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Boring drama about a village practicing for a theatre presentation
maduk-119 November 2008
What an awful movie. I cannot believe that it has won 3 awards. The selection board must have had a really bad day when they selected this movie. Its worse than boring! Don't even put it on if you just want to fall asleep. A drama about a woman that goes back home to her dead husband's village, with her young German daughter child. The child says nothing and is dressed like a little Muslim girl. All the people in the village speak in rhymes and its about an annual art/ drama festival that the village participates in. The best part, regretfully, is when the local teacher gets lucky with this woman in the classroom. Hence, a suggested age restriction for this load of rubbish of at least 15. The end is even worse! In the very last 5 minutes, something happens that just doesn't make sense. Weird, boring, rubbish and disappointing. No wonder Greeks prefer to watch the classic Greek movies with Thanasis Vengos, Kostas Voutsas & Aliki Vougouklaki. they may not have been expensive sets, but they had a story, there was ordinary dialogue, and you would stay awake.
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