're pissed.

    Casey : Pissed? Oh no, I'm not pissed. If you hadn't brought your friends along what would I have done with my day, Man? I had missed out on being beaten, raped, abused, tied up, general fucked up. And not to mention what you have done for my house.

    [He looks around in the kitchen] 

    Casey : What would you call it? Early gothic horror.

  • Nick : Two fridges. Welcome to suburbia.

  • Casey : Three happy years of veggie burgers and acidophilus.

    Nick : [picks up frying pan in sink]  Those are scrambled eggs.

    Casey : Scrambled Tofutti.

    Nick : [scoffs]  Fuck, dude. Rod Serling's gonna step outta that fridge any second.

  • Nick : [watch inscription]  Never forget who you are. If you do, you die. Love Nick.

  • Nick : [Casey calls Nick in the car after found out about the drugs in the briefcase]  Yeah?

    Casey : I just wanna know one thing what kind of fucking drugs you're on?

    Nick : What?


    Nick : The briefcase was closed, Case.

    Casey : Yeah? Sue me.

    Nick : It wasn't very trusty if you go through my shit.

    Casey : This ain't exactly meant to borrow when you trade countier B, you've brought that shit in my house, in my home. Where you were invited to into as my FUCKING GUEST. You know what they did in Ancient Rome when a visitor violated somebody's hospitality? THEY CUT OFF HIS DICK AND THEY NAILED IT TO THE FUCKING GATE.

    Nick : You see this is why I didn't wanna tell you. I knew you'd have a little enthusiasm for this deal. I have a little business to finish up here in Houston and I wanted to tell "adios" face to face.

    Casey : I want you to penal your ass back here, pick up your shit and get the fuck out of my house.

    Nick : No can do, buddy. I appreciate your situation but I told ya I have a little unfinished business to take care of.

    [Connects a silencer on his gun] 

    Casey : Through what?

    Nick : Little unfinished business.

    Casey : If you're not back here in fifteen minutes you're gonna have to pick up your shit for the police evidence room.

    Nick : And tell them what? Your ex-partner had a step by with a basket full of goodies and you felt it was your moral obligation to turn them in? I don't think so.

    Casey : Look, you lying piece of shit! Right now I have a little trouble coming up with reasons not to BLOW THE BACK OF YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF.

    Nick : You don't sound like that happy suburban that I saw this morning. Don't forget...

    [Knocks the phone on the wheel] 

    Nick : never can tell, they can listen us in. Just watch my shit, Case, I'll be back in a couple of hours, I'll pick my bags and I'll split.

    Casey : Watch your shit? You're not hearing me, Nick, get...

    Nick : Sorry, Case, time's up, gotta go.

    [Hangs up] 

    Casey : Nick? Nick? Nick?

    [In anger starts smashing the phone] 


  • Dallas : Just get the fucking coffee and let's go.

    Billy Hill : This ain't exactly Brazil. I coulda pissed you a fuckin' cup by now.

    Nick : [to Cashier]  HEY? You're out of Chocolate Mac!

    Cashier : Sorry. No Chocolate Macadamia. You will please have something else?

    Nick : [filling cup]  Fuckin' Hazelnut...

    Cashier : [ringing up cash register]  That will be one dollar and eight cents.

    Nick : The sign says "All coffee: 69 cents."

    Cashier : I am very sorry, but that is a 44-ounce cup and the largest coffee cup is 20 ounces. Therefore, I must charge you 99 cents, plus tax, the price of a large fountain drink.

    Nick : That's bullshit! That sign says "Coffee: all sizes", not "all sizes up to 20 ounces."

    Cashier : I'm humbly sorry, but you must pay 99 cents, plus tax, for that cup.

    Dallas : Just pay the bitch the dollar-eight and let's get the FUCK outta here!

    Nick : Fine, but it's bullshit. Just get me my fuckin' snackie cake.

    Cashier : I'm sorry. I cannot do that. That is *only* available with the 20-ounce coffee. That is not a 20-ounce coffee.

    Billy Hill : This bitch is gettin' on my nerves, man. Forget it!

    Dallas : Just give him the fuckin' danish.

    Nick : That sign says, "Free snackie cake." I paid a dollar and eight cents for my coffee. I want my free snackie cake!

    Cashier : I *cannot* do that.

    Dallas : [puts snackie cake on the counter]  Here. Hmmm? Take it!

    Nick : That's apple cinnamon! I wanted cream cheese.

    Billy Hill : For fuck's sake, pay her the money and let's go.

    Nick : [scoffs]  Fine! Either of you got something smaller than a Ben?

    Cashier : [Billy opens his case and hands Nick a $50]  I'm sorry. I cannot accept any moneys over a $20 bill.

    Billy Hill : [frustrated]  That's it...

    Cashier : I should not sell it to you anyway, as that cup is very hot and might burn you. You are very strange. I'm going to call the police.

    Dallas : Fuck this. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!... BLAM!

  • [Nick arrives at Casey's door, looking like a gangster] 

    Casey : Turn around and put your hands on the wall.

    Nick : [scoffs]  What?

    Casey : Turn around and put your hands on that wall.

    Nick : You're kidding, right?

    [Casey crosses his arms and exhales] 

    Nick : You're not gonna try and fuck me, are you?

    Casey : [patting Nick down]  You wish.

    Nick : This isn't exactly how I envisioned our re-union going.

    [Casey spins Nick around, bear hugs him, and picks him up] 

    Nick : Oh, god damn! Ah! You had me going.

    Casey : God damn! Good to see you.

    [Casey pushes Nick and kisses him jokingly on the cheek] 

  • Casey : You wanna beer?

    Nick : When's the last time you had a beer at 8 in the morning?

    Casey : About three and a half years ago.

  • Cop : Who do you like better, Picard or Kirk?

    Nick : Oh, there's no question about it. Kirk.

    Cop : You bet! You gotta respect a guy who can fuck a green bitch and destroy a whole civilization, all in 60 minutes.

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