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Season 1

14 Sep. 1968
See-Saw to Arkansas/Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist
The racers are heading towards Mustard Spread, Arkansas. On the way the Ant Hill Mob is spotted and pursued by a motorcycle cop. The Mob hides out in a small cabin which happens to belong to the Seven Dwarves. In the next race they are racing towards Lemon Twist, Nevada...population 1. They pass through the ghost town of Spookane where DD tries to slow things down with a phony offer of free Koo Koo Kola. They are all terrorized by two mischievous ghosts.
21 Sep. 1968
Why Oh Why Wyoming/Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock
In the first race the racers are on their way to Handsprings Wyoming. While traveling through the arid desert landscape the racers are besieged by Chief Crazy Buffalo who is intent on stopping the 'Iron Wagons'. DD tries to ally himself with him in order to slow up the other racers. In the second race they are heading towards Well Digger Wyoming. To get there they cut through Yellowrock Park where a number of pesky park bears try and hitch rides out of the park. Luke is stopped by a park ranger who thinks Blubber is trying to escape the park.
28 Sep. 1968
Mish Mash Missouri Dash/Idaho a-Go-Go
Mish Mash Missouri Dash: Dastardly discovers an irate Hillbilly determined to protect his land from trespassers--including the Wacky Racers! Idaho a Go Go: Dastardly dresses as Little Red Riding Hood and tricks Penelope into stopping at Granny's house to
5 Oct. 1968
The Baja-Ha-Ha Race/Real Gone Ape
The Baja-Ha-Ha Race: In Mexico, Dick Dastardly and Muttley try to slow the other drivers by using a herd of cow-shaped balloons to block the road. Real Gone Ape: Dick Dastardly hypnotizes a giant gorilla in an attempt to wind the race.
12 Oct. 1968
Scout Scatter/Free Wheeling to Wheeling
Scout Scatter: The Ant Hill mob escapes the police by posing as Wood Scouts. Free Wheeling to Wheeling: Dick Dastardly uses heavy machinery at a road construction site to stop the Wacky Racers.
19 Oct. 1968
By Rollercoaster to Upsan Downs/The Speedy Arkansas Traveller
In the first race the Racers are racing from Slipover, New Jersey to Upsan Downs. DD lures them into the Holiday Amusement Park which is closed for repairs. He uses the roller coaster, House of Horrors, and a Carousel to slow down the Wacky Racers. Things are going his way until the Profeesor turns him into a human cannonball. In the next race the finish line is in Noah's Ark-Ansas. On the way they run into war games and DD tricks the Surplus 6 into the games. DD is also forced to participate against his will. He also uses a beehive, a steel trap and a chocolate ...
26 Oct. 1968
The Zippy Mississippi Race/Traffic Jambalaya
The racers are racing for the finish line at Zippy Mississippi. They are slowed down on the way by a Southerner who thinks Yankees have invaded his plantation. Colonel Cornpone thinks DD is a Yankee Carpetbagger. DD tells him he is a Southern Gentleman and the other racers are invading Yankees. In the next race they are heading towards Shin Splint, Louisiana. Along the way DD lays down bouncy pavement and lures racers into the Soggy Bogs to slow them down. DD's best trap takes place at the ACME Wild Animal World where he lets it be known that there is a $50,000 reward...
2 Nov. 1968
Hot Race to Chillicothe/The Wrong Lumber Race
Hot Race at Chillicithe: Dishonest Dick Dastardly steals a police car and chases the Ant Hill Mob into a boys' baseball game. The Wrong Lumber Race: In Oregon's rugged lumber country, Dick Dastardly tries to use falling trees and spinning saw blades to st
9 Nov. 1968
Rhode Island Road Race/The Great Cold Rush Race
In "Rhode Island Road Race" DD leads the other wacky racers into Big Town. Here his traps include using a Subway Tunnel and a phony detour sign with which he lures all the racers onto the girders of an unfinished skyscraper. In "The Great Cold Rush Race" the wacky racers are in frozen Northern Canada. DD's tricks include causing an avalanche, attempting to blow up an ice bridge and dressing up as an abominable snowman. All of which naturally backfire on him.
16 Nov. 1968
Wacky Race to Ripsaw/Oils Well That Ends Well
Wacky Race to Ripsaw: To prevent Penelope from coming in first place, Dastardly creates a roadside beauty parlor to lure her into stopping. Oils Well that Ends Well: The Wacky Racers are once again beset by Dick Dastardly's deviously dirty tricks as they
23 Nov. 1968
Whizzin' to Washington/The Dipsy Doodle Desert Derby
Whizzin' to Washington: When the Ant Hill Mob zooms past Dick Dastardly, he directs a police officer to chase them.
30 Nov. 1968
Eeny Miny Missouri Go/The Super Silly Swamp Sprint
Eeny, Miny Missouri Go!: Dick Dastardly plots to have an aquarium whale swallow the rest of the contestants! The Super Silly Swamp Sprint: Dastardly and Muttly unleash a squadron of mechanical mosquitos to wreak havoc on the other cars.
7 Dec. 1968
Dopey Dakota Derby/Dash to Delaware
The Dopey Dakota Derby: A wanted poster inspires Dastardly to disguise himself as a bandit. Dash to Delaware: Dastardly plots to cover the roadway with icing and send Peter and Penelope spinning into a cake-making machine.
14 Dec. 1968
Speeding for Smogland/Race Rally to Raleigh
Speeding for Smogland: On the set of a medieval-themed movie, Dastardly attempts to trap the racers with the castle gate and drawbridge. Race Rally to Raleigh: Dirty Dick Dastardly uses floor wax to slide the other cars into MacDonald's farm.
21 Dec. 1968
Ballpoint, Penn., or Bust/Fast Track to Hackensack
Ballpoint, Penn., or Bust: Dick Dastardly causes flat tires with a box of tacks on a jaunt to Ballpoint, Pennsylvania. Fast Track to Hackensack: Outside the town of Law 'n Order, Dastardly changes the posted speed limit sign from 35 to 85 to creat a Fast
28 Dec. 1968
The Ski Resort Road Race/Overseas Hi-Way Race
The Ski Resort Road Race: After causing an avalanche, Dastardly uses a ski jump for his own getaway, but the other cars follow him. Overseas Hi-Way Race: On a race from Key Largo to Key West, the racers must cross the famous series of bridges that connect
4 Jan. 1969
Race to Racine/The Carlsbad or Bust Bash
Race to Racine: Dastardly hopes to exterminate the Ant Hill Mob by dressing Muttley in gangster garb to infiltrate the Bulletproof Bomb. The Carlsbad or Bust Bash: The drivers become lost in the tunnels of Carlsbad Caverns.

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