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A poignant portrait of a doomed May-December romance
Woodyanders4 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Shy and thoughtful 16-year-old misfit punk skateboarder Michael (an excellent performance by Noah Taylor) has an ill-advised stormy romantic fling with Sally (touchingly played by Gillian Jones), a lonely and troubled 42-year-old woman who's a friend of his mother. Written and directed with praiseworthy frankness, insight and sensitivity by Geoffrey Wright (who later gave us the terrific "Romper Stomper" and the equally fantastic "Metal Skin"), with gritty, yet polished photography by Michael Williams, a spare, rattling score by John Clifford White, superb acting from the two leads, and a heart-breaking, uncompromisingly downbeat conclusion, this stark, tight, wholly credible and absorbing little drama commendably avoids both easy sappy sentiment and lurid sensationalism while relating its moving story of a doomed May-December romance. Raw and realistic, this fine hour long feature ultimately delivers a very strong and lingering emotional gut punch.
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Fine pre-cursor to Romper Stomper and Metal Skin
CasparOZ29 March 2001
No need to say too much about this film except that it is another almost hyper-realistic Melbourne western suburbs mood piece and a pre-cursor to the comparable Romper Stomper and Metal Skin. If you liked those two and you can chase up a copy of Lover boy then it is well worth the watch. I saw it on SBS, probably the only station that would show it as they manage to slip in the c* word a few times :-)

Noah Taylor is in fine early form as the awkward but somehow more sophisticated than his peers teenage misfit.
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