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10 Jan. 1999
Episode #11.9
The watch are reeling after Nick's death. Chris arranges a drink to raise their spirits but the evening ends on a sour note when Marianne makes it clear she holds him responsible. Meanwhile, Geoff is delighted by the return of a familiar face and Jack starts to crack over Linda and Steven moving away.
17 Jan. 1999
Episode #11.10
George finds himself in hot water when Chapman learns of his job at Terry Martin's club, Sicknote risks his life to rescue a young girl trapped in a school fire and afterwards gives the watch some devastating news.
25 Jan. 1999
Episode #11.11
Everyone is concerned for Sicknote following news of Jean's miscarriage, Chris is outraged when he finds that Lisa is making hoax calls and a fire in a boiler room sees Joe's life in danger.
31 Jan. 1999
Episode #11.12
It's D-Day as the inquiry about George's secondary employment starts and Dan has a drill as part of the Crew Commander course. Dan starts to have doubts about firefighting when he and Geoff are caught in a scaffolding collapse.
7 Feb. 1999
Episode #11.13
Jack is in an even worse mood than usual and finally cracks on the turntable ladder in the midst of a challenging shout. Meanwhile, D.O. Chapman has bad news for George and is surprised when George gets support from an unexpected source.
14 Feb. 1999
Episode #11.14
The watch are called in to deal with a flooded house where the householder takes a shine to George and a major fire at a children's home gets very hairy for Recall and Jack.
21 Feb. 1999
Episode #11.15
Chris misreads the situation between Lisa and Recall and calls in the police, after Sally has moved out with her a drunken Yvonne turns up at Joe's flat revealing Sally and Joe's closeness to a jealous Jacqui and a panicked horse complicates a shout at an RTA.
28 Feb. 1999
Episode #11.16
Sally is concerned by Yvonne's disappearance after a fire at her flat and is especially worried when the watch are called in to drag a body from the Thames. A fire on a ship where illegal immigrants have stowed away sees two of Blue Watch put in lethal danger.

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