Life (1999) Poster

(I) (1999)

Miguel A. Núñez Jr.: Biscuit



  • Rayford Gibson : [Jangle Leg is dancing with a girl]  Come on, now, forget that, man, she don't mean nothin' to him, don't pay that no mind.

    Biscuit : To hell with him, it ain't that.

    Rayford Gibson : So what's your problem, then? Sittin' here lookin' all sad and shit; it's almost all right in here to-day, almost.

    [Biscuit hands him a letter] 

    Rayford Gibson : This is a release form, man, you gettin' off this month! What are you sittin' here lookin' all sad for?

    Biscuit : What am I gonna do out there, Ray? I can't go home to my mama like this.

    Rayford Gibson : Man, that shit you talkin' is crazy, your mama gonna be happy to see you when you get home.

    Biscuit : Not like this, Ray.

    Rayford Gibson : Hey, look, world done changed a lot; it's 1945, boy.

    Biscuit : Not for me, it ain't.

    Rayford Gibson : Look, you can't stay here, that's for damn sure, and I tell you what else, anybody else in this whole place would give his right arm to be in your shoes right now, I know I would.

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